Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Life Work The Universe....In an Interview No-one Can Hear You Scream

Tonight's entry comes direct from the garden, where H. and I are enjoying the cool fresh air as the sun beghis to dip below the horizon.

It's been a scorching day. Of course, out of all days, I had to go to work this morning in suit, collar and tie, for an internal job interview later in the day.

How did the interview go? No idea! Honestly. I'm sure you've been there.....You think it was lousy and they give you the job. You come away believing you were on fire in front of the selection panel and the job must be yours, only to get the standard rejection letter.

Luckily, I will find out my future, and I mean FUTURE, first thing tomorrow morning....Da, Dah, Daaaaaah! I'm quite cool about it. Really. Yes, really! Naturally, I'm chuntering under my breath about what I should have said, and how I could have phrased this or that better, whilst a little less blogging and a little more prep last night may have helped...ahem! But I've been waiting over a year for the position to become available and 3 weeks now for the interview.

If I prove to be unsuccessful, so be it. I need something that will make me leave my current comfort zone and strike out on a more challenging path......a "We regret" letter might just be that stick.....Anyhoo, I have a couple of Magners to drink before sundown.



  1. Study your resume carefully so that you'll be able to backup your claims to your various skills and abilities. Be logical in answering questions and apply common sense.

  2. All very good advice ICT!