Thursday 29 August 2013

New Shia Khan Monocycles from The Ion Age

by Chris

The Ion Age continues to expand the Shia Khan forces. Supporting last week's Legionary First Tesseran figure pack, the Canthus Monocycle is now available.

The IAF007 Canthus Monocycle Pack contains two Legionary Riders and two Cycles - one mounted, one dismounted. I like these quite a bit... not sure if they are faster than the average jetbike, but they look like they can take (and deliver) quite a bit of punishment. It's easy to picture these screaming across the deserts of a faraway moon in advance of the main Legionary assault. Or if you think of the Shia Khan Nox power armor as drop- or teleport-troops, these Monocycles would be great at slipping locator beacons behind enemy lines. 

The combination allows you to field them in games where riders will fight on and off their mounts. Price is £5.00/pack, and there is always a 10% discount for three packs. If you only need the Monocycle with rider (or you want just the Monocycle to use with other rider figures), they are available as single castings.

Wednesday 28 August 2013

SHM Alien Civilians, Kremlin Miniatures outage, RAFM Sale

15mm.Co.Uk has added four new alien civilians to the growing SHM Range

Sculpted by Dropship Horizon's own Eli Arndt, these are perfect additions to any bustling spaceport. What I enjoy most about figures like this is their versatility - they can be great background pieces or objectives in larger force-against-force games, specialty characters in small skirmish games, or characters/NPCs in tabletop role playing games. 

SHM Range - Starport Denizens III

From left to right, we have a Varlish Envoy (a good diplomat/clerical figure), a Nimuan Orator (ideal for a public speaker, singer, or even an alien news correspondent), a second Burgansian (complete with float disc), and a Tandapash musician. These figures are available in the new 8-figure blister Starport Denizens III, and each can be purchased as a single casting on the SHM Science Fiction page.

*     *     *     *     *

It was brought to our attention that Kremlin Miniatures experienced a brief web outage this week, and we received some questions about whether they were still in business. Well, I have good, bad, and more good news about them. First bit of good news... They are still operating, so we are still able to get our hands on the figures in that great little range. 

Cyberian Death Commandos

The bad news? Their casting machine is temporarily out of commission, so it will be a few months before they are able to start casting and shipping again. The second bit of good news? Russ was able to get the store back online, so you can once again see all the packs the entire 15mm Power Spike line

Rising Sun MANITOU

So send them an email if you're interested in ordering sometime in the near future... a few advance orders might help Kremlin become fully operational. I can always use a few more Rising Sun MANITOU - still one of my favorite 15mm mini-mech/landmate suits. 

*     *     *     *     *

Quite a few 15mm Science Fiction wargamers were introduced to the scale through the original Traveller figures... and  many of us still use them as the basis of comparison for today's figures. It's no surprise - most of the old sculpts still hold up quite well today. RAFM did a great job arranging them into logical figure packs when they took over the range - very useful for grabbing tons of civilians, pirates, crewmen, etc. in a single purchase. 

So for fans of that range (I still love the old "bucket head" marines) - or anyone who just wants to see what the fuss is all about - RAFM is holding a 35% off sale through 31 August.

Space Vixens
The sale doesn't just apply to the ex-Traveller figures. It covers the entire store - including original 15mm figures and vehicles like the alien Insolani, and the 28mm USX drones (which have no details betraying their scale).

So head on over to RAFM's web store and enjoy the sale.

Monday 26 August 2013

New Shia Khan infantry and remastered Laserburn vehicles

The Shia Khan have returned to the Ion Age. The original packs available again (both the Nox power armored infantry and Malig goblin cannon-fodder), and they are joined by the all-new Legionary First Tesseran pack.

This is an impressive new pack. All eight figures have unique poses. Seven Legionnaires are armed with the Juno rifle - a hefty, noisy-looking gun complete with bayonet; and the Centurion figure complete with pistol and cape. They have a rather sinister appearance... an ideal enemy for heroic Space Opera characters. If this picture is any indication, they definitely live up to the Sam Croes artwork found on the Ion Age website.

Meanwhile, 15mm.Co.Uk is breathing new life into the Laserburn line. The aging pewter vehicles are gradually being remastered into resin castings - the Flit Car and Hover Van are available now.

These are great civilian or rear-echelon support vehicles. There's just something sporty about the Flit Cars - some kind of far future hot rod or luxury cruiser.

And the Hover Van is a very nice compact pick-up/ute-ish ride. Not a huge cargo hauler, but just the thing for small deliveries around spaceports and cities.

Kudos to for getting these back into the 15mm "motor pool." I look forward to seeing the rest!


Wednesday 21 August 2013

The Ion Age Has Arrived!

Huge news, everyone... a new age is upon us!

The Ion Age, the signature space opera setting from Alternative Armies and 15mm.Co.Uk, has been spun off into its own creation. TheIonAge.Com is now live - including the webstore, some background information about the universe, and featuring some of the finest space opera artwork you'll ever see on a miniature gaming site. 

The 15mm section has opened by stealing the existing Ion Age miniatures from 15mm.Co.Uk's HOF section, but Gavin Syme has loads of new products just around the corner. A quick look at the menu reveals that we will soon see new publications, new vehicles, and terrain. As a taste for what's to come, The Ion Age has released Balthazar and Jerome - character figures depicting a Prydian Retained Knight and his loyal varlet. 

To keep us informed of The Ion Age's progress, Gavin Syme has launched The Ion Age Blog. Gavin is renowned for his support of the miniature gaming world, and I have no doubt that he will quickly build a thriving community around The Ion Age. And as a long-time enthusiast of space opera settings, I am very eager to be part of that community!

Head on over to TheIonAge.Com to look around, and don't forget to follow The Ion Age Blog!


Friday 16 August 2013

ClearHorizon Miniatures Kicks Off With Drop Pods

Our very own Mr. Harold has kicked off sales of the first line of his new miniatures company. Named for his brilliant hobby blog, ClearHorizon Miniatures begins life with a range of drop troops and support equipment. 

The first offering for this range is a drop pod. While designed with his Hel/Div Drop Troops in mind, it can easily be used with any 15mm miniatures out there. I want to grab a few to use as life pods as well as combat drop pods. 

Shown with GZG UNSC Troopers for scale.

These excellent, multi-part resin kits come with a construction guide sheet as well as a force card for use with the Gruntz miniatures system but they can, of course, be used with any system you choose. Available - 

Single - $11:99
3-Pack - $34.99
5-Pack - $54.99

So, check them out and get your forces on the ground the fastest way around!


Thursday 15 August 2013

New GZG - Troops Galore!

Jon at GZG has dropped a ton of stuff on us again and when it rains, it rains goodies. Even though July was a bit slim on releases, I think we can see why. More US troops in hardsuits, more FSE both in helmets and caps and even some new UNSC.



TW15-US04         US army in hardsuits, Grenadiers with auto-GL and
Marksmen with Gauss Sniper Rifles - 8 figures in 4 different poses (2 poses - advancing and kneeling - with each weapon type).
                £3.60 inc VAT, £3.00 ex-VAT

TW15-US05         US army in hardsuits, with SLAM (Shoulder-launched
Light Assault Missile) "bazooka" - 4 teams (2 moving, 2 firing) each of gunner and loader with extra rounds, total of 8 figures in 4
different poses.               £3.60 inc VAT, £3.00 ex-VAT

TW15-US06         US army in hardsuits, Command and Comms pack, total
of 8 figures in 4 different poses - officer standing, officer standing observing, kneeling observer and kneeling operator with
datapad.               £3.60 inc VAT, £3.00 ex-VAT


SG15  Federal Stats Europa (FSE) Colonial Legion Troopers:

SG15-F10                             FSE Colonial Legionnaires in Helmets, rifles
pack A (8 figures, 4 different poses)                        £3.00 inc VAT, £2.50

SG15-F11                             FSE Colonial Legionnaires in Helmets, rifles
pack B (8 figures, 4 different poses)                        £3.00 inc VAT, £2.50

SG15-F12                             FSE Colonial Legionnaires in Helmets, Gauss
SAW gunners (8 figures, 4 different poses)                          £3.00 inc
VAT, £2.50 ex-VAT

SG15-F13                             FSE Colonial Legionnaires in Helmets, Snipers
and Missile Launchers (8 figures, 4 different poses)         £3.00 inc
VAT, £2.50 ex-VAT

SG15-F20                             FSE Colonial Legionnaires in Kepis, rifles
pack A (8 figures, 4 different poses)                        £3.00 inc VAT, £2.50

SG15-F21                             FSE Colonial Legionnaires in Kepis, rifles
pack B (8 figures, 4 different poses)                        £3.00 inc VAT, £2.50

SG15-F22                             FSE Colonial Legionnaires in Kepis, Gauss SAW
gunners (8 figures, 4 different poses)                     £3.00 inc VAT, £2.50

SG15-F23                             FSE Colonial Legionnaires in Kepis, Snipers
and Missile Launchers (8 figures, 4 different poses)                         £3.00
inc VAT, £2.50 ex-VAT


V15-92B                               UNSC grav bikes with UNSC/H (Hardsuit) Marine riders
- 2 bikes, riders and stands.  £4.50 inc VAT,


V15-98A                               Gladiator III ACV tank destroyer - ultra-low-profile
hover vehicle with fixed mount main gun plus remote defensive sub-turret with rotary cannon and multi-role missile tubes; used by the Division Legere in the "Hammer's Slammers" rule system as the "Hades" tank destroyer. Kit includes long gun for "Hades" version, plus two other optional gun barrels - a medium cannon and a short
laser barrel!                         £7.50 inc. VAT, £6.25 ex-VAT.