Monday, 31 August 2009

Incoming Transmission..... GZG 15mm NAC Heavy Weapon Teams

New from GZG this week, NAC heavy weapon teams & NAC Gunners:

GZG SG15-A15 NAC Heavy Laser teams
(2 each of laser, powerpack, gunner, observer) £2.50

GZG SG15-A16 NAC Auto Grenade Launcher teams
(2 each of AGL, gunner, prone no.2) £2.50

New NAC standing gunners and pintle-mount weapons - can be used in the back of vehicles or as static mounts (eg: on fort walls or behind defences); The figures may also be cut down and used in turrets or vehicle hatches:

GZG SG15-A17 NAC standing gunners
(4 guns/gunners, 2 with autocannon/MG
and 2 with grenade launcher) £2.50

Just the right stuff for manning the perimeter at Whiskey Outpost and holding off hordes of bugs!



  1. Those pintle-mount gunners are great. It's extra poses like those that really flesh out a range and open up the options of what it can be used to represent. Sold!

  2. I think civvy versions of the pintle gunners will really have to be made (to up gun the ravagers)?

  3. Plus light spacesuit guys!