Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Leaked Intel.......CRITICAL MASS GAMES

If you thought this year was great so far for 15mm Sci Fi, then be prepared to kiss your credit cards goodbye! 15mm Sci Fi gaming is about to reach....


Here are a few sneak peeks of


ARC Fleet miniatures...

The epitome of "WOW!" expressed in 15mm!

Another glorious day in the Corps!

The email said:
"If you like the Drop Troopers
in the
Virgin Media Ad, then you'll love these!"!


Critical Mass Games are a new British company poised to launch an exciting range of 15mm Sci Fi miniatures towards the end of August.

I'll have more info about the company, the guys behind it and their planned releases next week. I can tell you now that the artwork above is not just the company logo, it's an outline of the races Critical Mass intend to bring us in 15mm. If they match the quality of the minis in the photos, then we should expect some fantastic new miniatures before the summer is out.


Check out John Bear Ross's blog here for WIP skteches of the Walker you see a glimpse of in the photos (Click here!)



  1. Good news on the reveal! This is going to be good stuff.

    John Bear Ross

    Full disclosure: I'm one of the artists bringing this to fruition. Note the leg in the background. More to come.

  2. Excellent John. Great to hear that you are aboard this project too!


  3. OMG! I can not afford all of this! Resistance is futile, but my wife will KILL me!

    Mark, things like this could end a marrige, you should be ashamed!

    . . . . . must put away money for this . . . .


  4. Hmmm..there is some potential there.

    I guess I'll be the wet blanket though and point out that there is a lot of the of came ol' same ol' in that collection of aliens as well.


  5. Well, I think that this looks really good - in fact the aliens in particular, because right now, bar the Garn, I'm looking for aliens and I'm not really into much of what is available -though if you are a bug hunter you are spoilt for choice.

    The dialogue that comes to mind is

    "What do you make of them, Admiral Fitwallace?"

    "Mr President, we just can't tell. Though the Corps seems to look pretty good"

    To state the obvious, while we have quite a few suspects up there, the race groupings seem to be humans, "jackal-dogs-things", "tall, worried looking skull faced things" and well the guys on the left are really quite different. Some kind of robo-servito race with an augmented freak on the far left field.

    Perhaps the only thing to do is kidnap John Bear Ross and make him watch reruns of "Dallas" till he cracks and tells all.