Thursday 24 September 2015

Ion Age Taranis Tracked Main Battle Tank Variants and Parts

So today we are combining two posts from the Ion Age blog into one. Gavin and crew put up the main post about the parts that go into each variant of the Taranis and then a follow up showing the assembled models. I have attached the assembled pics to the parts coverage for simplicity sake.

I think you will all agree that this new armor system drops a giant mass of awesome vehicular goodness on the gaming seen...

Welcome to the variants and parts article for the IAF100 Taranis Tracked Main Battle Tank. While another article will tell you about the mighty Taranis in the universe of The Ion Age this time around we are all about the physical 15mm scale models themselves. All of the pieces with scale and then all of the pieces together that show what you get with each variant when you receive a Taranis kit. A super cool vehicle designed by Bob Naismith and now in the finest resin!

Cyclops-Class Assault Armor now available at ClearHorizon Miniatures!

Cyclops-Class Assault Armor now available at!


The Cyclops-Class Assault Armor is cutting edge, battlefield tested, advanced combat armor designed to take on the most extreme of threats in any environment and come out on top.

Armed with a shoulder-mounted Mk. 4 AT missile system for hardened targets and arm-mounted 60mm and rapid-fire 30mm autocannons to deliver punishing firepower at any range, the Cyclops-Class Assault Armor is often at the forefront of planetary invasions and urban combat operations.

Designed with an armored cockpit for one pilot the Cyclops can also be remote or AI-controlled depending on battlefield threat and ECM levels.

The Cyclops-Class Assault Armor is approx. 45mm tall and is a multi-part 15mm scaled metal miniature.

Sculpted by Sean Harrison
Painted by Mastergunz

Monday 21 September 2015

September Releases From Ground Zero Games

GZG keeps the world of 15mm scifi filling up with the release of a heap of packs for new stuff including new sculpts for Kra'vak and a ton of new human troops.

September's New Releases:

SIX new packs for the Pan-African Union (PAU):

SG15-P20 Pan-African Union Command and Comms troops in Jungle Caps - 8 figures, 2 each of 4 poses.

SG15-P21 Pan-African Union Weapons Teams with Heavy Rotary Machineguns, crew in Jungle Caps - 2 teams, each of MG, mount and two crew (gunner and spotter/loader).

SG15-P22 Pan-African Union Weapons Teams with RAM Mortars, crew in Jungle Caps - 2 teams, each of mortar, baseplate and two crew (fire controller and loader).

 SG15-P23 Pan-African Union Special Forces in bush hats - Team A - 8 figures, 2 each of 4 poses (3 with rifles, 1 with SAW).

SG15-P24 Pan-African Union Special Forces in bush hats - Team B - 8 figures, 2 each of 4 poses (3 with rifles, 1 with SAW).

SG15-P25 Pan-African Union (PAU) Mounted Special Forces in bush hats on terran-stock horses - pack contains 2 horses (different poses) and 2 riders (different poses).

The last three packs, of Special Forces, are all in floppy bush-hats and some of the figures are bearded…. they will not only serve for their designed purpose but will also mix in really well with our Mercs line and various other "irregular" type forces.

Sunday 20 September 2015

Coming soon from Armies Army

Keith from Armies Army has leaked a couple of teaser pictures for his forthcoming releases.

Hoping to be released in time for the Blast-tactic show in Bristol, UK on October 3rd are the SKOV tank riders and the Russian Federation forces in exo-suits.

Feast your eyes....

Keith also hopes to have the long awaited 'Pegasus' tilt rotor VTOL for sale at Blast-tastic as well as a BTR 6 wheel variant and a new APC.

Armies Army:


I'll just leave this here:

Saturday 19 September 2015

Patrol Angis: Desteria Knights Take on the Nox!

Even though we are quiet this month...Taranis tanks take up a lot of space and time...I have been working away on a scenario for Patrol Angis for future free publication on this blog. The scenario is for two players or solo and uses the Patrol Angis book and the free Khanate Empire stats booklet PDF as well. A working title of 'Big Fist Blues' sees a full lance of Desteria Knights defending a small outpost against power armoured Nox troopers trying to hold on until a Bantam Repulsar Raft can arrive to bring in back up for the knights.

These three pictures are from the early testing of the scenario. I have only penned a half dozen scenarios for this rule system so far and this one has by far the most 'points cost' as it features the super heavy warriors of the Prydian Precinct against the same for the Khanate. Lots of support grade weapons and tough nuts to crack. Desteria are worth about two and a half Retained or four to five Muster on average and to have fifteen of them in three demi's gives a lot of punch.

The added feature for the scenario is the shallow stream which moves at a fast pace. I have scenario unique rules for this suggesting the chance of a miniature being tripped, fallen, washed away while wading across. I also have scenario unique rules for determining when the Bantam will arrive as well. Great fun as it makes the Nox player press in fast and lethal.

If you are keen on seeing the final scenario in October comment here or email me on You can see the Desteria Lance here in this months release IAFP03 Desteria Lance (Platoon Pack) which has a unique extra free miniature in it. Nox are on theKhanate Empire page.

Thanks for reading.


Wednesday 16 September 2015

White Dragon Miniatures kickstarter update: Fiddler and Talos.

Soon, very soon!

'Allo, 'allo chaps!

We can finally show off the 3D Prints for the Talos and the Fiddler. The pictures speak for themselves so we'll say no more! Now only the alternative weapons for the Fiddler remain to be printed.

The Fiddler Mech

The Fiddler Mech

Talos Exo-SuitsTalos Exo-Suits

Casting for the rest of the items is still on-going so we expect to begin shipping relatively soon as all of the miniatures are now in production. We're now just playing the waiting game as boxes of miniatures begin to pour in from the talented casters at Prodos.

So ever onwards towards the final closure of this kickstarter! They'll be in your hands very soon! ;) As always, thank you from both of us here at WDM!

Alan & Mark

Sunday 13 September 2015

Free Worldwide Shipping on orders over 10.00GBP until 18th September 2015

We are offering free worldwide shipping on all orders from now until 18th September 2015 at This covers all of our 15mm scale Fantasy, Science Fiction and Historical lines as well as all our books and paint range and scenics too. Just choose what you want and add it to your cart and as long as you have at least 10.00GBP of product in the cart you will pay no shipping if you live in the UK, Europe, USA or anywhere else on Earth (sorry we don't yet deliver to Mars).

You need do nothing but add to cart the rest is done for you. Increase your forces today!

Go to

See our current DEALS and OFFERS.

Currently you can save 20% on the HOT32 Sphinx and also 15% on the whole Security Force Alpha range as well as fantasy skirmish packs and japanese fantasy packs too. This offer applies on top of existing deals!

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Friday 11 September 2015

Knights of the Ion Age

“MkII Noblesse Powered Armour. Stopping short of actually building armour that must be piloted rather than worn the awesome Noblesse pattern is worn by Desteria Knights into the thick of battle. Fully sealed titanium alloy with an average of 27mm thickness across the body Noblesse makes use of the Chameleon Circuit and also uses the Celo 9 ultra thin layer of insta-nate ablative shell designed to shatter when impacted by enemy fire. This additional layer of protection along with paldrons of re-enforced titanium makes Noblesse three times more protective than MkV Alwite. Some Desteria fit the large Delver X jump jets to their armour while others opt for the cabled generator cells for on board energy based weapons such as the Valerin laser. All Noblesse armour features the flexible manipulator Impact Fist which can perform delicate tasks as well as smashing up to one foot of rubbacrete. Noblesse carries a built in primary weapon on one arm with large sealed ammunition reserves.”

Academy Auto-Trainer Series 21, New Glastonbury, 4321IC

From Darkest Star Games - New Grav Vehicles Released

It's New Release time! Yaaaaay! It's taken quite a while to get these 15mm scale beasts from the depths of computer land to the gaming table, but here they are!

First off, The Federation Drop Troops get their long awaited LODAV GMBT, the Tiger:

Being just slightly short than the Puma LODAV GAPC that it is designed to support in planetary assaults, the Tiger is an imposing sight on the battlefield. That plasma canon is HUGE, guaranteed to melt whatever it is aimed at on the very first shot!

New Indonesians Release From Brigade Models

Kostrad is the strategic reserve formation of the Indonesian army, typically receiving the best troops and equipment. Today our 15mm Indonesians receive the first deliveries of a new series of grav vehicles, matching the 6mm versions that came out some time ago.

Tuesday 8 September 2015

The Taranis Rolls Ever Closer

Taranis Tanks by Bob Naismith first parts and render

Gavin over at the Ion Age had a ton of info to drop on us regarding his upcoming heavy tank release. The Taranis is a big project for the team and I wanted to make sure you all had access to every enthusiastic word.

Read on!

Last time we announced the existence of Project Taranis in a blog post telling everyone we were working with industry legend Bob Naismith on designs for a brilliant main battle tank in 15mm scale for The Ion Age. I am happy to be able to tell you that all the pieces for the Taranis project are now sculpted and printed and origination molding is well underway. Sam Croes is now heading up the project and we now want to show you some of the 3D printed parts as well as physical sculpting work by Bob Naismith on the tank pieces and then to outline what you can expect in the coming month or so. 

Wednesday 2 September 2015

September's Special Mini From The Ion Age

Here we are in a new month with a new special figure being offered from the folks at The Ion Age. September brings the Muster Cutter Trooper. The Muster are the tough as nails, regular ground forces in the Ion Age and this special heavy weapon trooper stands out among them.

Like all of the special monthly miniatures, this one comes free with all orders through the month of September. It can also be purchased separately for those wanting just the miniatures or multiples. 

For more information on this and other Ion Age releases, head on over and read - HERE