Saturday 1 August 2009

Tomorrow's War

During the past week I've been playtesting TOMORROW'S WAR, the draft Near Future/Sci Fi development of Ambush Alley's platoon level Force on Force rules. I ran several small back to back games set in the 'Mog' (or Moggie City as the Master Chef likes to call it). these were deliberately aimed at road testing individual aspects of the current draft of 'TomWar'.

What has emerged? Well, perhaps I've played too much Ghost Recon and Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter on the XBOX360, but I confirmed to myself at least, that I DO LIKE these rules, I REALLY LIKE these rules.

There are several YouTube videos which look at the future of infantry combat in the coming decade. This US Army one is slightly cheezy but gives you a good idea of what 'TomWar' can recreate in miniature:

I'm moving to some larger actions this week and will post up a couple of 'Tales from the Mog' AARs towards the end of the week.


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