Monday 30 June 2014

Armies Army own webstore open for business!

By Harold

Armies Army has started their own casting and has opened their own webstore so that you can now order directly from them.

They also are celebrating this occasion with a 10% discount using the coupon AAOPEN.

The time has finally arrived….After much gnashing of teeth and some serious testing of my first spin caster; ArmiesArmy is ready and proud to open its very own web store at 
With this opening I’d like to offer everyone a 10% discount on all items. Please use the couponAAOPEN during the shopping process. Simply add it in the coupon box. 

I’ve done extensive testing of the site but if you do find problems please send me an email to

It has been tested for mac and PC users and I and finishing the final touches on a functioning mobile version working very soon to. 

The new store will carry the entire Armies Army range, including all the favorites once only available at the great Black Hat miniatures and quite a few new items.
Our newest release, the Future War PLA range, will be available for the first time in full with an expanded line, including infantry, Drones, Support Weapons, HQ and Heavier Weapons.
I’ve also expanded the Rusk Militia line with much requested HQ and support weapons.

I have several new vehicles and Forces in development and I’ll be making them available over the next few months. I’ve had some excellent feedback on them and I’m excited to finish up production and release them. I’ll be updating all the usual places and you can follow me on my blog, linked from

As always I’m happy to listen to ideas and feedback, particularly around the website, so I can iron out any gremlins that pop up!

Thanks and welcome to my store :)

Keith, ArmiesArmy

Sunday 29 June 2014

New Terrain from The Ion Age

While Ion Age's hab domes may be amazing looking, they evidently are not invulnerable. This week The Ion Age brought us their cratered hab dome, perfect for an objective or general battlefield clutter. It is a single piece resin casting that follows the same dimensions as the standard hab dome model.

Also in news from The Ion age are a set of rocky outcroppings, from These are great for adding texture to your table and breaking up line of sight. Also one piece resin casts, these durable pieces all feature a gradual and sheer side to all complexities to maneuvers around and over them.

For more information on both of these releases, read - HERE

Thursday 26 June 2014

GZG Armed Forces Day Charity Event

This Saturday (28th June) is ARMED FORCES DAY here in the UK ( ), and as a small gesture of help and thanks I am making a similar pledge to the one I did last year - for all mail orders received on the GZG store between Midnight on Thursday evening (26th) and Midnight Sunday (30th), by UK time, I will donate 20% of the goods value ordered to one or more of the Military charities that support the AFD; last year I supported Help for Heroes ( ) and the Combat Stress appeal ( ) - depending on the total amount to be donated this year, I will most likely support these two again but I may also share some between some of the smaller and lesser-known armed forces charity organisations that are involved in the AFD.

So, if you've been thinking about placing an order sometime soon, please do it over this weekend - get yourself some great figures AND know that you are helping to contribute towards some very deserving causes.

Of course, even if you don't want to place an order then you can always go direct to the charities involved and make a direct donation to show your support and gratitude to our veterans and serving troops!

Thanks for your help and support.

Jon (GZG)

Convention News: Only 99 days until the launch of Blast-Tastic!

By Harold

From Angel Barracks:

BS34 7PS

Saturday the 4th of October 201410:00 to 16:00

What is Blast-Tastic! ?

It is a trial show I am doing where the only sort of games are sci-fi games and the only traders are those that sell sci-fi models.

I want to create a show where everyone is into the genre on display. I find that with most shows there is very little in the way of sci-fi goodness, this makes me sad as this is all I play.

I have encountered some snobbishness from historical gamers too when it comes to sci-fi, silly comments like ‘pretend’ and not ‘real’, which seems a little odd given we are just playing toy soldiers at the end of the day.

So, Blast-Tastic! Is a sci-fi themed show with sci-fi games and sci-fi traders, the only show where PEW PEW noises are mandatory!


Angel Barracks

Brigade Models

Old Crow Models

Armies Army

Grekwood Miniatures

Glenbrook Games

Red Wyvern Games

The Ion Age

Space Vixens From Mars

Precinct Omega

The Scene


The Wargaming Trader


KR 16 - 15mm sci-fi skirmish - by Armies Army

OGRE - 6mm  Giant Cybertanks battle it out in this classic SJG game - by Ashley Pollard

Space Vixens From Mars - 28mm  Pulp Fiction in the 26th Century

Dune - 28mm sci-fi - by Akula

Aeronef/Aquanef  - by Steve Blease

FWC - 6mm Starship Troopers at Vodka Base - by Alan Millicheap

GRUNTZ - 15mm Jungle action by Craig of Tiny Terrain Models

INFINITY - 28mm sci-fi skirmish game with manga aesthetics - by Peter


£2.00 for over 18’s

Under 18’s and over 60’s free

New Starter Packs from Ground Zero Games

Hey folks,

Jon at GZG has release two new starter packs for a couple of his popular ranges - NSC/Hardsuit Marines and NSL Panzegrenadiers. Each pack contains a good force of infantry, heavy weapons teams and scout bikes (grav bikes for the UNSC/H, and the new FanBikes for the NSL), and gives you a great starter core for your army at a discounted price compared with buying the packs individually.

For full information, read - HERE.


NSL Panzergrenadiers

Wednesday 25 June 2014

ClearHorizon Miniatures Kickstarter Teaser and New Webstore sale!

By Harold (Disclaimer: ClearHorizon Minis is my company)

Hi everyone, sharing a teaser for our upcoming 15mm Sci-Fi Kickstarter:

And some pictures of WIP sculpts, first up is an Ancillary for the Hura Technocracy:

And a WIP member of the Epsilon Squads:

More info soon!

We also have a new webstore up at and until Saturday 6/28 we are having a sale of 15% off any order over $20, sale and bundle items excluded. Just use the Coupon Code 15OFF .

And if you see anything that looks wonky please let us know!

Tuesday 24 June 2014

Snake in the Grass

The Ion Age rolls onto the battlefield with these four amazing vehicle variants. The Adder, is a four-wheeled combat vehicle that is available in four different variants (pictured above). There is also a wrecked model, perfect for objective markers or battlefield scenery (pictured below)

For more information, head over - HERE.

Monday 23 June 2014

ClearHorizon Miniatures Releases the 15mm Mercenary Soldiers and Colonial Militia Pack!

By Harold (Note: ClearHorizon Miniatures is my company)

These 15mm scale miniatures come 8 to a pack and contains:

  • 6 x Riflemen
  • 1 x Support Gunner
  • 1 x Command/Special Weapon

Sculpted by the very talented PF, they are available now in single squad packs for $7.99 or two-squad packs for $14.99

Check us out on Facebook for more updates and information: 

Saturday 21 June 2014

Octopods 20% Off

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This week, is offering their Ocotopods (and select non-scifi ranges) at 20% off their normal price. These aliens are quite well fleshed out across six different packs as well as single miniatures. They make a great scifi army, denizens or encounters.

For more info, read - HERE.

Monday 16 June 2014

15mm Rulesets - The Availability of Demo Rules

By Harold

If you're anything like me you collect rulesets.  I feel we're a bit spoiled in that there not only is a wide range of rulesets aimed at 15mm scale miniatures, but that there is also a wide range of rulesets that are easily adaptable.  Either by converting inches to centimeters, or simply using as is.

There seems to be a ruleset out there for everybody.

Of course the problem with an increased selection is an increased selection!   How do you know which one is right for you or your gaming group, or your miniatures!

One of the best ways is to allow you to "try out" the ruleset first before you have to commit to buying it.

There are a couple of Demo rule sets that I've found (and please, feel free to add more in the comments!)

1.  PMC 2640: Hell on Echidna 

2.  Strike Legion Platoon Leader Infantry Primer

3. Defiance - Demo version

4. Hammer's Slammer, The Crucible

I'd like to do a spotlight on PMC 2640: Hell on Echidna.

The Hell on Echidna book starts with:

PMC 2640 is the newest product by Assault Publishing, which was released in May 2013. It is intended as a quick, yet tactically challenging sci-fi miniature wargame, which allows players to fight both small skirmishes with a few units per side as well as really big, epic battles with dozens of units on the table. I decided to play straight and release this demo version, which allows you to play a few battles and see if the game's mechanics and style suit you before you decide to purchase the rulebook. Hell on Echidna contains all the basic rules, guidelines on preparing the battle, statistics of a couple of units and a simple scenario. All these elements were chosen to present the game and introduce its style and theme.

But Hell on Echidna is not only a demo version – it's also a mini expansion for those of you who purchased the PMC 2640 rulebook earlier! The scenario and terrain generator are brand new and can be used in normal games. Additionally, this small file contains two new units, which should be counted as 'official'. And for all of you who play campaigns, there's an additional Battle honour to further customise your PMC.

I hope you will enjoy the game with its simple, elegant rules, and that Hell on Echidna will be the first step in your adventure with the PMC 2640 ruleset.
I like the fact that not only is it a demo set of rules, but it also contains free expansions to the core rulebook.  This is a great way to get a game group into a ruleset, give them the primer and then if you have the main rulebook you have new rules to use that tie in nicely.

You should really download it, and all the other demo rules and get some games in!  I look forward to hearing your suggestions and links in the comments!

15mm Anime Robot Scratchbuild

By Eli

I posted pictures of a model I built out of bits and pieces and got some questions about it, so I decided to make a little video...

Sunday 15 June 2014

Enter the Nox

New Aliens from The Ion Age

The Ion Age has brought us a ton of good stuff in the last few months and this newest release just keep things rolling. IAF051 Nox Demos are elite troops for the Shia Khan Legion and pack the nasty Janus Blastgun. Each pack contains five (5) white metal miniatures standing about 18mm tall (they are big dudes).

For more information, read - HERE.

Guns! Really Big Guns!

New Laser Artillery from

The folks at have brought another classic model back from the past. This time a piece of science fiction artillery to add to any defense or perhaps even to a vehicle like a grav truck or something. V005 is cast in white metal in new molds. For full info, read - HERE.

Saturday 14 June 2014

ClearHorizon Miniatures is proud to announce their newest release, the APE (Assault/Protect/Escort) Combat Warbot Pack!

By Harold (Disclaimer, ClearHorizon Miniatures is my Company)

ClearHorizon Miniatures is proud to announce their newest release, the APE (Assault/Protect/Escort) Combat Warbot Pack!

Standing approximately 24mm tall, these APE Warbots tower over the battlefield and can dominate whole sectors with their built-in weaponry.

Each Pack comes with Six (6) APEs each with three different heads. You can either give them all the same head or mix them up for a more black-market look!

Four (4) of the APEs come with a close combat hydraulic fist and Gatling gun and two (2) come with Shoulder Mounted Missile Launchers and dual close combat hydraulic fists.

Each order comes with Gruntz Data cards and you can also download them from our Facebook group:

Available now for $12.99!

Sunday 8 June 2014

Who's Who in 15mm Fantasy

Cataloging 15mm Fantasy Miniatures Mnufacturers

When we introduced this new segment to Dropship Horizon, I lead off by introducing some of the companies who have been really moving on the leading edge of 15mm Fantasy. However, there are plenty of long-standing lines covering this very same subject matter. This article will attempt to catalog as many of the manufacturers out there offering products to grow your 15mm fantasy armies. I'll list them alphabetically with links after their names so you can go explore them as you read about them. I have remarked on these ranges based on my knowledge of their content. (
Offering several classic ranges of miniatures, including the HOTT and Tabletop ranges.

Copplestone Castings (
Offering a new range of dwarves, barbarians, and associated troops.

Demonworld (
Extensive range of fantasy armies including several large monsters.

East Riding (

Essex (

Eureka (
Includes several newer ranges offering some nice sculpts on some popular topics such as elves and orcs as well centaurs and monsters.

Highlander Studios (
Offering a range of very unique conquistador styled dwarfs.

Irregular (

Khurasan (
Offering some new, growing ranges of fantasy miniatures covering such things as orcs lizardmen.

Lone Gunnman Games - Armies of Arcana (

Magister Militum - Chariot Miniatures (

Old Glory 15's - Black Raven Foundry (

Peter Pig (

Rebel Minis - Mighty Armies (

Splintered Light (
One of the most varied fantasy lines out there offering several races of beastmen, classic fantasy races and some unique groups of humans.

Tin Soldier (

Vexillia - Classic Grenadier (

Video Tutorial - Building flight stands for 15mm aircraft and VTOLs

By Harold

Hi everyone,  here is my newest tutorial on how to put together flight stands starting with:

And ending up with:

See the video here:

Saturday 7 June 2014

Grey, the Color of its Resin!

The Adder, Slithering on to Your Table Soon From the Ion Age

Another awesome Early Supporter offer being made from the folks at Ion Age. This cool new four-wheeled roller remasters and updates the old model in five varieties, including a wreck. Once released, they will be available in bundles or separate, but right now you can order them in a number of Early Supporter bundles detailed - HERE.

Knights in Spaaaaaaaace!'s new Galactic Knights

Sometimes minis just get done for the fun of making them. Such is the case of's new HOF105 Galactic Knights. The stylish space warriors are sculpted in action-packed poses wielding Space Opera style weapons including energy swords. High helms and flowing capes complete the image of these noble galacteers. 

for more information, read - HERE.

Thursday 5 June 2014

How to Paint a 15mm Miniature - Step-by-Step - ClearHorizon Minis "Hell Diver" Miniature

By Harold

Hi everyone,

I have our next Step-by-Step 15mm painting tutorial up on YouTube:

In this video we go over how to paint a ClearHorizon Miniatures "Hell Diver".

Availible here:

Check it out, and let me know if you have any questions!

Also, keep an eye out for our next video where we'll be going over how to base 15mm miniatures!


Wednesday 4 June 2014

New Developments in the Ion Age

Mad Maligs and Impending Noxious Doom
By Eli


Hey all, this month marks two cool announcements from the folks at the Ion Age.

First off is June's free figure, the Malig Tank Ace. This cool little guy looking so gallant in his cap and scarf is available for free with any order until July 1, 2014. He can also be purchased if you want to have more than one or want to order just this cool character model. For more info, read - HERE.

The other big deal, from Ion Age, is the preview of the Nox, another of the classic aliens of this range and another receiving new life in a new range of white metal miniatures. These aliens will be a welcome addition to the growing list of aliens in 15mm. To read more about them, go - HERE.

Monday 2 June 2014

ClearHorizon Miniatures is excited to announce its newest release, the 15mm-scale Covert Ops Pack!

By Harold (Disclaimer: ClearHorizon Miniatures is my company)

ClearHorizon Miniatures is excited to announce its newest release, the 15mm-scale Covert Ops Pack!

Sculpted by the incredibly talented PF, Each pack comes with two Covert Operatives:

1 x Assassin Operative, with thermo-optic, armored suit and a monofilament Katana
1 x Infiltration Operative, with adaptive camo stealth suit and silenced sniper rifle.

The Covert Ops pack represents the best Agents available in the field, whether in the employ of the Federal Special Forces, or more unsavory agencies…

Each pack is only $2.99

Also, check out our step-by-step tutorial on how to go from start to finish with the Assassin operative here:

Here is a comparison shot with our Omega Squad:

We’d like to thank everyone for their support and keep your eyes out next week as there is more coming, not only for this range but as we expand our ranges too!

Sunday 1 June 2014

Brigade Models releases new British 15mm Sci-Fi Vehicles!

By Harold

Available at:

Apollo Hover Tank and Artemis MICV

British Turret Bunker

Brigade Models has some excellent new releases! 

You can’t have missed the recent previews for the new build British 15mm vehicles – my brief painting guide gathered an awful lot of hits. Now the production moulds are ready, we’ve added them to the website and they’re available for purchase.
British Release
There’s also the option of a turret bunker with the Apollo turret to defend Her Majesty’s territories.
SF15-101 – Apollo Hover Tank – £8.00
SF15-103 – Artemis MICV – £8.00
B15-1002a – British Turret Bunker – £9.00