Thursday 12 July 2018

New Release at The Ion Age july 2018

“Brilliant with the energy flowing through its blade the first swing of Esquire Quiver's Octa Sword took the left leg of the flightless bird clean away from its body with a spray of super heated blood....”

The Ion Age makes its new release for July 2018 with ten brand new 15mm miniatures in IAF0163 Retained Post Echo.  Requested by players of Patrol Angis these knights have blades!  This pack is on our website now and as with all codes you can choose from a pack or singles from the pack or three packs and save ten percent.  Go HERE for the new pack or read on for full details.

“Brilliant with the energy flowing through its blade the first swing of Esquire Quiver's Octa Sword took the left leg of the flightless bird clean away from its body with a spray of super heated blood.  Screeching the seven foot tall avian creature collapsed throwing its Malig rider clean over its razor sharp beaked head.  Quiver reversed the sword and in a glittering orange arc used it to sever the head of the bird before cutting into the back of the sprawling Malig ending the enemy's attempts to free a Cupid laser pistol from its combat harness.  All around him Quiver could see other Retained Knights of the 308th Regiment likewise engaged with the Shia Khan at sword point distance.  They were greatly outnumbered by their goblinoid foes and in the spaces between the habitation domes of the settlement it meant that every Prydian was fighting for their lives without pause.  Powered swords flashed in glittering arcs while Roaz axes rose and fell in a murderous rhythm and Pelleas maces smashed into flesh and bone.  The aliens had either known that the meeting was taking place or, perhaps more likely, it was simply a coincidence that the lance had been in the wrong place when a horde of Maligs decided to set up their camp here.   

Bullets spanged off of Quivers Alwite Armour doing little harm but scoring lines in the delicate film layers that made up the camoflage Chameleon Circuit which caused his form to blend into its surroundings.  At this range the Malig gripping its Maia 9.6mm mpi could not have failed to see him.  He brought the Octa sword up and rounds exploded as they impacted against its blade....” 
-  An extract from By Sword Short and Long.

IAF163 Retained Post Echo
The fifth post of Retained Knights ready to see off enemies as diverse as the Marcher Barons and the Khanate Empire.  These knights are skilled in the arts of close combat and make use of powered melee weapons. Mix them in with your other knights for assault lances. Code IAF163 contains ten different poses all wearing Alwite powered armour and carrying a variety of weapons including Octa Powered Sword, Roaz Powered Axe, Pelleas Powered Mace as well as Tumbler ranged weapons.   As always this code can be bought as a pack or as single miniatures or select the three packs and save 10% option on the page.  Go HERE.  Price 5.00GBP per pack.

Later this month we will have a free Patrol Angis scenario featuring the new miniatures called 'By Sword Short and Long'.  A close in vicious fight which sees goblinoid Maligs trying to encircle a lance of Retained Knights with battlesuit support who are conducting talks with a Xin Trader; they will have to cut their way clear.  This full scenario takes place in the Camarthen stellar cluster after the activation of the Matter Gateway and during playtesting it was really intense!  Look out for the article.

Including this new pack of ten poses we now have in 15mm scale nearly seventy poses of Retained Knights from such codes as:

IAF001 Retained Post Alpha
IAF002 Retained Post Beta
IAF008 Retained Post Charlie
IAF016 Retained Post Delta
IAF163 Retained Post Echo

IAF004 Retained Lance Command Alpha
IAF014 Retained Lance Command Beta
IAF076 Retained Lance Command Charlie

IAF057 Knight Errants of Prydia
IAF156 Marcher Barons of Prydia
IAF157 Nobles of Prydia

IAF005 Balthazar and Jerome
IAF017 Ellen and Ripley
IAF063 Arachne and Giliam
IAF158 Diodine Sparrow of the Quarrel Company

IAFP02 Retained Lance (with extra free unique miniature)

These can serve as Prydian Army or in a different colour scheme such as those on our poster they can be knights of the Leagues or Marcher Barons or even Condot mercenaries too.  This means you can create almost three lances of knights never repeating a miniature! 

There is also an extra free Retained Knight Errant in the Patrol Angis Game Pack starter box too which you only get with that box.  A great way to get playing and check out that page for free downloads and other materials for the game.

Our month long offer this time is...25% off all the variants of the fantastic Duxis Battlesuit in 15mm scale both close combat types HERE and ranged types HERE.  Seven variants of a fantastic 30mm tall model.  Ends 31st July 2018.

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