Friday 18 March 2011

INCOMING: Khurasan Miniatures 15mm Vornids

Maybe not quite as sexy as the comic character 'Poison Ivy', but Khurasan's new Vornids are cracking 15mm Sci Fi alien flora miniatures.

Jon kindly sent me a couple of bags of sample Vornids which came today and I instantly took to them. The photo from the Khurasan Miniatures blog (left) gives a basic impression but really doesn't convey how neat these minis are.

Each model comes with a spure of separate leaves, flowers and Venus Flytrap appendages allowing some additional variety but also that the minis are fully 3D and not just cast in two dimensions.

The Vornids have plenty of scope and can be used in an alien planet type setting, as post apocalypse mutations, or an alien invasion following the style of the Day of the Triffids.

They come on a base 2mm deep and overall height averages 20mm (including base) with one Vornid standing fully upright at 25mm, making them formidable opponents for both 15 and 20mm Sci Fi figures. As a swarm they would be a hazard for 28mm Sci Fi as well.

Check out the Khurasan Miniatures blog for more pics. I'll post some myself once I work out how to use the camera on the iPhone.



  1. Khurasan does come up with some pretty good ideas.

  2. I must agree with Mark that these are vey nice. I actually also have a pack that came in a few days ago and after looking them over must admit to being pretty smitten with them. They are very different from a lot of the other plantmen minis that I have seen and the extra parts allow a lot of variations. One thing I expect to do with mine is to use a pin vice to drill some small holes into the minis into which I can insert the various add ons so that they are less likely to come off when handled. I noticed thatmany of the add on parts had a stim like protrusion and asked Jon if that was so they could be inserted into a hole with a pin vice. He came back and said the "stims" were just part of the sprue, but using that extra metal to attach the items with a small hole drilled intot he model sounded like a good idea. I'm looking forward to getting a few more of these guys, especially the "heavy weapons" version.


  3. Wow they do look rather cool and triffid like.
    Triffids don't nececaraly come from space. They were allready on earth, admitidly no one knows realy were they come from. In fact in the book you get the idea that the comet shower that blinded the population might of been a military saterlight.

  4. These are great.
    Lots of use for pulp & fantasy too.