Monday 30 November 2015

Can you squeeze 15mm models into 6mm rules?

Some thoughts on using Laserstorm fast play rules designed for 6mm models with 15mm models.

By Podsy McPod

I wanted the action to start quickly in this test game so used a 4x4 table but on reflection 6x4 would have been better.

I have been a big fan of Fireteam Andromeda rules for the past couple of years. They have great tactical depth with their unique command and control system. They would remain my rule set of choice for serious competitive play. In recent times though I have hankered after a rule set that was a bit lighter and allowed me to get more of my ever expanding model collection on table at once, especially vehicles.

Laserstorm rules are designed for massive battles using 6mm models. The minimum suggested game size is around nine units a side. A unit being three standard vehicles or field guns, 4 light vehicles, 6 infantry stands or one super heavy vehicle or behemoth. This is the sort of size of game I have played so far. Units are arranged into three battle groups of roughly equal size. Weapon ranges seem fine used unmodified in 15mm. The rules suggest infantry stands of 4-6 models but my figure collection would not stretch to that. I chose stands of 3 models so that my standard units of 20 models could form an infantry unit. It also takes up less real estate on table. Purists may argue that three figures do not make a fire team but it looks OK to me.

Deployment and activation is by battle groups which are represented by a playing card. Also added to the deck are snap fire cards which allow one side to make a single unit fire or move out of sequence.

The rules are very simple and elegant to the extent that you find yourself wondering why has no one done this before. Units have a score to hit on their stat line. If there is not a clear line of sight to all of the target unit or if the target is in terrain the firing unit has to roll higher than their base "aim" stat, effectively a -1 modifier. Weapons are divided into three categories general purpose, anti infantry and anti tank. Fire at the wrong category of target for your weapon type you automatically need an unmodified 6 to hit. That is it! It sounds ridiculously simple but it just seems to work. 

Targets get a saving roll based on their class. Infantry and light vehicles save on 1D6, vehicles on the sum of 2D6, super heavies on the sum of 3D6 and behemoths on the sum of 4D6. Vehicles save on only 1D6 in assault so are vulnerable to being overrun by infantry. Units will have a saving roll typically in the range of 3+ to 6+ which is modified by the power of the attacking weapon system. For example an autocannon field gun has a save modifier of -2. So firing on a scout walker unit with a save value of 5+ the walkers would need 7+ to save on the sum of 2D6. If they failed any save and were in cover they would get an additional saving roll of 5+. In the above example infantry in the open with an identical save value of 5+ would be destroyed being unable to roll a 7 on 1D6. So infantry and light vehicles get a massive boost to survivability by being in cover. This system means practically anything has some chance (although it may be tiny) of destroying any target.

Casualties are removed from the nearest model to the firing unit working backwards. A score of 1 to hit is a 3" pushback working from the nearest model after casualties are removed. Victory is decided by scoring points at the end of each turn for uncontested control of victory point locations. This casualty and push back system means there is a great degree of uncertainty over being confident you will hold or contest any given objective at turn end.

Disaster struck this super heavy tank early in my last game. Rolling two ones out of three save dice it failed by 1 to avoid being destroyed by the tanks main guns.

When a unit takes sufficient casualties (one or two depending on size and class) it must make a morale test. This is a simple unmodified score on 1D6. A fail means morale has broken for that moment. If playing in 6mm I think I would use the detailed rules on commanders and regrouping but in 15mm it just seems wrong. An alternative given in the rules is that the unit has to retreat 12" and this works fine.

The rules give three options for unit building. From scratch, add weapons to a chassis or ready made units. The first army list book has just been released. The points system if using the ready made units seems fine. It could be exploited by those determined to win. For example you could give your infantry RPG's a massive range boost for only a few extra points. The points system is under review and I am sure will be updated as players report in. You can alter every stat and add traits and special abilities to units and weapon system. There is enough here to cover every conceivable unit type and hero units if you want them. Alas for me this detailed pointing system (which I highly commend) is just too much for my maths skills. It is crying out for computer aid via a spreadsheet or online army builder. Anyone care to take up the challenge? Get the authors permission first of course.

Tanks burst through Naga lines wiping out all opposition.

So does it work in 15mm? For me I will answer yes with a couple of provisos. Even if you have the models you don't have the room to fit in the large numbers of heavy vehicles the system is suggesting to use. Unless of course you happen to have a massive gaming table. On a standard table 6x4 I don't think I would push much beyond 12 units a side, but compared to a lot of games I see being played that is still a huge amount of figures. There is fair amount of luck in the game which is emphasised if using a relatively small number of units. For me it is an acceptable level in view of the fast play time. The photos are from a game with someone playing for the first time and the game completed in 2 hours from deploying to winner declared.

If you do have a collection with lots of light vehicles (with a small footprint) like Battlesuits and lots of infantry these rules may suit you down to the ground. I can't help thinking they would work equally well for modern games. I think they would work spectacularly well if you are lucky enough to have an urban terrain board.

In fact these rules are so good you might just be tempted to start a 6mm collection.

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Just go to our website HERE and then browse using the top menu to choose your range to view.

Thanks for Reading,

Gavin Syme (GBS)

Saturday 28 November 2015

Flaytrap Factory presents Brotherhood of the Fly on YouTube

Hey all,

Since October there has been a new YouTube program put up by Flytrap Trap Factory called "The Brotherhood of the Fly". While not exclusively devoted to 15mm science fiction, this program, hosted by Flytrap Factory's Anton Ducrot, Zombiesmith's Josh Qualtieri, and Jonothan Boen of BoenArrow Sculpture Studio.

The trio of hosts put together a regular 90 minute videocast where they discuss the industry, their craft, their products and all things miniatures. Along the way they have guests from the industry. So far this has included Harold Crossley of ClearHorizon Miniatures and digital sculptor John Bear Ross. Future plans include Arthur Braun of Skullduggery Press as well as myself, Eli Arndt of Loud Ninja Games. Plans exist to continue hosting other smaller independent manufacturers from all ends of the miniatures business and craft.

Here are the episodes that directly address our corner of the hobby.

"The Brotherhood of the Fly" Episode Two... Zombiesmith / Clearhorizon Special!

"The Brotherhood of the Fly" Episode Three... John Bear Ross!

Brigade Models - The Alaudae Legion and West Riding Yeomanry

The Alaudae Legion

The Alaudae Legion – led by Colonel Cornelius Dark – are an elite Frankish unit from New Gallia.

The mid to late 330s saw the implementation of the effective refit of the Alaudae Legion. Many older vehicles were scrapped or sold on although, for a long time – even as replacements were brought in – units were often fielded with mixtures of older vehicles and newer AFVs as the transition and upgrades took place.The Legion’s re-equip needed several new pieces of equipment. Unable to find a suitable heavy tank from existing designs, the Legion persuaded AMX to develop a version of the Garibaldi tank with an extended hull. This was then paired with the large turret from the Sohei, purchased from Mitsusaki Industries on Hiroseke, to create the Larminat. This hybrid tank was so successful that the Legion repeated the process with the Montsabert. This had initially been rejected because of concerns over the small size of the turret, but Mitsusaki-manufactured Shaman turrets were paired with the hull to create the Shamont, which required a slightly larger turret ring but little else in the way of modification.

The Larminat and Shamont are now available from the website, and we’ve also added three detachment options for the Legion – Armoured, Heavy Armoured and Infantrydetachments each with eight elements. Each detachment comes complete with crew figures, stowage packs, infantry bases and other bits and pieces. Another new model which the Legion require is the Weygand missile tank, known as the Damselfly II in Legion service.

One of my painting tasks for the next few weeks is to put together an Alaudae army ready for action in the new year. Once this is complete, you can be sure they’ll be put in front of the camera for an extended photo session.
The West Riding Yeomanry

Our EuroFed vehicles were co-opted into the Hammer’s Slammers universe by John Treadaway a while back to create the West Riding Yeomanry. I’ve finally put together a painted unit of my own and added this as another HS detachment option on the website. The detachment of seven vehicles and three infantry elements comes complete with vehicle crew figures, stowage and other bits and pieces.

The WRY require one new vehicle option, a gatling armed version of the Montsabert hover tank. John created his own originally by using the secondary gatling weapons and fitting those to the main turret, but we’ve now created a proper version.

New Vehicles
HS15-414 – Larminat Heavy Tank – £11.00
HS15-415 – Shamont Hovertank – £8.00
SF15-401f – Weygand Missile Tank – £8.00
SF15-401g – Montsabert Gatling Tank – £8.00

Detachment Packs
HS15-201 – West Riding Yeomanry Strike Detachment – £62.00
HS15-301 – Alaudae Armoured Detachment – £75.00
HS15-302 – Alaudae Heavy Armoured Detachment – £66.00
HS15-303 – Alaudae Infantry Detachment – £47.00

Friday 27 November 2015

Hydra Miniatures Holiday Sale

Hydra Miniatures have also announced their Black Friday sale:

Greetings, cadets! Hydra Miniatures is running its annual Holiday Sale with 20% off all items. The week-long sale will start on Friday, November 27th (Black Friday) at 12:01 am EST and will run until Saturday, December 5th at 12:01 am EST. All items, including new releases, are on sale and sale prices will be marked. No coupon code is necessary

Evil Bear Wargames offer

If you're quick, you can get a free teabag from Evil Bear Wargames...

All orders today only will receive one posh Whittards Breakfast teabag for every £10 spent. Spend £30, get three teabags. A Great British offer!

They are doing this rather than a having sale because their miniatures are such great value already!

GZG Christmas Sale

Ok, it's not a Black Friday sale, but it's the annual Ground Zero Games Christmas sale and that's worth getting excited about!

In Jon's own words:


Our 2015 Xmas Specials are NOW ON as of today, THURSDAY 26th NOVEMBER, and they will run until MIDNIGHT (2400 Hours) UK time on Wednesday 23rd December. This year I've kept to the same offers that have been so successful and I popular over many years, with one difference - I've simplified the qualifying criteria for the offers to use the FINAL TOTAL VALUE of your order - the actual amount you pay - rather than getting all complicated about sub-total values, VAT-exclusive prices and stuff….. so this time round, ALL ORDERS WITH A TOTAL VALUE 
(INCLUDING SHIPPING AND VAT WHERE APPLICABLE) of 30 GBP or more will qualify for both parts of the special deal:

1) All qualifying orders will get a FREE CHRISTMAS GOODIE BAG of extra minis and stuff - how much you get depends on the size of your order, and we'll tailor most of the contents to fit the kind of items you are ordering (and maybe the occasional sample that might tempt you into other ranges and scales...). What goes in the bag is OUR choice, so no being cheeky and asking for specific codes please - but those of you who have had our previous Xmas deals will know that we give you a very generous selection of items that you can actually use for your armies/fleets - usually much more stuff than you'd get from a simple discount offer!
Sometimes we put in the odd special or unreleased item too, so you never know what you might get....

2) In addition to the Free Stuff with your order, all qualifying customers will also get a VOUCHER that you can use to get a generous DISCOUNT off a further order placed after Christmas - so you can get your pre-Xmas stuff now, and then use the voucher up when you have some gift money from all those relatives who have absolutely NO idea what to buy for you!

This year, the vouchers will be valid for the whole of JANUARY and FEBRUARY 2016 - so the voucher codes will become "live" on the store on Friday the 1st of January 2016, and any un-used ones will expire at Midnight (UK time) on Monday the 29th February 2016. This should give you plenty of time to use your vouchers after the holidays are out of the way.
The value of the voucher you will receive varies according to the size of your pre-Xmas order - if your total order value is from 30 GBP to 100 GBP then you'll get a voucher for 15% discount; any orders with a total value of OVER 100 GBP will get a 20% discount voucher!

Each voucher carries a unique code number that allows you to use it for online orders. Each voucher code is valid for ONE USE ONLY, and after that use the store will not accept the code again. Therefore please don't complete checkout or make payment unless you are 100% sure that your order is correct and complete. In the case of any difficulty, please email me (Jon) immediately through the contact information on the store and I can re-set your voucher code for another attempt.

Brigade Models (Christmas and) Black Friday sale

We don’t do Black Friday sales, we never have. But what we do have is the Brigade Christmas Sale ! This year we’ve changed the timing a bit, so that the sale starts today (so it sort of is a Black Friday sale, it just goes on a bit longer …) and will run until the end of Wednesday 23rd December. It will not run over the Xmas-New Year week this year, so that we can hopefully clear all of the orders by the time the holiday period starts. It also means that you have more chance to get the orders delivered in time for presents.
It’s the usual format – a blanket 15%off everything that we make (tanks, spaceships, figures, buildings etc). It doesn’t cover anything that we don’t make ourselves (dice, bases, rulebooks, Shapeways 3D printed items). Full details are here.

Black Friday Sale from, the Ion Age, and Loud Ninja Games

Hey folks, 

Starting today through December 1st,, The Ion Age and my Loud Ninja Games (as well as other Alternative Armies) brand will be having a Black Friday deal going. Free WORLDWIDE shipping on all orders of 10.00 GBP or more. If you need to order a combination of products from both and the Ion Age or other AA labels, feel free to email in your order.

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Thursday 26 November 2015

From The Wasteland Lumbers...

Terrorclops and Wasteland Buddies released by Loud Ninja Games!

Hey all,

I sit here in the early hours of Thanksgiving Day  here in the U.S. presenting, to you all, the two newest additions to my post-apocalyptic miniatures range. While my first two packs presented human-sized mutants of the gang or tribal sort, these two new figures represent a move toward larger miniatures - 

RAP028 Terrorclops (1) 5.00 GBP  is a huge mutant monster, the sort of thing that adventurers in the aftermath would encounter and overcome. I sculpted him to be monstrous and twisted have his anatomy rearranged so that his mouth is in his gut with a single eye taking up his whole face. He is armored on the back and armed with a wicked spike where a fist would be, perfect for piercing prey and feeding them to his gut maw.

RAP029 Wasteland Buddies (1) 3.00 GBP brings to you a paired up team of wastelanders. A human-sized survivor rides  atop a massive humanoid used as both companion and beast of burden. Festooned with gear the large mutant packs a a club made from a piece of an old lamp post, the concrete anchor providing a sturdy club. The smaller companion carries a long rifle for hunting and protection.

The are produced and sold across the world through our partnership with the excellent folks at For additional information these and other product from Loud Ninja Games and/or read HERE.

Wednesday 25 November 2015


Critical Mass Games is having a great Black Friday sale of 25% off the entire site!

From now until November 29th... be sure to check it out for some awesome deals.

Monday 23 November 2015

Black Friday Sale from

Four Day Black Friday Weekend at Alternative Armies, and The Ion Age from this Friday 27th . Free Worldwide Shipping, Deals and Offers, Free Items and more. Plus email combine orders option. So if you are into 28mm or 15mm or 6mm. Science Fiction, Fantasy or Historical. Terrain or Buildings, Vehicles or Rule Books, Bases or Dice or anything else of our thousands of different codes and miniatures this is the weekend for you! Click through to read more and look out for the annoucement on Friday! Thanks for your support from all of us here across the brands. 


This is a great chance to grab a bunch of stuff from these guys, especially if you play across their scales and not just in 15mm. My stuff from LNG will also be there, including some new releases (TBA)...

RAP028 Terraclopes (1 Wasteland Monster)
RAP029 Wasteland Buddies (1 Wasteland Character)


ClearHorizon Miniatures release the Bison 4x4 Utility Truck and Turret- Mounted Autocannon

ClearHorizon Miniatures release the Bison 4x4 Utility Truck and Turret-Mounted Autocannon

Available now at

Bison 4x4 Utility Truck

Ubiquitous on the outer-colonies, the Bison 4x4 has served in a myriad of roles from cargo hauling at backwater spaceports to heavy weapon platforms in numerous border conflicts. Designed for long-lasting rugged use, the Bison can run on a variety of fuels and comes standard with an armored passenger compartment to keep out hostile environments.

Often seen in hands of corporate security, colonial insurgents (or freedom fighters) and even the occasional Special Ops team, the Bison 4x4 can be easily modified to carry a variety of heavy weapons.

The Bison is also available, at a discounted price, with the General Purpose, Turret-Mounted Autocannon.

The Bison is a 15mm scale metal and resin multi-part model kit. Sculpted by Steve "CoolHand3d" Taylor.

General Purpose, Turret-Mounted Autocannon

The General Purpose, Turret-Mounted Autocannon is designed for extended use with minimal maintenance. It can be found in numerous roles included static base defense, heavy ambush or vehicle-mounted for mobility.

The autocannon features large automated ammo hoppers and can be operated via remote-link or AI-driven.

The General Purpose, Turret-Mounted Autocannon is a two-part metal model. Sculpted by Steve "CoolHand3d" Taylor.

The Bison 4x4 and Autocannon are also available as a package at a discounted rate.

Friday 20 November 2015

Early Supporter Offers from December 2nd for Taranis Repulsar Tanks and Drones!

Ain't she just the most lovely thing you ever did see!

Wednesday 2nd December 2015 will see the start of the pre-orders otherwise known as the the Early Supporter Offers (ESO's) on the final of the four modes of propulsion Taranis Main Battle Tanks in 15mm scale; the Repulsar (Anti-Gravity) variants. Designed by industry legend Bob Naismith there will be five variants of the IAF103 Taranis Replusar MBT as there have been with the tracked, wheeled and lifter (hover) Taranis that are already released. 

Alongside the most space opera of the Taranis Tanks and also sculpted by Bob Naismith will be the IAF082 Taranis Repulsar Drones five different anti-gravity robots. The Early Supporter Offers will run for nine days with all orders containing one or more Taranis Repulsar Tanks being shipped out worldwide on Monday 11th December 2015 in time for Christmas.

Taranis Repulsar Tank with Energy Turret next to Repulsar Drones

Full details will be given at the time but the Early Supporter Offers will be upon the following codes:

IAF103A Taranis Repulsar MBT Cannon Turret
IAF103B Taranis Repulsar MBT Command Turret
IAF103C Taranis Repulsar MBT Energy Turret
IAF103D Taranis Repulsar MBT Siege Turret
IAF103E Taranis Repulsar APC
IAF082 Taranis Repulsar Drones (5)

The offers will be the same as before with 5% off a single Taranis or 10% off three of the same Taranis or a super 15% off a set of five one of each Taranis. Every Taranis pre-ordered will come with a FREE pack of five different Repulsar Drones so that is one pack with one tank, three packs with three tanks and five packs with five tanks. On top of this you will get the IMP28 Missiletoe Claus free monthly miniature worth 0.60GBP in your order automatically and you will get Reward Points on your account for your orders which can be used for future discounts and free items too. The release price of all variants of IAF103 (each of them made of several parts and over 100mm long) will be 20.00GBP and the release price of the pack of five IAF082 drones will be 5.00GBP so you can save greatly by picking up an deal or two for yourself. Designed, Manufactured and Shipped all from the UK. These offers will be on ourEarly Supporter Page

Scale Comparison of Taranis with IAF080 Adder SuperBlue....

There will be articles to follow in the coming week which will give you more information. These will be one per day on these subjects:

IAF103 Taranis Repulsar Main Battle Tank variants and parts.
Information Burst : The Taranis Model 32 Repulsar Main Battle Tank IAF103.
IAF082 Taranis Repulsar Drones will be free in Taranis ESO's!
IAF103 Taranis Repulsar Tanks Comparison and Scale Photos.

The full set of Taranis Repulsar Drones - five types.

I want to thank everyone from across the world who took us up on Taranis Tracked Tanks, Taranis Wheeled Tanks, Taranis Lifter Tanks and Taranis Running Drones all HERE. This December will see the last of the four propulsion types released and the completion of the whole initial range of twenty different Taranis into The Ion Age before we move on into the New Year.

Thanks for Reading.


Wednesday 18 November 2015

Brigade Models release some awesome 15mm SF Mounted Infantry!

Brigade Models - 15mm SF Mounted Infantry

Slightly delayed by other activity around Brigade Towers, we have some new releases in the form of some 15mm SF mounted infantry figures.

There are three types of rider and two mounts. We have low-tech humans in the form of South African infantry in bush hats and fully armoured PacFed troopers as well, both mounted in horses. We also have alien Yenpalo figures mounted on some rather ferocious looking Raptor-like lizards, all sculpted by Martin Baker. It's possible to select the alternative mount for each figure, so you can buy either human figure type with lizards or the Yenpalo with horses should you wish.

SF15-665 – SAC Mounted Infantry (x2) – £3.00
SF15-755 – PacFed Mounted Infantry (x2) – £3.00
SF15-1105 – Yenpalo on Lizards (x2) – £3.00

Five New Fantasy Packs From Splintered Light Miniatures

David McBride at Splintered Light Miniatures is one of the powerhouses of 15mm fantasy miniatures with extensive ranges of several factions as well as adventuring miniatures. This month, he releases five new packs of Fantasy. Like a lot of fantasy miniatures, many of these are suitable for use as science fiction miniatures as well.

For more information you can visit their site at

Tuesday 17 November 2015

Loud Ninja Games - Vasseth Strike Tank Released

Vasseth Strike Tank and Reaction Force released by Loud Ninja Games!

Gavin beat me to the punch on getting the release post out, so I'll say my bit and then show his post from the blog. 

The Vasseth is another design brought to life by the 3D sculpting of Andreas Udby who also did the Sirrus APC. The Tank is designed to be a fast-moving attack craft that seeks out targets on the battlefield and supports Chuhuac formations. While the weapons combinations were created with certain combos in mind, you can certainly make up your own configurations.

"Vasseth “Cunning Killer”. Named for a genetic descendant of terrestrial predatory dinosaur (something akin to a 30ft raptor), the Vasseth strike tank uses grav drive to allow it to speed across the battlefield, manoeuvring for pinpoint strikes and support of the fast-moving infantry. The Vasseth comes in a number of variants. Degara – Two accelerator cannons. This variant is utilized for fighting medium armoured vehicles and hard points. Paragara – Plasma cannon and drone missile launcher. This variant is mostly used for infantry support. Heggar – Heavy accelerator cannon. Used for long range engagement of heavy targets."

Produced and sold across the world by the Loud Ninja Games range continues to go from strength to strength and now adds three more codes to the Chuhuac 15mm Space Raptor part of the range. Following up on infantry packs, drones, grav bikes, an armoured personnel carrier and platoon and herd packs there is the Vasseth Strike Tank a light grav vehicle which gives your Space Raptors even more bite on the battle board! Read on or click here to go to our website and to see the range HERE.

RAP027 Vasseth Strike Tank (1) 6.00GBP
This pack contains all the parts needed to make one 15mm scale Space Raptor Vasseth Strike Tank. This anti-gravity propulsion vehicle requires some assembly and has seven different weapons and sensor units included (70mm long). Cast in high quality resin and white metal and gives you extra pieces for conversions and your bits box. Great for all your near or far future skirmish and battle games in 15mm scale. Go HERE.

RAP027P Vasseth Strike Tank Platoon (3) 17.10GBP
VALUE PACK. SAVE 5% OFF - Compared to RAP027. This pack contains all the parts needed to make THREE 15mm scale Space Raptor Vasseth Strike Tanks. This anti-gravity propulsion vehicle requires some assembly and has seven different weapons and sensor units included (70mm long). Cast in high quality resin and white metal and gives you extra pieces for conversions and your bits box. Great for all your near or far future skirmish and battle games in 15mm scale. Go HERE.

RAP003P Chuhuac Reaction Force (30) 43.38GBP
VALUE PACK. SAVE 10% OFF – Compared to single pack codes. This bundle deal gives you all the packs you need to create a Chuhuac Reaction Force which is an entire force of infantry, bikes and vehicles on your wargaming table. Saving ten percent from list prices the bundle includes the following packs: RAP027 Vasseth Strike Tank, RAP027 Vasseth Strike Tank, RAP008 Sirrus APC, RAP008 Sirrus APC, RAP008 Sirrus APC, RAP001 Chuhuac Troopers (6), RAP001 Chuhuac Troopers (6), RAP002 Chuhuac Leaders and Support Weapons (6), RAP003 Chuhuac Command Section (4) and RAP009 Chuhuac Grav Bikes (3). A total of five vehicles, three bikes and twenty two infantry. Great for all your near or far future skirmish and battle games in 15mm scale. Go HERE.

If you are not familiar with the Space Raptors and Eli Arndt's ideas for a unique alien army and its uses we have several articles online you can read. Here is a list of links.

Preview of the Vasseth
Chuhuac Heavy Combat Cyberform
Space Raptor Range
Loud Ninja Games presents the Chuhuac Story

Thanks for Reading.


Sunday 15 November 2015

New 15mm Science Fiction from Zombiesmith Miniatures

Zombiesmith Miniatures has released a couple of rather striking new mecha scaled to 15mm. These come from creative mind of Kairon Expanse and are part of the Thanatos Stars range. While I haven't read or heard much about the range, these two mecha are a great start and a promising vision of what is to come.

Loud Ninja Games - New Chuhuac "Vasseth" Strike Tank on the Horizon

The Chuhuac's first release since the original Kickstarter, the  RAP07 Vasseth Strike Tank will hit the scene on November 17, 2015. Available separately or in special unit packs, each tank will come with several weapon options allowing you to field any number of variants.

Keep an eye out here, on our Facebook page and at for more news!

Dave Foley Joins the Ranks of the Ion Age

“Allow me to create a society around the Prydian Precinct. One that exists with the threat of the Prydian Civil War within and the Shia Khan Empire without. The people, the law, the machines and the creatures that populate the planets, the star ports, outposts and even the seedy bars where Retained Knights would fear to tread.”

IAF104 Precinct Adventurers
The first pack of 15mm characters in the Ion Age Universe range at The Ion Age. Precinct Adventurers are the kind of fellows you need in a scrap or to carry out some dangerous work in a place where the law is a little loose. Sculpted by Dave Foley this pack contains five different 15mm scale white metal miniatures in the following poses. Male adventurer kneeling with a data slab and connected viewer, a hansom male adventurer advancing aiming a Minstrel Taser pistol, male adventurer in long coat signalling a halt holding a Tumbler SMG, male adventurer wearing parts of Aketon armour and at guard pose with a Moth Rifle. Lastly a male adventurer in out moded Alwite armour bandaged head and Minstrel Taser. These miniatures are great for any science fiction or suitable genre of wargaming in 15mm scale when you want something other than warfare or soldiers on your table. As always this code can be bought as a pack or as single miniatures or select the three packs and save 10% options from the drop down menu on the page. Go HERE. Price 2.50GBP per pack.

IAF105 Precinct Police
The second pack of 15mm characters in the Ion Age Universe range. Precinct Police are the local law enforcement on the worlds and colonies of the civilised Prydian Precinct who try to maintain order without the use of deadly force if possinble. A first line of law and order. Sculpted by Dave Foley this pack contains five different 15mm scale white metal miniatures in the following poses. All are wearing light armour plates, a helmet and a wet weather cape. Male officer holding a control box for directing city services or droids, carrying portable signs and signal equipment, male officer with public address horn, officer with stun baton raised to strike and lastly running with stun baton. These miniatures are great for any science fiction or suitable genre of wargaming in 15mm scale when you want something other than warfare or soldiers on your table. As always this code can be bought as a pack or as single miniatures or select the three packs and save 10% options from the drop down menu on the page. GoHERE. Price 2.50GBP per pack.