Thursday, 30 July 2009

Critical Mass Games - 15mm Combat Walker

Critical Mass Games have sent over some photos of their pre-production 15mm Arc Fleet Combat Walker. I think you'll agree that it's a beaut!

The photos demonstrate some of the weapons options that will be available. Four variants are currently planned (AFVH 1-4).

I must stress that these photos are of a pre-production master model and none are available at this time. Scheduled release is 21st September 2009.

Critical Mass Games 15mm
Arc Fleet Combat Walker

You lookin at me!

Arc Fleet Combat Walker- variant

Arc Fleet Combat Walker - Scale

More photos and further information on the Combat Walkers can be found on John Bear Ross's Blog (click here).

Combat Walker Crew

There are three different Combat Walker crew figures. A random crew figure will be included with each model. They will also subsequently be available as a separate pack.

Love the 'utilitarian' and believable look of this Walker. Craig's done a superior job with the understated paint scheme. I especially like the rust weathering. Definitiely gives the Walker more character than a hackneyed 'ambush' camo scheme would.



  1. That is just a monster of a walker and very cool. Bigger than I usually go for, but might grab some for one faction or another.


  2. wow.
    The beast is simply amazing. I think i'll take a couple when it's due out.

  3. Thats a fantastic piece of hardware!

  4. Great shape to it. And it is a monster. Huge!

  5. Just out of interest is it going to be metal or resin or a a combination of the two?

    Its going to be interesting to see how much the beast is going to cost!

  6. The hull, hip, and 2 x legs will be resin, whilst the 2 x feet, chins weapons, wing weapons, hatch, crew man, and pintle mount will all be metal.

    The metal feet keep this thing planted even with all the other metal attachments.

    Craig @ Critical Mass Games

  7. Excellent! Enough metal to keep it stable while the resin means more detail and it doesnt weigh a ton!

    Curse you for making such good stuff and tempting me to buy it (now I need a good excuse to include it in the Stainless Steel Rat at some point!)

  8. I have come back to the pics of this model several times and it definitely continues to be impressive. I think this one is a definite win.