Tuesday 13 October 2009

NEW GZG 15mm ACAVs (Air Cushioned Assault Vehicle)

You may remember that a couple of weeks back I suggested a quickie kitbash aimed at turning a GZG High-tech Hover Tank into a hover assault vehicle. Well, Jon liked the idea and out of that madness sprang this tasty little 15mm ACAV (Air Cushioned Assault Vehicle).

GZG 15mm Sci Fi (Air Cushion Assault Vehicle)

The ACAV will be a choice of either NAC gunners (as shown) or generic "bonedome" helmet ones.

Once again, Jon hopes to have these available in time for SELWG on Sunday. They should be available on the webstore later this week or sometime shortly after the coming weekend. Details of pack code and price to follow.

I'm just going to have to get a couple
for my offworld 'Brown Water' Navy ops.


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