Saturday, 8 August 2009

Review: How To Paint Citadel Tanks

I know what you are thinking? "I know how to paint model tanks, do I really need this Games Workshop book?"

I had my reservations too. However I'm glad to say, regardless of personal experience and skill in this field, I'm sure most gamers could find a place for How To Paint Citadel Tanks on their bookshelf.

Why? What do you get for your fifteen squid?

Well, the most important thing which you won't find in the contents but definitely worth the cover price on it's own, is an anytime day or night ticket ride on the Inspiration Bus! For instance, had you thought of painting giant claw marks on your armour? Sounds cheesy but it looks great!

The book is chokka throughout with fantastic colour photos of Citadel tanks and armoured vehicles, camo schemes, plus stage by stage pics capturing techniques and finished effects - all of which are equally transferable to 15mm!

Fifteen squid for a photo book then? Look, let's make no bones about it, this is a showcase for both Citadel W40K models and Citadel paints. But it's also much more. How To Paint Citadel Tanks is an illustrated compendium of techniques, collected together and available to you in a single bound volume. Making it easy to refer to than stored webpages when getting down to planning and actually painting the tanks themselves.

How To Paint Citadel Tanks is a 96 page, softbound, A4 product printed on glossy high quality paper. Contents:

2 pages Materials
14 pages Preparation & Assembly
48 pages Painting Techniques
18 pages Stage by Stage (key stages with various Citadel AFVs)
2 page Colour Guide (which Citadel colours work together)
The rest of the pages are contents, fluff and index

Not a must buy, but definitely recommended!



I guess that I should do some disclaimer. No infringement of IP or copyrights belonging to Games Workshop Ltd as variably registered in the UK and other countries around the world. Used without permission. No challenge to their status intended. All Rights Reserved to their respective owners.

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  1. 15 squid eh? Are those your typical sushi squid or something larger?

    I wouldn't worry about IP either considering this isn't a commercial site.

    I am not down on GW books. I have enjoyed there books and have several of their terrain and modelling books. I wouldn't say I've ever considered putting claw marks on my tanks, unless this is just a sort of nifty camo pattern.