Friday 17 August 2018

Double Points on all orders at The Ion Age!

A whole week of extra value for customers of The Ion Age!  As outlined at the start of August on our blog we are taking a month off with no new releases while we work on projects and awesome new things for the autumn season.  It was requested by IonFans that we might run an offer which involved a chance to boost a customers Reward Points total with us.  Meaning more points in hand which could be then used in the future for discounts and free things too.  We thought this was a great idea and that now was the right time to do it.  So place your orders for an entire week until Friday 24th August 2018 getting your Reward Points as normal and we will manually add the same points which you earned with the order AGAIN to your points total with us.  Go HERE and see what you would like or read on for full details.
Here is how the offer works!
Until the end of Friday 24th August (when the offer image leaves the front page of the website) you will get DOUBLE Reward Points with us when you place an order.  There is no limit upon number of orders placed and you can redeem points as normal on your orders if you wish.  The difference is that within twenty four hours of your order being placed we will manually add points to your account with us.  The points added will be the SAME AGAIN as those earned on the order.  So in effect DOUBLE POINTS on orders.  I will be doing the manual addition myself.  It is a great opportunity to stock up on points for use later in the year when we have more new releases for you or to get yourself the Commander Murdo Taranis Tank or the Mega Hab Bundle of 15mm  terrain for free when you have enough Reward Points.  If you have any questions please do ask us on and I will help you out.  It is a totally honest offer and some fun for you.  Go HERE for the website.
You can learn more about our Rewards Programme on our BLOG in an article which explains how it works and what you can redeem your points upon.  It is a free bonus from us for our customers and so far we have had nearly two million points redeemed.
We have many FREE DOWNLOADS on our website as well as our great 15mm scale tabletop game called Patrol Angis which you can see HERE as a game pack and print books plus digital downloads of the books too.
We have a huge selection of 15mm scale space opera science fiction miniatures and each of our packs contains only one of each pose of figure plus you can select any miniature from any pack as a single or buy three packs and save 10% on screen.  Just click on the white box on each product page for all the options. 
Our special offer for the month is 50% off our Smashed Hab Dome.  See it here in our 15mm Terrain Range.  Offer ends 1st September 2018.
Thanks for your time and enjoy the offer!