Wednesday 12 August 2009

Latest Intel......Space Doggies, Gangsta Style!

Lois could see these Mercs were fresh from the kill. They had entered the Bar & Grill accompanied by an almost physical aura of being tired and hungry. Regardless of Ray, and his constant impassioned pleas for portion control, she made sure that as each Merc barked his order at her, she chose the biggest and best steaks to put on the grill.

CanArvR just wanted to sit, wolf down his food and chew the fat with his pack before catching well earned zeds. Maybe it was the way the human was looking at him, maybe it was something he said to one of the other humans - it was immaterial - in a flash the tables were turned over, plasma bolts of many hues sizzled the air.......

Exclusive to Dropship Horizon, I'm pleased to be able to share the latest WIP from Critical Mass Games, Protelene Khanate 'Hunters'...

Fantastic. Sorry Craig, they may not be meant to be Vargr but these guys are going to be my Reservoir Space Doggies. I particularly love the figures (top) 2nd from left, 2nd from right, (Bottom) 2nd left and far right.
As for the figure at far right firing his pistol 'Gangsta style'!




  1. Loving them. I love how they have managed to make canine aliens who wear helmets and armor that does not conceal their natural predatory edge.


  2. I am really looking forward to this part of their range - the drawings hint at some interesting figures coming out of the company and I wonder if the sniper figure will be:

    1) Laying down?
    2) With a spotter?
    3) Available in multiple poses (e.g. kneeling, leaning on a wall / barricade etc)?

    I can only hope...

  3. Stellar work for 15mm. Being a strain of mans best friend they fit and interesting slot. Between the brawny beastie alien (Garn), and the super intelligent gray aliens as being a familier enemy, illustrated very well in Mark's story.

    I think i see this slot also with CMG's future releases of the Kaamandos and Praesentia.

    Anyway. I want.

  4. Well I am glad you guys are liking these guys, and we have not even got to the toting actual firepower yet :)

  5. LOVE These!!!! Can't wait to order a bunch!!

  6. I see these being used as Coalition Dog Boys easily...

  7. Those look cool.

    Hope to see some blaster rifles too.

  8. At last! Canine aliens! I want!

  9. Filling in the hole that Vargr used to have, I miss my Vargr