Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Spartan Assault Troops: Lava Base

OK, still have to finish these 'Spartan' elite Assault Troops but I think the base turned out really well for a first attempt.

There's a thin wash of Citadel orange on the Roman Sand 'rocks', which in normal light makes them look like they are glowing 'hot'. Perhaps 20 minutes to complete the painting: 1st layer is 'Essential' Acrylics Martian Orange, then Citadel sunbed orange and finally Citadel Hawiian T-shirt yellow.

In future if I want to recreate this type of effect, I'll base the figures, rough the edge of their bases with filler (possibly, to be honest the 'rocks' can do a pretty good job of breaking up the outline), paint on the 'lava' in trails or pools and only THEN glue the rocks on to emphasise and frame the lava areas.


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