Ambush Royale: Bond in Force of Force

These homebrew rules are geared heavily towards the James Bond style of spy movies, but can also be adapted towards most Pulp action adventures.  There are several major changes that will differ from the main rules of “Force on Force” but the core mechanics will remain the same.


Two classes of characters: Names and Minions

Names  are the “heroes” or “villain” characters that the game revolves around.  They are able to do great feats and are able accomplish amazing stunts.

Minions are the “soldiers” or “gangs” that the heroes or villains used to try to stop the other Named character from completing his/hers task.


Agents in training / Minor Sidekick: d8; Spies / Major Sidekick / Evil Counterpart: d10; Heroic Spies: d12

Henchmen/Gangsters/Mooks/Sentries: d6; Commandoes/Operators/Elite Mooks: d8


Names will be assigned a pre-determined number of Luck points at the start of the game.  These points also represent the number of wounds a named character can take before being knocked out of action for the rest of the game.

The Luck points are also the number of dice that the Names roll for attacks and defense.  The Luck points can be used to accomplish additional attacks, defenses, or tasks rolls in the same phase or to re-roll any failed roll.  Once a Luck point is used up in this way, it's gone for the rest of the game.  However the number of wounds and Attack/Defense dice remain unchanged regardless of Luck dice used.

“Villain” Names will always have less Luck points than the highest “Good Guy”.
Example:  Jack London  has 6 Luck points, so his number of wounds is 6 and he gets 6 Attack dice and 6 Defense dice. His nemesis Goldfumbler, will therefore start with 5 luck points.


Named characters will also be issued a number of Gadgets to use depending on the scenario and level of heroics.

Each gadget is designed to accomplish only one ability:  Attack, Defense, or Task.  When the gadget has been deployed, it provides an automatic success at that given ability and is discarded..

Minions cannot use gadgets.
Example:  Jack London has a gadget of a shooting ink pen, which will allow Jack to use it once in close combat to automatically hit his target – the effects still have to be rolled for to see if it results in a wound or kill if the target is an opposing Name.


Let's look at the effects of successful hits from attacks, and failed defense rolls

Names take wounds from other Names.  However, a Name cannot be killed outright, but will  instead take 2 wounds if a Kill result is rolled.

With each wound, the number of available Luck dice cannot be greater than the current level of wounds remaining.  Once the number of wounds reach zero, a “Good guy” Name is knocked out or exhausted where they can be captured by the “Bad guys”.

NOTE: A hero Name never get killed in the movies or books, so they equally cannot be killed in the game!

When a “Bad guy” Name has their wounds reach zero, roll a die and on an even number they are captured and on an odd number they are dead.

Minions are killed outright by Names, but roll to see if they are wounded or killed when hit by other Minions.

Transferring the game to Force on Force 

Quality dice

FoF troops that are rated d6 & d8 are now d6

FoF troops that are rated d10 & d12 troops are d8

Names or Minions rated d6’s can only be separated up to 1” separated, and d8’s can be separated up to 2”.

Luck can be issued to combatants though the appropriate number of Asset Cards. These are discarded as Luck is used.

Gadgets can also be issued as Asset Cards.

Joe Collins, 2011