Tuesday 30 September 2014

ClearHorizon Miniatures: Recently Declassified 5th Orbital Activities Division Footage

ClearHorizon Miniatures has released some declassified footage:

Hell Divers, Drop Pods and many more packs available at http://www.clearhorizonminiatures.com

Mullo Rolls Onto The Scene

New Vehicle Released From The Ion Age

The good folks at the Ion Age have released their excellent Mullo AFV. This is a multi-part resin and metal kit that can be purchased in three different configurations (laser, railgun, or AP cannons). This is a great Space Opera style vehicle with a lot of potential for use both in and outside of the Ion Age universe. 

For more information, head over - HERE.

Sunday 28 September 2014

Rebel Minis New Packs! Mech Pilots, Death's Head.. more!

Available at: Rebel Minis

Rebel Minis writes:

We have been busy here at Rebel Minis! We have added 3 new packs up on the site.

Mech Pilots

Death's Head Mercs
Sons of Thunder Command and Heavy Weapons

These were all painted by Micropanzer! and you can see them on the site here: Rebelminis.com

I'll have a news release soon!


Friday 26 September 2014

New Nox From The Ion Age

The Nox are receiving some cool new miniatures in the way of command. IAF062 Nox Command Demos comes with an officer, standard bearer, lesser officer, and a comms specialist. Also included in the pack is a casualty figure. These figures are to lead the nasty and tough Nox units and must be some pretty beefy characters themselves to do so.

For full info on these and other Nox figures, read - HERE

Wednesday 24 September 2014

ClearHorizon Miniatures - Hura & Epsilon Kickstarter final sculpt photos

ClearHorizon Miniatures shows off their latest sculpts from their successful Kickstarter:

Hi everyone,

I have the final sculpts in hand, getting ready to send out the surveys to all the backers and then get these into production!

It will be fulfilled to the backers in November, and then a general release! Please note that these are not complete packs, but component pictures. All miniatures have separate head options.

Check out our facebook page to keep up with updates:


Saturday 20 September 2014

Yan'drassi Invasion Kickstarter Final Days

Hello dropship passengers,

I have kept traffic regarding my Kickstarter to a minimum so as not to gum up the works with constant updates, however, I felt that it was time for an update on the project. The Yan'drassi Invasion Kickstarter project has been and continues to be a success and as we move into our last few days, I hope that we will see that last little push to end it on a great note.

This project has produced a nice range of figures across three distinct alien species and has even moved into its first war machine. We have squads of Neeks, Tavshar, and Horgosi as well as characters for the Tavshar and Horgosi called Primes. Their are also unit builder packs, without squad leaders) for those who want larger units than those released in the standard packs. The Tavshar Gun Skimemr is a light attack vehicle being worked on and if the project funds enough, we'll see the release of a battlesuit as well.


Please take a looks at the WIP picture below and consider joining Loud ninja Games and all the wonderful backers in the final push to the Yan'drassi Invasion - 

Thursday 18 September 2014

Agents of the Cyber Daimyo

15mm.co.uk Releases Corporate Ashigaru

Much sought after and now delivered, this range presents a perfect set of figures for scifi and cyberpunk gaming. Whether on the battlefields of the future or the dirty streets of your urban sprawl, these figures will bring keen mono blades and cutting edge cybertech to your enemy.

Available in a number of codes, feel free to read - HERE - for more information.


Big News on Big Wheels

The folks at the Ion Age have out up the Early Supporter Offer (ESO) for one of their biggest vehicles yet. The Mullo, is a six-wheeled, turreted armored fighting vehicle which, like many of their other vehicles and accessories comes in a number of variants (see images below).

I feel this vehicle is another that breaks from the mold of the harder, grittier scifi and fits lovingly into the fold of more classic, Space Opera styling. I also see it in a number of settings from its parent setting The Ion Age to other battle across the stars against evil empires. I can even see it painted in law enforcement colors, rolling through the blasted streets of a mega-city.

For full info on the Mullo head over - HERE

Tuesday 16 September 2014

ClearHorizon Miniatures Releases 15mm Hell Diver Power Armor Zeta Squad

Available at: http://www.clearhorizonminiatures.com

ClearHorizon Miniatures is proud to release the highly anticipated 15mm Hell Diver Power Armor Squad - Zeta Squad!

6x Power Armored Troops
Separate Torsos, heads and arm options
3x optional torso mounted heavy weapons
6x Unique leg poses

We have an WIP Squad shown here:

The rest of the squad comes together. A small tip, if you use a tiny piece of green stuff in the joint you can position the arms in more poses.

Once painted I will snip them off the bases and attach our laser etched hex bases.

And check out the overview video here:

The Zeta Squad is $12.99 for six, and available now at ClearHorizon Miniatures!

"No End In Sight" Rules Overview/Review by Nathaniel Weber

By Nathaniel Weber
Available here: Wargame Vault for $14.99

Hey all—I played a game of the new modern combat rules "No End in Sight," with my 15mm forces. This was my first game of the system, so I went small, with a couple squads a side. This AAR is more review than game summary, though I have included pics (of course).

The game (by Nordic Weasel games, the same guy who do Five Men in Normandy and Five Parsecs from Home, plus the older Fast and Dirty) is intended for post-WWII/ultra modern/near future fire fights—perfect for my Kyushan War of Independence setting (a sci-fi setting that blends different aspects of Vietnam, GWOT, and other modern conflicts with sci-fi stuff). There is talk by the author of doing a sci-fi version soon. I'm not financially affiliated with the author.

The main emphasis in No End in Sight is the difficulty an infantry unit has functioning when in the face of the enemy. As long as you're moving in cover, out of enemy sight, things are fairly easy; but moving against the enemy becomes much more difficult.

Squad leaders roll for activation points each turn, getting a couple of attempts to fight their squad before burning out (squad leaders accrue "stress" and eventually become "exhausted," which prevents them from acting further in a turn). Other factors also accrue stress, such as taking casualties past a maximum allowance.

Movement out of sight of the enemy, or in cover, is done in small, regular increments. Movement in sight of the enemy and in the open can only be conducted in "rushes"—unpredictable bursts of movement by your troops, which may trigger enemy reaction fire and lead to your men getting pinned down. Reaction fire is done very simply—if there are any enemy in sight, the opposing player gets one free attack against you (two if there are tons of enemies around, or if any of them have a sustained fire weapon). This doesn't sound like much, but when combined with the unpredictable rushes (which leave you pinned down if they don't take you across the open terrain you were hoping to bound), reaction fire is more than capable to halting your forward momentum.

Fire combat is simple, with only a handful of D6s rolled per combat. Fire mostly inflicts pinning, with casualties much less likely. You can also get stuck in short-range firefights (assaults), which are more lethal but allow the enemy to shoot, too.

In my test game, the two opposing forces moved up into contact. Then, the battle broke down into two firefights, each over control of different avenues of approach up the middle of the board. The Kyushans had the initial upperhand, inflicting several casualties on the Feds, but the Federals were then able to mass and get a firepower advantage. However, a Kyushan counter-attack on one flank was successful, throwing back a Federal squad. A similar assault on the other side of the board brought the Federals forward, however. Throughout the game, enemy troops holding key pieces of terrain---overlooking alleys or streets---forced the other side to either take an alternate route or get stuck in. The game ended with too much stress built up for the opposing squad leaders—once too many permanent stress points build up (caused by excessive casualties), squad leaders are left without options. Tactically, it was a draw.

My initial thoughts about the game are very positive. It's one of the few games I've played, maybe the only one, where a key phenomenon of modern warfare was reproduced: a single soldier, with an automatic weapon, can control a stretch of open ground such that the enemy cannot move across it without risk. More impressively, the game manages to do this without mass tabletop slaughter—he's holding that stretch through suppressing fire and simple threat, not because he can kill 2 or 3 enemy figures every time he fires. The way that reaction fire and moving against the enemy work in the game are very cool.
I was bit miffed by the movement rates, however—3" for infantry out of sight of the enemy, D6" for the rushes. On the one hand, the author intended this to reflect the limited knowledge your troops have of the battlefield—they usually move cautiously, only charging in bursts to cross what they know to be dangerous areas.

Squad leaders rolling for activation points also caused a bit of frustration in the early phase of the game, as troops are moving into position before the battle starts. The rules suggest some options if that bothers you, which I think I might use next time.

The game has rules for vehicles, heavy weapons, and a thorough campaign section, but I haven't tried those out yet.

Overall, I really liked the game and love the "friction" element of reaction fire and crossing that "dangerous ground". (The game has some echoes of Crossfire, in that way.) I'll play more games and will definitely pick up the sci-fi version when it comes out.

(Figures are: Rebel Minis Sahadeen and Oddzial Osmy Nova Vistula Legion. Paper terrain by Black Ronin Games, with a few additional pieces by World Works Games, and some downloaded from free sites.)

Friday 12 September 2014

New Stuff and a New Offer from GZG

Jon over at Ground Zero Games has rolled out some new stuff and a new offer to go along with it all.


SG15-C17    Colonial Defence Force (CDF) Mounted Recon Scouts 3.00 (2.50 ex VAT)
CDF scouts mounted on Terran-stock heavy horses, pack contains 2 horses (different poses) and 2 riders (also in different poses), both with assault rifles or autoshotguns. Good old-fashioned low-tech Colonial scout forces, extremely capable in bad terrain, long-ranged and low-maintenance - much more reliable than a grav bike!

SG15-N31    NSL "PKaZ" (PanzerKampfanZug) Powered Armour Troops pack A: Hand Weapons    4.50 (3.75 ex VAT)
Six figures with PA-modified Assault Rifles, plus over-shoulder grenade launcher racks on (optional) jump-jet backpacks. Pack contains 6 body castings (3 each of 2 different poses), 6 backpacks and 6 sets of separate arms to allow maximum pose variation. The back of each body casting is fully detailed to allow the figures to be assembled either with or without the jump-packs, to your choice.

SG15-N32    NSL "PKaZ" (PanzerKampfanZug) Powered Armour Troops pack B: Heavy Support Weapons 4.50 (3.75 ex VAT)
Six figures with support weapons (3 each of Plasma Gun and Heavy SAW), plus over-shoulder grenade launcher racks on (optional) jump-jet backpacks. Pack contains 6 body castings (3 each of 2 different poses), 6 backpacks and 6 sets of separate arms to allow maximum pose variation. The back of each body casting is fully detailed to allow the figures to be assembled either with or without the jump-packs, to your choice.

SG15-N33    NSL "PKaZ" (PanzerKampfanZug) Powered Armour Troops pack C: Command and Missile   4.50 (3.75 ex VAT)
Six figures: 3 command suits with PA-modified Assault Rifles and comms system plus sensor pod on (optional) jump-jet backpacks, 3 Multi-Role Missile operators with 4-round box launcher and jump-pack with sensor/designator pod. Pack contains 6 body castings (3 each of 2 different poses), 6 backpacks and 6 sets of separate arms to allow maximum pose variation. The back of each body casting is fully detailed to allow the figures to be assembled either with or without the jump-packs, to your choice.

TW15-BZ01   Brazilian Riflemen, 8 figures with assault rifles 3.60 (3.00 ex VAT)
Eight Brazilian troopers in combat hardsuits with "Cyclops" helmets and standard infantry assault rifle, 2 each of 4 different poses.

TW15-BZ02   Brazilian Support Gunners, 8 figures with SAWs 3.60 (3.00 ex VAT)

Eight Brazilian troopers in combat hardsuits with "Cyclops" helmets and Squad Automatic Weapons (SAWs) , 2 each in kneeling firing and prone firing poses, plus 4 in advancing pose.

TW15-BZ03   Brazilian Heavy and Special Weapons, 8 figures 3.60 (3.00 ex VAT)
Eight Brazilian troopers in combat hardsuits with "Cyclops" helmets,
2 each of 4 different poses: 2 poses with shoulder-fired rocket system (kneeling firing, and advancing), one pose of Marksman advancing with sniper rifle, one pose of Grenadier standing firing auto-grenade-launcher.

V15-100D          MRAP Open Cargo Truck variant 7.50 (6.25 ex VAT)
A further variant of the MRAP protected patrol vehicle, this time with an open cargo bed - for logistics support, basic troop transport or ideal to fit any kind of weapon mount in the back to make a "technical" for colonial and irregular forces!


I have the latest batch of new 15mm releases ready for production at last, and they should be up on the store later today; in the meantime, I wanted to give you all a heads-up on a special promotion starting NOW and running for the remainder of September:

Stargrunt 15mm "End of Summer" Special Offer: FIVE FOR FOUR on 15mm infantry packs!

Order any FOUR packs from our SG15 and/or TW15 ranges, and choose a FIFTH PACK FREE!

The offer also applies to any V15 range pack that is priced at £4.50
(£3.75 ex-VAT) or lower (ie: bikes, weapon systems, drones and small vehicles etc); it does NOT include V15 code items priced at over £4.50.

This offer can be applied multiple times in the same order, so if you buy EIGHT packs you can get TWO extra free packs, TWELVE bought gets you THREE free, and so on!

The only limitation is that for each free pack you choose, you must have ordered at least four packs of the same or greater value; in other words:

If you buy four standard SG packs at £3.00 each (£2.50 ex-VAT) then your free pack can be any other £3.00 pack; If you buy four standard TW packs at £3.60 each (£3.00 ex-VAT) then your free pack can be any other £3.00 or £3.60 pack; If you buy four larger packs (Bikes, PA etc) at £4.50 each (£3.75
ex-VAT) then your free pack can be any other £3.00, £3.60 or £4.50 pack.

To claim your free packs, simply order all the paid-for packs in the normal way, then tell us which free packs you want in the "Delivery Notes and Extra Comments" box on the page where you enter your address details; we'll then add them to your package when we process the order. Please DO NOT add your free packs to the actual order, because if you do you will be billed for them in the normal way.

Your order may also contain any other items that you want from our many other ranges, of course, but only those described above will qualify towards additional free pack(s).

This offer starts immediately (Thurs 11th Sept) and will run until Midnight (UK time) on Tuesday 30th September 2014.

Thanks for reading - new release info coming imminently.....

Jon (GZG)

Wednesday 10 September 2014

Micropanzer Wargame Studio Online Shop is open again!

Check out:  http://www.micropanzer.com/index.html

Micropanzer Wargame Studio has opened their shop again and is casting to order.

Welcome to my hobby page –
The Store is now – OPEN I am casting on demand vs. maintaining an inventory.
Because this is a hobby I do casting and packaging as I am able to but dedicate 2 days a week to Micropanzer. 

Check out the great, unique, 15mm figures they have to offer... really awesome stuff and glad to see it available again!