Friday 29 December 2017

Free Duxis Battlesuit this weekend!

The year is ending and it has been a bright one for The Ion Age.  Thank you to all our customers for continuing to grow our Space Opera wargaming dream throughout 2017.  To usher in the new annum we have an offer now on.  We will put one random IAF030 Duxis Battlesuit worth 5.00GBP from the eight variants into every order placed for free.  A customer may place as many orders as they wish and we will put one for free in each of them.  You also get your Reward Points on your orders as normal and you may use your accumulated points upon your orders in this period and you will still get the free Duxis Battlesuit.  We are giving you a little something as a thank you.  The offer ends midnight GMT 2nd January 2018.  You need do nothing but place your orders. Go HERE and browse. Perhaps some new Beotan Werewolves or a Tohlic Armoured Crawler or a Patrol Angis game pack?
We have many thing miniatures made as well as new vehicles which will begin releasing in January 2018 with something really fun for the Shia Khan Empire.  That is to come and for the moment let me show you a little more about one of our favourite models which is now in new molds as of early December.  The 'Royal Gift' otherwise known as the ultimate in personal single armour the Duxis Battlesuit is a prize possession for nobles, barons and veteran knights across the Prydian Precinct.  It has three melee orientated variants and five ranged variants.  See them all HERE.
Princess Cyon knows a lot of things.  I mean a lot.  It was lot before the Reord bonding and though it's even more now I can tell you that she came up with the Duxis MkI on her own.  Technics, Fabrication and Structure too.  All of it her idea.  To make her point she wore the prototype upon entering the Adden chambers and it made her point just beautifully to the Council.  We knew the Khanate had returned and we had the reports of the first contacts from Camarthen Prime but the Princess, she had her father's knowledge of the times of the first Khanate War.  We confirmed it later but in those chambers and on that day Princess Cyon said one word as she strode towards us footfalls heavy.  Encased in armour and over twelve feet tall she said 'Warlord' and then activated the holo emitters attached to the prototype's shell.  I think there was not a knight or baron in the place who did not shrink a little in their seats.  Out of thin air a monster appeared.  Like a Man in shape but larger; far larger.  She drew an energised blade longer than a Starvaulter is tall and conducted a mock melee with the projection...and she won.  Hours of discourse followed and all the while Daphne Cyon stood in her prototype Duxis Battlesuit and held sway.  The Warlords were more than a Retained Knight could cope with so make a Retained Knight more than they already were.  We did.  Now in Camarthen space we meet those hulking monsters with metal of our own.  Its a close fight but now its a fight we can and we will win!
Knight General Obermann.  Fleet Command.  4331 IC
MkIII Duxis Battlesuit
The Duxis Battlesuit known to some as the 'Royal Gift'. IAF030 can be given a number of roles from a knight to melee specialist to ranged purposes in play and stands 30mm tall. Cast in white metal in 15mm scale it requires assembly and has a good degree of pose choices through its variants.  Composed of an upper body, lower body, head and then a choice of weapons and arms (gauntlets) from eight variants the Duxis is a versatile machine. Chose body angle, choose head angle and direction, choose arms and weapons.  It can be posed many different ways.
Here are the types of Duxis Battlesuit which match up to the lettered variants:
IAF030A Duxis MkIIIA ' Bladesman' with Cetra Shield Hand and Octan Prime Energy Blade. 
IAF030B Duxis MkIIIB 'Winnower' with Cetra Shield Hand and Trabs Energy Spear.
IAF030C Duxis MkIIIC 'Brawler' with Left Gauntlet, Right Gauntlet and Heraldic Shield.
IAF030D Duxis MkIIID 'Anti-Infantry' with one Gauntlet, Moth 88 Rotary Cannon and Heraldic Shield.
IAF030E Duxis MkIIIE 'Pride Taker' with one Gauntlet, Valerin 15Mw Laser Cannon and Heraldic Shield.
IAF030F Duxis MkIIIF 'Indirect Fire Support' with one Gauntlet, Bodkin 55mm AP Howitzer and Heraldic Shield.
IAF030G Duxis MkIIIG 'Anti-Vehicle' with one Gauntlet, Fretan II Rail Gun and Heraldic Shield.
IAF030H Duxis MkIIIH 'Warlord' with one Gauntlet, Angis 25mm AP Cannon and Heraldic Shield.
As we say here in Scotland for the new year...Happy Hogmanay and may next twelve months bring you fortune, good luck and many gifts beginning with this free battlesuit!
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Thursday 14 December 2017

New blog with Ion Age campaign

With the festive season upon us and the snow falling it gives me great pleasure to present this short article on a brand new blog which is all about a new campaign set in the universe of The Ion Age. Rhys contacted me a couple of weeks ago and told me of his new campaign which is being played out on his The Great Space Opera Blog part by part. It has not taken long for Rhys to become fascinated with the Prydian Precinct and the civil war which has torn it apart and I have greatly enjoyed reading his plans and his reviews too. Go HERE for the blog or read on for more about what has occurred thus far.  
Beginning with an outline of the characteristics of his planned campaign Rhys lays out where he will go and what will happen. See that HERE
From there he looks at the contents of the excellent value Patrol Angis game pack which gives you all you need to begin playing in one box. This article is HERE and he talks about the contents of the game pack and then shows off his own painted set of Prydian Army and Yordists. Infantry, Portable Weapon with Gunners, Personalities and Battlesuits as well as the unique Knight Errant which you get only in the game pack. I give one picture here but there are many more in the blog post.
Prydian Intelligence Services Despatch (P.I.S.D.). Outpost Ajax has recently received re-enforcements to its expeditionary force pool. The re-enforcements consist of a detached unit of female retained knights with Angis rifles as well as heavy weapons support. In addition to this, an Espaten weapons platform has also been in-loaded with its specially trained Retained Knight crew of 2. These re-enforcements are a welcome addition to the Prydian force pool. This blog post speaks of the battle on Hertford Prime starting to heat up as reinforcements arrive from off world to join the campaign. Go HERE. An Espaten Portable Weapon Platform and a pack of Female Retained Knights. Have a gander and read on.
The most recent Ion Age posting on the Great Space Opera Blog is about one of our most favoured codes in the 15mm range; the Duxis Battlesuit. Deciding that the Prydian Army on Hertford Prime needed more muscle to take on the Marcher Baron threat three of the machines are now in the red and white. Go HERE. The campaign is starting to take off now and I am sure in 2018 there will be the rattle of Angis fire as the Throne attempts to take the world back for the forces of good
Keep an eye on The Great Space Opera Blog. I am enjoying the build up to the campaign taking place. If I were to guess on where Rhys will go next in terms of expanding his forces it would be in the area of bikes. The Burgeon Grav Bike gives Retained Knights a lot of mobility and fits right in with the open world and skirmish level of play which is going on. 
Where ever you are in the world..or indeed in the universe a happy holiday season to you from all of us here! 
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