Thursday 7 February 2019

Loud Ninja Games Sale Reminder

Hey folks,

With the end of the LNG product promotion coming up at the end of this coming Friday (2/7/19), I wanted to post really quickly and thanks folks for the orders we have received so far as well as, and just as importantly, the feedback and ideas that have been shared. 

It is clear that there is a lot of love for our products and I do hope to be able to use these ideas as a map for future products. While not every idea may be used, there are still plenty of good solid suggestions with many being drawn from the rich lore that I like to put behind each of my alien races. Most popular seems to be the Ikwen and I cannot say this surprises me as they have a very evocative and deep background to be explored. 

With suggestions for existing ranges still pouring in (keep them coming) i would also like to say that this is also a great time to suggest or request new ranges. There is a lot more that could be done outside or to compliment the existing, Chuhuac, Yan'drassi, Iken, and Wasteland ranges. Do you want new aliens? Are there other settings and genres you would like to see explored? Looking for fantasy? Supers? Let us know. We are always listening. Even after the sale is over, your ideas are always welcome.

You still have today and tomorrow to get your 20% off discount on LNG minis so get them while you can. Whether you are starting a new force or expanding on an old one, it's a great time to grab some LNG goodness. Find the sale - HERE

Take care and good gaming,

Loud Ninja Games - Owner/lead designer