Monday 27 July 2015

New ruleset in the works, feedback requested: Working title is "Another Glorious Day in the Corps."

Source: 15mm Sci-Fi Facebook Group

Mark Severin (of writes:

New to the group but a big fan of 15mm SciFi. I've been working on a set of rules for the past year or so, and wanted to let you know a free playtest draft is available at
Working title is "Another Glorious Day in the Corps." There is also a module for bug hunts I just finished drafting.

Units are squads and players can command a platoon. With experience a player can command up to a company.

Most of the mechanics are pretty straight forward. What sets the game apart is the use of a 2 phase turn sequence and a simple orders system. A turn has two phases. When activated a unit may move and shoot during the phase. BUT whether it goes in Phase 1 or Phase 2 is random. A simple way to recreate some fog of war.

Draft contains basic infantry rules and light vehicle rules. Now that the core engine is pretty much ready, I'm on to adding in things like detailed drop ship rules, electronic warfare, calling in support fire, etc.

Take a look and let me know what you think!

ClearHorizon Miniatures Releases 15mm Covert Ops Team 2

ClearHorizon Miniatures Releases 15mm Covert Ops Team 2

Covert Agent “Loki” is armed with a Mk.12 Combat Rifle with integral heartbeat sensor and suppressor. In his left hand he carries a remote hacking device that is also capable of detonating placed explosives.  He wears an airtight environmental suit with re-breather and up to eight hours of oxygen.

Covert Agent “Steel Eve” is armed with a “Widowmaker” handgun. It has four different ammunition types linked by cybernetic implants and can fire explosive rounds, armor-piercing, flechette and gas rounds. All options can be selected instantaneous via direct neural connection. She wears a stealth chameleon suit that renders her almost invisible to both visual and EM spectrum scans.

This pack contains two (2) single-part metal miniatures sculpted by PF, painted by Tom Kelly.

Available now for $2.99 at

Sunday 26 July 2015

ClearHorizon Miniatures - 15% Off "Can't Go To GenCon Sale!"

ClearHorizon Miniatures is having a 15% off sale right now since they can't go to Gen Con.

"We Can't Goto GenCon Sale!"

From now until August 7th we are having a 15% off sale!

Just use the coupon code NOGEN when you check out to save.

Saturday 25 July 2015

Releasing tomorrow, from Darkest Star Games - new Ma.K inspired vehicles!

Releasing tomorrow from Darkest Star Games:

From the post:

Thanks guys! Christopher Lynch did the hard work at my crazy request! The apc was originally designed at 1/20 scale by a fella on the Ma.K forum and shrunk down by permission. The 2 turret options for the tank version are from Chris and myself. I'm going to use them for Patrol Angis (as soon as I make ky order! )

Really awesome and I'm sure they'll be very popular!

Brigade releases 15mm Desert Domes!

Brigade, already producing some of my favorite resin sci-fi buildings, have released their very cool 6mm desert buildings in 15mm.  I'm very happy to see this since I was very jealous of the 6mm gamers when I saw there released orginially!

From: Brigade

The recent Desert Dome buildings in 6mm have been very popular and we’ve had more than the odd request to produce them in 15mm. So that’s exactly what we’ve done, with the three smallest buildings now available in the larger scale. The buildings combine well with the existing Desert Buildings range to give you lots of options for your gaming board.

B15-403 – Small Cylindrical Building – £12.00
B15-404 – Small Multi-dome Dwelling – £9.00
B15-405 – Small Oval Dwelling – £9.00

Also, check out their Facebook page...

Wednesday 22 July 2015

Ground Zero Games Releases More Low-Tech Forces

Jon over at GZG sent me a big update and some pics for his newest releases. As usual the quality is top notch and the options pile up like cord wood. Here are Jon's own words to explain the release...

Hi all,

I've just posted the latest EIGHT packs of SG15 figures to the webstore, they are all AVAILABLE NOW, moulds are made and they are awaiting your orders!

This time we have TWO new packs for the PAU - the horse-mounted scouts in soft jungle caps rather than helmets, and a mixed pack of SAWs and other squad special weapons, also carried by troops in the jungle caps.

There are FOUR new packs for the CDF (Colonual Defence Force), one of the most popular of our SG armies - as with the PAU, these are all packs of troops with soft headgear rather than helmets - in this case the standard CDF field caps.

Then we have TWO more packs of the new MERCS range - like the four earlier releases, these are great as professional mercenaries/PMCs, irregular forces (geurillas and resistance fighters) or as typically "scruffy" but efficient Special Forces units!

All packs are at the usual SG15 price of 3.00 per pack (inc VAT) in UK and the rest of the EU, or 2.50 GBP excluding VAT for those of you outside the EU.


SG15-P18       Pan-African Union (PAU) Mounted Scouts in Jungle caps on terran-stock horses - pack contains 2 horses (different poses) and 2 riders (different poses).

SG15-P19       Pan-African Union SAWs and support weapons, troops in Jungle caps - 8 figures, 2 each of 4 poses - two SAW gunners (kneeling and advancing), one with sniper rifle, one with rocket launcher.


SG15-C21    CDF (Colonial Defence Force) troops in field caps, with short assault carbine/autoshotgun -  8 figures, 2 each of 4 different poses.

SG15-C23    CDF (Colonial Defence Force) Command and Comms in field caps -  8 figures, 2 each of 4 different poses.

SG15-C24    CDF Autocannon teams, crew in field caps -2 weapon teams, each of cannon, tripod, gunner and observer/loader

SG15-C25    CDF Mortar Teams, crew in field caps - 2 weapon teams, each of mortar, baseplate and two kneeling crew.


SG15-M05    Mercs squad support pack with RPGs/LAWs - 8 figures, 2 each of 4 sculpts: mix of male and female figures in various soft headgear, two with RPGs and two with Light Antitank Weapons.

SG15-M06    Mercs snipers/marksmen pack - 8 figures, 2 each of 4 sculpts: mix of male and female figures in various soft headgear, all carrying sniper rifles.

Don't forget that our GZG 30th BIRTHDAY SPECIAL is still running until the 31st JULY, so please pop over to the webstore and check out the details, plus all the new figure codes!

All these amazing new releases and the rest of the incredible GZG collection can be found - HERE 

Sunday 19 July 2015

4 x 4 Game Board in Three Easy Steps

I have been in need of a proper 4 x 4 gaming board for some time now. While there is nothing wrong with a roll away mat and my dining room table, I wanted something a bit more durable and larger for use with 15mm scifi games. So, I figured it was high time to make one.

I already had the perfect 4 x 4 plywood off-cut laying around from another project and that would make the perfect start. The rest of the materials were things I had laying around as well from other hobby projects, so not a single new thing was bought for this project.

The first step was to lay on a good coat of Deck Restore. I like the 10X stuff because it tends to stay where I put it and provides a good solid coating which works well for adding to terrain projects. I should also note that Deck Restore does come in colors but I had the clear stuff on hand.
I was rather unceremonious about the application of the Deck Restore and started by pouring out a good amount of the can into the middle of the board. I then spread this around, changing direction a lot so as to minimize patterns in the stuff.

The final step in the application was to come back after about 20 minutes, with the material having set a bit and then distressing it some more for the look I wanted. Don't be too worried about texture after you apply it. Gravity will smooth a lot of those.

After the Deck Restore dries and hardens (24 hrs unless you leave it out in the summer heat), I went over it with a brush of a basic sandy color that I picked up at Home Depot in their paint department. I should note that this wasn't painted on but was still wetter than a dry brush. I more fanned a semi-loaded brush over the surface to catch most of the details.

Just as an aside, I cruise the paint department for mismatched or returned sample jars that they sell off for a pittance. It's easy to build up a collection of handy colors this way.

Once the base color was dry enough, I then went around adding some irregular splotches of other color by spraying on several colors of spray paint. I used tans and even a light olive color. The idea here is to break up the monotony of the tan base.

The final step was to stain the whole thing and bring it all together. I chose a Honey Cherry stain. A small 0.5 liter can was enough for the whole board. Again, not a lot of care was taken in the application here. I poured the entire can into the general area of the middle of the can, making an irregular pool. The only care I took here was to keep the precious color on the board.

After the can was empty, I then took my brush and pushed the stain out for the middle, making sure that ever part of the board got some and that too much wasn't pooling in any one place. This produced a nice irregular orange-ish sand coloration that looks quite nice. 

The end result is a durable and lushly colored earth tone and textured board. While it makes for a desert board easily enough, the color is neutral enough to really work for most ground types. Adding foliage will make it seem less barren and structures added could make it look like lived on ground.


Wednesday 15 July 2015

ClearHorizon Miniatures release the 15mm - Hura Technocracy and Human Epsilon Exo-Skeleton Squads

ClearHorizon Miniatures release the 15mm - Hura Technocracy and Human Epsilon Exo-Skeleton Squads

Hura Technocracy Expedition Squad$8.99

The Hura Technocracy represents an alien species known as the Hura. While possessing traits of both crabs and mantis insects, the Hura are an advanced species that use their technology to give them every advantage. Not only do they have a strong chitin outer skeleton that can deflect blows almost as well as most basic Human body armor, they utilize a powerful series of miniature, close-contact forcefield generators that provide an extra layer of defense without limiting their strength and speed. Their weaponry, nicknamed "Lightning Rods', strike out with powerful beams that can fry not only organic material but any unshielded electronics as well.

The Hura will often trade technology (often of a lower quality than their own equipment) for the service of Mercenaries in their border conflicts and have found an occasional "ally" in humanity. But only as long as it serves their needs. The Hura themselves prefer to let “lower” species do most of the fighting when they can, but can be a formidable fighting force themselves. They can also be exceedingly pragmatic leading to the impression that they are very callous. Despite this they are avid explorers that have even been known to use human epsilon teams as hired muscle for long term exploration missions.

The Hura will strive to maintain a strict 8-Hura fireteam at all times, although they have been known to split into two 4-strong fireteams under times of extreme duress.

The Hura Technocracy Expedition Squad contains eight (8) metal miniatures, 1x command, 1x heavy squad support weapon, and 6x armed with standard weapons. There are nine (9) separate head options.

Epsilon Squad - Base Squad

Epsilon Squads are a Human combat force outfitted with hard-hitting weaponry and Exo-skeleton armored suits. Epsilon Squads fight on the front line, whether establishing an Orbital Beachhead or taking a city back from enemy forces.

The individual Epsilon Squad trooper is a force to be reckoned with and whole platoons can be transported via Raven-Class VTOLs to strike at the heart of the enemy force.

Epsilon Squads operate in teams of six that can then be further broken down into fireteams of three or two (depending on the tactical situation).

The Epsilon Squad - Base Squad contains six (6) metal miniatures, 1x command, 1x heavy squad support weapon, 1x communication specialist and 3x armed with standard weapons. Each soldier comes with (3) three head options and the communication specialist can be modeled with an open or closed terminal. The pack also comes with a command sprue with melee weapon options and additional head options.

Monday 13 July 2015

Airbrushing 101 or "How I learned to love my new compressor..."

I would say that if you asked 10 hobbyists what their favorite technique for painting was, two would say airbrushing and eight would say that they wished it was airbrushing.

Airbrushing can lead to some amazing results
Especially with a new book by the amazing Angel Giraldez there has been a renewed interested in airbrushing, especially infantry figures in addition to vehicles.

I've had an airbrush compressor that I picked up from Harbor Freight a while back that didn't have a tank attached. It did the job admirably for being so cheap (~$60) but recently the regulator had broken (my fault completely, not a mechanical defect) and I had been spraying at approx 40 psi.

I will tell you now that you can't effectively airbrush when your PSI is so high, especially with the small areas we are trying to airbrush. In addition you go through paint too fast and it clogs and sputters constantly.

Great for modern art, not so much for wargaming figures.
So, I decided enough was enough (especially after a read through of Angel's new book and staring at my Anarchy Model stencils) and after some extensive research and asking around I settled on a Masters Airbrush Compressor from TCPGlobal (I went with this one with a tank as well: ).

I ordered the $119 kit from their Ebay Store that included a braided hose and airbrush with three nozzels.  I was amazed that for free shipping it arrived the day after I ordered it. It also came in a nice box (and the airbrush has a very nice case). I've read some reviews that the regulator wasn't attached and that it was a pain to get it on, but it was attached to the one I ordered and it literally worked right out of the box.

I do recommend taking it out of the box though.
I'm currently running ~19 psi and with the tank the compressor hardly turns on after it fills up.  I used it to spray a new set of buildings that GameCraft Miniatures and I (ClearHorizon Miniatures) have co-designed and it works great.

Some worn and burned out buildings, made easy with airbrushing
This weekend I'll be doing some more airbrushing (I have some awesome Hab Domes by to finish and a couple of vehicles. I also want to test out the technique on some 15mm scale power armor) and I'll post up my results and any lessons learned.

If you have any questions, please ask in the comments.

Friday 10 July 2015

A Matter of Strategy

New Retained Lance (Platoon) with special figure from The Ion Age

The Ion Age grows ever larger with new releases and new offers. This week we see the introduction of the Retained Lance pack which provides a player with an instant platoon level unit. This pack includes figure from three established Retained packs as well as a special miniature - the Retained Strategist. For full details check the Ion Age blog -

Spotlight on the Strategist - HERE
Retained Lance release - HERE 

Thursday 2 July 2015

Super-Size It!

Happy Burger Gets a New Bot

Back in March, The Ion Age saw the introduction of another piece of its mythos - Happy Burger - in the form the Happy Burger Bot. The Happy Burger Bot was a great human form servant bot with a lot of use built into it. The new Vending Bot follows in the footsteps of it's predecessor's non-combat character greatness.

The cool thing about miniatures like this is that they really can be used for many things besides their intended use. Such a basic shape could easily be painted in other schemes besides a corporate vending bot. In medical colors it could be a medical droid. But some industrial colors on it and perhaps it is an space port diagnostic bot. Heck, throw it into your command group and this noncombatant robot can suddenly be a portable command console.

Like the other special monthly miniatures, the Vending Bot is available free with any order from The Ion Age as well as for purchase for those who want multiples or just the Vending Bot. This miniatures will be available through the end of July, 2015. 

For full information on the Vending Bot and other Ion Age materials head over - HERE.