Sunday, 16 August 2009

GZG: Prefab Base Module Set - Review

Unless you've been in a virtual Siberia over the past week, you'll be aware that GZG has released a lovely set of Prefab Base Modules (PBMs), click here.

Each of the buildings and accessory packs can be ordered separately of course, but Jon has once again been his usual good self and created a set which contains one of each of the building and accessory packs for only £32.00. A saving of £5.00 on the full price.

V15-PBMSET : Base Module Set contains the following:

V15-PBM1 Basic General Purpose"hut" Module
V15-PBM2 Command Module

V15-PBM3 Communications Module
V15-PBM4 Module with Air-Defence Cannon mount
V15-PBM5 Extended (double-length) Barracks Module
V15-ACC17 Fuel drums (type A) x 8
V15-ACC18 Fuel drums (type B) x 8
V15-ACC19 Stores Pallets x 6 (2 each of 3 types)

The buildings come 'flatpack' and generally consist of 2 side panels, 2 end panels, roof and any additional kit for that particular variant.

You can see below the parts included in V15-PBM4 Module with Air-Defence Cannon mount

Laid on a cutting mat with a 1cm grid, you can see that the wall panels are 55mm long and 25mm tall. The end panels are 50mm wide. The double-length V15-PBM5 Extended Barracks Module , has two sets of side panels and two roof units.

Detail is crisp and well defined. Master Chef is of the opinion that we should clean them up, bung 'em together and paint them quickly and simply with black and 'rust' washes over the bare metal finish. Can't say I'm not tempted to do this either!

You can of course run the whole gamut of colour combos with them, with for example red or blue defining different module roles (Command, MediCentre etc.). You can also run riot with camo too. Take a look at this container photographed during the commute to work recently. Might provide some inspiration......

Even if you just purchase one or two of the Modules seperately, it's worth buying a pack of drums and/or pallets in addition. These will help give your Prefab that shabby, unloved but definitely lived in look.



  1. These are cool, the the angled walls does make it harder to use the individual components to make larger building, but not impossible.

    You could definitely lengthen them by taking out a couple of end pieces and continuing the walls, but that accomplishes nothing different than placing them end to end.

    I think a cool addition to this line would be connectors that could be fitted at the doors to make sealed module for use in hostile environments. These could be sold with an airlock module and seperately.


  2. Now that is a brilliant idea Eli. I'd love to see that become available.