Friday, 7 August 2009

Preview - GZG August Releases: Prefab Base and More

Jon at GZG has done us proud and will be releasing a whole series of Prefab Base Modules (PBMs) in 15mm this weekend.

The PBMs are easy to assemble from flat parts (basic module is roof plus 4 sides) - finished structure can be based or not, as desired, and is hollow so that a stand of figures
may be concealed inside!

Excellent stuff! There's huge conversion potential to allow us to create 15MM Sci fi advance military bases, scientific camps, outpost colonies etc. This new release fills a massive gap in 15mm Sci Fi and I wish Jon every success with them.

V15-PBM1 Basic General Purpose"hut" Module £5.00

V15-PBM2 Command Module £6.00

V15-PBM3 Communications Module £7.00

V15-PBM4 Module with Air-Defence Cannon mount £6.00

V15-PBM5 Extended (double-length) Barracks Module £8.00

V15-PBMSET Base Module Set - 1 each of PBM1-5 plus accessory
packs of fuel drums and stores pallets - total value £37.00:
- special pack price just £32.00! -

Phew! But we're NOT finished yet! More 15mm ACCESSORIES, plus a trailer and cargo loads for GZG's Mini-Mule!

V15-ACC17 Fuel drums (type A) x 12 £2.50
V15-ACC18 Fuel drums (type B) x 12 £2.50

V15-ACC19 Stores Pallets x 6 (2 each of 3 types) £2.50

V15-66A 6-wheel cargo trailer for Mini-Mule (no load) £2.50

V15-67A Mini-Mule PLUS cargo trailer, with 3 stores pallets £5.00

That Mule is an abolute MUST HAVE! All these new models will be available on GZG's webstore shortly.

I have several more blog updates lined up for this weekend. Stay on this wavelength!



  1. Oh wow,

    This is all such good stuff. Good for military bases or colonies.


  2. Awesome!!!!! My poor,soon to be even more empty, wallet!

  3. Those are fantastic. They are going in next months gaming budget for sure.

  4. I was lucky enough to receive the wagon and some of the cargo loads as part of my "Jon's Birthday" deal. They're very cool.

    I'm excited about the buildings and will be ordering some - these are the sort of pre-fab buildings I imagine a colony sees in its first generation settlements and continues to see as time goes by, sprinkled in among supposedly more permanent structures.

  5. Hi Shawn

    This is why they are perefct Sci Fi fodder. First foot colonists will no doubt trespass on someone else's real estate and these buildings are likely to see more action than more substantial and permenant structures.