Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Critical Mass Games - Release Schedule

Critical Mass Games have kindly given me the honour of announcing the planned schedule of releases for their new 15mm Sci Fi ranges. The first of these will be the Human Arc Fleet and the alien Protolene Khanate.


WAVE 1 20th August 2009

Arc Fleet Light Recon 4 Packs

AFLR 1-4

Arc Fleet Heavy Drop Troopers 4 Packs

AFHD 1-4

Arc Fleet Augmented Foot Troopers 2 Packs

AFAU 1-2

WAVE 2 21st September 2009

Arc Fleet Rifle Infantry 8 Packs

AFSR 1-8

Arc Fleet Combat Walker 4 Variants

AFVH 1-4

WAVE 3 26th October 2009

Arc Fleet Heavy Tank 3 Variants

AFVH 5-7

Arc Fleet Laser Defense Platform 1 Pack


WAVE 4 23rd November 2009

Protolene Khanate Predators

Contents TBD

Protolene Khanate Hunters

Contents TBD

Protolene Khanate Scouts

Contents TBD

Protolene Light Scout Walker 1 Pack


Packs sizes and prices will be confirmed, but in general you can expect 8 figures in a standard Arc Fleet pack consisting of 3 unique sculpts. Codes AFAU1 & AFAU2 have 6 figures per pack.

Arc Fleet APCs and new alien races are planned for the new year.

Craig from CMG has offered to share concept art, WIPs and photos of the final castings over the coming weeks and has granted permission for them to be published on Dropship Horizon.


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  1. Cant wait to see how the range develops, not to mention the assorted vehicles!

    The dog headed guys have lots of potential and its going to be really interesting to see the the actual miniatures for them!