Monday, 17 August 2009

Monday Night Mini Paintfest

12 CMG Augmented Battle Suits painted this evening. Real joy to paint too. Three coats of Citadel Thrakka Green wash followed by a light drybrush with Bolt Gun Metal to give that 'seasoned' look. Visors done in Citadel Don't Drop On Carpet Gold.

The camera flash 'burns' off the green wash in the photos and plays off the metal drybrushing. May need to wait till the weekend to take better photos in natural light. I'll have the 'Suits' based by then too. By the way, the Gauss rifles looked fantastic when left green and drybrushed with Bolt Gun Metal but didn't respond so well when painted black.

I'm toying with the idea of basing these 'Suits' individually on my standard sized round 'squad' bases to reflect their comparative power on the battlefield...but....based normally these will be great for Space Hulk type guncrawls.

Guncrawls win!


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  1. I have based powerful miniatures fewer to a base even though they mighth ave the same collective "unit strength" as a base with more on it.