Monday, 31 August 2009

Incoming Transmission..... GZG 15mm Tracked GunBots

You are going to love this little model.! Also available this week from GZG are Tracked GunBots. These fit the bill perfectly for modern day or near future robotics and have a certain 'Terminator' T100 charm to them.

V15-68A GunBots (tracked) - front (pack of 2) £2.50

V15-68A GunBots (tracked) - rear (pack of 2) £2.50

The GunBots will provide perfect support for's Automatons or become the 'soldiers' of a low tech mechanoid army in their own right. Need to storm a spaceship or space station? Send your GunBots out ahead. Lot's of great options with these models. Nice one Jon!

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  1. Hey, it's Johnny-5 from Short Circuit! These look pretty cool, and useful for a lot of different armies!