Sunday, 4 October 2009

Another Day Another Platoon

Just a quick update. I started my ASQL Alien Grey Army this morning.

These Greys from are really fun minis and great models to work on. The more I handled them, the more inspired I became with fun ideas for basing them - so there will be a small hiatus whilst I source the additional materials and models I need. More on the Greys themselves and the ASQL Grey Army during the week.

I needed a break from 'Grey' this evening, so started another 'platoon' of GZG miniatures. This time 40 OUDF. I'm trying out a former Soviet style camo pattern with Citadel Codex Grey blotches on a base of Gnarloc Green.

1324th Mech. Sponsored by McStarBurger

I experimented with 'pea dots' in the much lighter Fortress Grey and this looked striking at a distance, but too obvious close to for my taste. I also painted one mini with Vermin Brown splotches to accent the grey - the result was magnificent! You could almost call it a Neo-Soviet Flecktarn, but not quite in keeping with my concept for these minis on the tabletop.

In case you're interested, the figures were painted like this:

1) White Undercoat
2) Wash of Citadel Devlan Mud
3) Second coat of Devlan Mud on body armour and kit (special attention being paid to straps, borders, creases, etc). Important as the Devlan Mud leaves a khaki finish and saves you having to paint these areas, reducing overall painting time!
4) Citadel Gnarloch Green on arms, legs and helmet.
5) Further wash of Citadel Devlan Mud applied to Gnarloch Green areas.
6) Citadel Codex Grey splotches on Gnarloch Green (pointed paintbrush with splotched pea dots applied in 'threes') - but especially at points which appear to be natural highlights, leaving the Devlan Mud in the creases and folds.
7) Flesh areas roughly painted with Citadel Elf Flesh, then given a light brush of OOP Citadel Flesh Wash. When dried (more or less) spot of Elf Flesh on nose, cheek and jaw.
8) Visors - tried light blue but that sucked the life out of the minis. Reverted to Vallejo Polished Gold. Pretty effective you'll agree.
9) Weapons, minor kit etc etc as required.

In all, excluding the undercoating, 16 figs in 3 hours and 2 Vodkas. They're not brilliant, but I like them and by god they are bloody good for wargame standard!


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