Saturday 25 July 2009

PREVIEW Critical Mass Games: Light Recon Troopers

You can scan from orbit, you can send in remotes, but when you positively, absolutely have to get intel on the deepest command post or from inside the most hardened bunker, there's nothing surer than the Mk1 eyeball behind a protosplas visor.

I'm delighted to be able to share with you concept artwork and W.I.P. illustrations of CRITICAL MASS GAMES forthcoming Arc Fleet Light Recon Troopers.

Four packs of Light Recon Troopers (codes AFLR1-4), including command and squad support weapons, are planned to be included in Critical Mass Games' initial release.

The photo below of WIP dollies provides a good illustration of the differences between the Light Recon Trooper (left) and the standard Arc Fleet Rifle Infantry (right).

So, how does the execution live up to the concept? Judge for yourself......

CMG 15mm Arc Fleet
Light Recon Trooper (Pack AFLR2)

I've been quietly play testing Ambush Alley's Force on Force Sci Fi rules over the past couple of months. These Light Recon Troopers from CMG simply ARE the minis conjured in my mind's eye every time I pick up the the rules.

I can easily see them as near future Advanced Warfighters or futuristic police forces, in addition to their intended classic military Sci Fi roles.



  1. I do like those light recon troops. Agreed on the Avdanced Warfighters thing. They are also pretty close in general appearance to the SST minis game troopers.


  2. You're right Eli,they do have a certain SST Mini Game about them. I think the Arc Fleet Heavy Drop Troop are closer still in style to the minis in the game, as they are fully armoured.

    The Light Recon make a good substitute for Medium SST MI in 15mm.

    With plenty of 'bugs' coming on the market in the next few weeks, these guys may well become THE Bug Hunters of choice.

    If they are compatible with Peter Pig's separate heads I can see some head swops with WW2 US helmets on the cards to create ALIEN style Colonial Marines.