Tuesday 21 July 2009

LIVING INSIDE! A Preview of UNDEAD States of America

UNDEAD STATES OF AMERICA: The Zombie War Miniature Game from the unlikely sounding UBER GOOBER GAMES is simply outstanding!

You, yes You! are responsible for leading the surviving living from the cities. You must feed them, arm them and fight off the Zombie hordes.

UNDEAD STATES OF AMERICA is different to other Zombie games in that this not 1-to-1 skirmish, it's a full blown tabletop wargame.

If Zombies are your thang, and even if they are not, buy these rules! Whilst I love the premise behind the game itself, I have to admit, it's the campaign games that blow me away!

You feel like some kind of John Connor, mapping the spread of infection, organising the survivors and leading the fight back against the undead.

John Connor? Yes, can you see where I'm going! The day I received my set of the rules, I was so wired with inspiration that I was still pouring over them at 2a.m. in the morning, at which time I fired off a congratualtory note to author Steve Metze. Here in my hands was not just an awesome Zombie game, but the perfect vehicle to organise the resistance against Skynet, to fight back against the Alien Grey Tripods or make my stand against the Commies in Red Dawn.

UNDEAD STATES OF AMERICA includes 40 pages of content divided into Game Rules, Short Campaign, Continental Campaign and cut-out Zombie/Living unit counters for $20. Check out the webpage for sample pages and more information.



  1. I'm first!

    This game has serious piqued my interest. I have ATZ and it looks good but I like to push a lot of minis and have wanted a zombie horde for ages. This will give me an excuse.

    The fact that it's designed with 15mm in mind and that is has a rich campaign game style built-in is very appealing. Always looking out for a good campaign system to poach for other projects.


  2. So is this a PDF download or a hard copy rules set? i have been pondering getting a zommers game.

  3. user@example.com22 July 2009 at 13:15

    It looks like a hardcopy? I would buy it if it was released in PDF, even at the same price, but... I just don't fancy buying another hardcopy.

  4. Hi Craig

    It's a proper paper and ink book like what we used to have in the old days.

    Steve is working on his webshop to accept PDF's.


  5. user@example.com22 July 2009 at 19:18

    Oh god, why did I say that? Now I'm going to /have/ to buy it.

    I hate this blog. :P