Tuesday, 11 August 2009

The Hadley Bar & Grill

I really like the look of the new Prefab Base Modules from GZG. So much so, they're only just released and I'm going to ask Jon to expand the set to inlcude a Bar/Diner.

PBM5, the 'Barrack' prefab would be terrific, with one or both sides having longer windows and at least one double door.

Finishing touches could include a sign (raised Neon moulding perhaps) and maybe some extra ventilation.

It would be the social centre and hub of any base or colony. A place where adventures begin or desperate last stands get played out.

What do you think?

All the Prefab Base Modules are now available of GZG's webstore.



  1. A bar would be fantastic. So would a garage/cargo module. You know, like a garage door sided one....

  2. Sign me up for a bar!!!!
    Mudd Eisley Cantina!!

  3. Put my vote on the bar!

  4. Just watching the ZZ Top "Legs" video, so a diner would have my vote.

  5. I thinks its a great idea also. I will buy any of these that GZG comes out with.

  6. I say go for it... though I've got so much WorldWorks stuff that I probably will spend more money on figures and vehicles.

  7. A folded up venetian type window on one side as an outside service bar would be cool also, like the trailers that people serve food from at markets an what not. A couple of fire drums near this window top it off.

  8. I say that a cantina with an exterior lunch counter/walk-up window would be good. This could serve a number of tabletop purposes -

    1) Cantina

    2) Military/Colony/Worksight Mess

    3) Could also be a company/general store

    4) Administrative building with pay window

    5) Colony assay office

    The list goes on and on...

    I would also second a garage style building. Especially if the large door was able to be left open.

    I asked Jon on TMP if the details on these buildings were similar or the same as those of his modular building add-ons (doors, dishes, vents, etc). Let's see what he says on that.