Saturday 26 March 2011

INCOMING: 15mm HOF Zidhe Space Elves

Alex and Gavin at have brought a new race to life in our 15mm galaxy. The lithe and graceful Zidhe.

 HOF63 Zidhe Infantry (pack of 10)

 HOF64 Zidhe Command (pack of 10)

 HOF65 Zidhe Guardians (10)

 HOF66 Zidhe Androids (pack of 10)

HOF67 Zidhe Jetbike (2 kits)
HOF68 Zidhe Mobile Weapon (2 guns with Crew)
Each pack is £4.00 and you can make use of's generous  15% off SALUTE 2011 offer whether you drop by the stand, or purchase on the web to start your collection.

To make use of this offer when you enter your postage region (select Direct Collection if you want to collect your order from Stand TJ13 at Salute 2011 on the day, it will be awaiting you packed and ready for carrying home) then proceed to the CHECKOUT screen and in the Discount Box enter this code ' sal11 ' . If you have entered the code correctly the total on screen will automatically reduce by 15%.



  1. Quality-wise they could probably do better - but I like the number of poses and the mere fact that we get some not-Eldars.

  2. Splendid! Another ASQL army I need to build.

  3. They might be able to do a bit better, but considering they're sculpted over some ancient Elf spearmen they're not too bad. They look cleaner than the Space Dracci anyways (which I have and like despite their glaring flaws).

  4. I just noticed those last night... I thought they had slipped them out without any kind of press release.

    I'll wait until I see them in person before I pass judgment. Quite a few of their minis look far better in person than they do on the website.


  5. All I see when I look at those guys is Torquemadas inquisitors from nemesis the warlock comics. The old 2000AD stuff. But plenty of potential with these guys, high tech cultists anyone.