Thursday, 13 August 2009

Another Reason Why Nano Suits ARE the Future

As the title of this post says, Nano-combat suits ARE the future. Beats yer clunking, big shoulder pad Space Marine any day!

Rachel Nicols in GI Joe (2009)

So I have one question. If this IS the future. Are we there yet!



  1. I think most of todays military are still lacking the optimum cheek bone structure and ass to breast ratio to declare us, "there yet", let alone their own combat ready make-up and hair stylists. I do think they might able to pull off pouty lips and sultry eyes with some special forces training though!

    It could of course all just be down to the suit though!



  2. I think Craig is right. I also know a few tankies that would not look so good in a suit like that. Will there be certain physical attribute requirements for the military of the future? Will recruitment be done by Vogue? I can just see the recruiting posters:

    "Join the beautiful people - Join the army"

  3. Funny bit, was watching a funny show on the Spike network called, "Manswers" and they had a blurb on a country that pays for it's female soldiers to get breast augmentation. Evidentally, the nation in question sees it as an investment in the women, siting that it boosts confidence and makes them stronger, more effective soldiers.

    Wish I could remember what country it was, but it was late and a while back.