Saturday, 22 August 2009

Augmented Battle Suits - Fini!

Finished off the Augmented Battle Suit platoon from Critical Mass Games this morning. Mounted the minis individually on 15mm round bases for Space corridor guncrawls and 1-2-1 Character Skirmish games. Plus, Space Hulk is back with a vengeance and I have the original rules, got tiles and lot's of Khurasan's Space Demons.......


I painted the figures using the 'speed painting' technique introduced by the Master Chef. Each figure was washed and scrubbed to buff up the metal before painting with 2 coats of Citadel Thrakka Green Wash. This was applied straight onto the bare metal. The weapon was painted black and the visor gold, then the entire model was drybrushed with Citadel Bolt Gun Metal. This picked out the highlights and edges of the armour and gave them a distinctly 'worn, been in combat far too long' look. Brilliant!

The washes took longer to dry than normal. Possibly due to the humidity in the air. Nevertheless, putting aside the drying breaks, I can claim completing these miniatures to a stunning tabletop quality in under half an hour, including the bases, no more than an hour of 'hands on' time.


Where the brusg=h had accidentally slipped or applied too much gold around the visor, I used an old pot of OOP Citadel Salamander Green to rectify the mistake. I found it compliments Thrakka Green perfectly and now aim to use Salamander Green to provide greater depth to 'shadow' areas or line specific detail if needed on future projects of this nature, prior to applying the Thrakka Green.


With my own platoon of miniatures out of the way, I painted the remaining Augmented Battle Suit figs to give to the Master Chef. He only wants a handful , including one to be the Master Chef, of course! He might as well have my redundant figs and use the cash to buy himself more CMG Light Recon or Standard Rifle Infantry.

I handled the 'Battle Suits' destined for the Master Chef slightly differently than mine. I began with one coat of Thrakka Green Wash but then followed with a coat of OOP Citadel Waaagh (or, as Heather called it "Oh my god that's vivid!" ) Green Ink.

I went for the Waaagh Green 'cause that's what MC prefers for his own miniatures and it'll allow him to repair any future damage to the paint job easily. The first coat was Thrakka Green to 'key' the model prior to applying the ink. Once drybrushed with Bolt Gun Metal, the tone of the green was subdued so that the overall effect actually looks really good.

(Photos will follow once I have my camera's USB port
problems sorted or buy a digital card reader.)



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  1. Well thank you kindly, my ODST need the presence of some SPARTANS!ODST - panzer grey undercoat with highlight of pzgrey/graveyard earth, silver visors, black wpns. red dot on back the helmets of half the figs to indicate "red team". Good To Go.