Sunday 31 March 2013

GZG Salute Preview - More Civilian Vehicles

Continuing from the first preview which introduced the industrial mechs -

The COLONIAL RANGER and COLONIAL ROVER light/medium truck series:  designed and sculpted by MMG.


Built by the ground vehicle arm of Colonial Technologies Corp at many assembly plants throughout the core worlds and the inner colonies, the COLONIAL RANGER and COLONIAL ROVER designs are part of a linked series of standard-pattern vehicle types designed for strength, long-term reliability and ease of maintenance; they are among the most common ground vehicles encountered on settlements throughout Human Space, with even the smallest of outrim stations and outposts usually having a number on their transport rosters.

As well as their many private and business uses, the Ranger and Rover families are commonly employed by many Colonial Defence forces and militias for logistics, recce and communications duties, and often as ad-hoc troop transports where armoured vehicles are unavailable.All the vehicles in the Ranger and Rover families are driven by simple, rugged and fully interchangeable in-hub electric motors with power supplied from multiple high-energy cells which can be quickly removed and swapped out for recharging.

The COLONIAL RANGER 4 and COLONIAL RANGER 6 are, respectively, 4x4 and 6x6 versions of the same design - a rugged all-terrain light truck with excellent mobility, available with many different body/loadbed variants (some standard, some locally-built to suit particular needs). The Ranger models do not generally have pressurised cabs or bodies, and are designed primarily for use on worlds with breathable atmospheres and broadly Terran-type environments.

The COLONIAL ROVER is a larger 6x6 medium-weight transport truck with a higher load capacity than the Ranger series, but using many of the same interchangeable mechanical parts. The Rover has a fully pressurised extended cab module designed for up to 4 people at maximum occupancy, or 2 with cramped but functional sleeping accommodation for longer-duration operations. The Rover series is 
commonly used by mining and surveying teams, but many are also found in local military organisations as logistics vehicles and even as weapon carriers or towing vehicles.



The Colonial Ranger 6 (6x6 light truck) will be available in THREE versions - a box cargo body, a passenger-carrying variant (normal capacity 8-10 people, 2 in the cab and 6-8 in the rear body) and a pickup or light cargo truck version with an open load bed. The load bed on the open variant is ideal for seated troops (with or without a standing gunner or two), or as a mount for a heavier weapon and crew.

The Colonial Ranger 4 (4x4 light truck) will be available in TWO versions - a box cargo body and a passenger-carrying variant (normal capacity 6 people, 2 in the cab and 4 in the rear body).

The Colonial Rover (6x6 medium truck) will be available in TWO versions - a box cargo body and a cargo truck version with an open load bed. The load bed on the open variant is ideal for seated troops or as a mount for a heavier weapon and crew; both the Rover versions also make excellent towing vehicles for other guns or heavy equipment.

Friday 29 March 2013

15mm.Co.Uk releases Security Forces Alpha

by Chris

Big news from 15mm.Co.Uk this morning - Security Forces Alpha has been added to the HOF Science Fiction range.. While 15mm.Co.Uk has been a great place to go for figures that are "off the beaten path" like SHM aliens, Ion Age Retained Knights, and the HOF Cultists and Octopods - this is the first "basic" human infantry faction they have offered.

The figures themselves are stylistically matched to the HOF Human Medical Team released a little while back Here's the details on all the new packs:

Security Force Alpha - Now Released !!
All across the core star systems and on Terra itself there is a need for security after, during and even before the high rollers and expensive kit arrives in the battle zone. Security Force Alpha is just that force filling in as police, paramilitaries, mercenaries and planetary militias too. They are the faceless grunts that do the thankless jobs needed by all those who govern, control or enforce. Use them as you will from the near to the far future! 
The SFA range contains just under thirty different poses of 15mm white metal miniatures allowing a wargamer to assemble a cohesive force for their campaigns. A whole integrated range. Suitable for use in any 15mm scale science fiction or even modern or post-apocalyptic wargame system such as USEME or HOF Fire-Team.
Each pack contains ten 15mm white metal miniatures and is priced at 4.00GBP.
HOF95 SFA Command 
Notable personalities of Security Force Alpha (SFA) useful for higher command and other rules such as vehicle crew, the dead and aides too. In this image the poses are (left to right, rear row first) Felite military aide, Calamarta military aide, SFA Colonel with pistol, Comms Trooper, Bare Headed Sniper, Riot Trooper with Door Breaker, Turret Ring Officer, Turret Gunner, SFA Casualty side laying, SFA Casualty on its back.
HOF96 SFA SMG Troopers
This pack contains ten white metal human miniatures in a random mix of three different advancing poses. Security Force Alpha (SFA) infantry troopers armed with projectile SMG's and wearing impact armour with full helmets.
HOF97 SFA SMG Troopers II
This pack contains ten white metal human miniatures in a random mix of three different firing poses. Security Force Alpha (SFA) infantry troopers armed with projectile SMG's and wearing impact armour with full helmets.

HOF98 SFA Sergeants
This pack contains ten white metal human miniatures in a random mix of three different pistol armed poses. Security Force Alpha (SFA) infantry troopers or sergeants, NCO's wearing impact armour with full helmets.

HOF99 SFA Shotgun Troopers  
This pack contains ten white metal human miniatures in a random mix of three different advancing poses. Security Force Alpha (SFA) infantry troopers armed with big gauge projectile shotguns and wearing impact armour with full helmets.

HOF100 SFA Support
This pack contains ten white metal human miniatures in a random mix of three infantry support poses. Security Force Alpha (SFA) infantry troopers armed with (from left to right) a guided missile launcher, a tri-barrel projectile weapon and a heavy laser. All are wearing impact armour with full helmets.

HOF101 SFA Anti Armour
This pack contains ten white metal human miniatures in a random mix of three anti-armour poses. Security Force Alpha (SFA) infantry troopers armed with (from left to right) a one shot anti-armour launcher, a fusion melter gun and explosive charge bearer. All are wearing impact armour with full helmets.

HOF102 SFA Riot Team
This pack contains ten white metal human miniatures in a random mix of three different riot team poses. Security Force Alpha (SFA) troopers armed with shock sticks and shields; wearing impact armour with full helmets. Useful for keeping the peace when lethal force is not an option.

This looks like it's going to be a very fun assortment of figures. And it has some unique touches - there aren't many lines that have packs of shotgun troopers or shield-and-stick riot teams available. I look forward to getting my hands on a small force of these troops.

And don't forget - the 15% off sale is still running.

*     *     *     *     *

In related news, 15mm.Co.Uk has announced the retirement of the HOF-Fire Team Dropship Horizon bundle pack (which contained two free packs of Zidhe figures). If you didn't get a chance to take advantage of that deal (or you would like to grab a second set), a brand new offer will be made available to Dropship readers next week. Stay tuned.

Tuesday 26 March 2013

GZG Salute Preview - Engineering and Construction Mecha


Presented here are the first preview shots of our GZG's new CIVILIAN MECHA scheduled for release at SALUTE on 20th April, and available for mail order very shortly after the show. The examples shown are just a few of many possible variations on the basic bipedal and quadrupedal chassis, various extras and accessory packs will be available with different tools and fittings to customize your machines.

The models are ALL-METAL multipart kits, which are surprisingly quick and easy to assemble using a good superglue and some spray activator.They are designed for maximum variability of pose and interchangeability of tools and fittings. All models designed and sculpted (traditionally, not 3D-printed) by "MMG" (Mad Mecha Guy), who also made the "Charger" Military Mecha that we launched at Salute last year.

ALL AVAILABLE AT SALUTE 2013 (ExCel, London) on SATURDAY 20th April. Watch our website ( for info on these and many more new items for the show!

Hercules CLEM (Construction, Logistics and Engineering Mecha) with standard manipulator arms and "protected" cockpit for hostile environment work.

Hercules CLEM (Construction, Logistics and Engineering Mecha) with standard cockpit and site clearance tools - log grab claw and plasma cutter fitted, plus alternative chainsaw attachment on ground in front of unit.

Hercules CLEM (Construction, Logistics and Engineering Mecha) Power-Lifter configuration with standard cockpit, high-power backpack module and heavy loading grabs.

PowerQuad CLEM (Construction, Logistics and Engineering Mecha) Walker version, with front shovel/dozer and top-mount backhoe excavator bucket.

PowerQuad CLEM (Construction, Logistics and Engineering Mecha) Tracked

Friday 22 March 2013

Vergans, Supabases, Mako Gun Tractors, VSF, and the Grizzought

by Chris

15mm.Co.Uk is continuing their streak 2013 new releases - even with the Salute convention just around the corner.

The Vergan Free Traders have been added to the SHM range. Sculpted by Dropship Horizon's own Eli Arndt, this pack expands upon the original SHM20 Vergan Alien figure. The pack contains a mix of four new poses - a sergeant, a musician, and two different soldiers.  If you're looking for an alien race that doesn't simply resemble anthropomorphic animals or human beings in rubber suits, the Vergans might be exactly what you want.
SHM55 Vergan Soldier II SHM54 Vergan SoldierSHM57 Vergan Sergeant
Along with the Vergans, 15mm.Co.Uk have added another brand to their family - Supabases.


The range includes 15 different packs of precision-cut MDF bases - 14 different sizes and a sample pack. There's a great variety to choose from. I'm going to pick up some of the 40mm rounds to replace 1.25" fender washers on my multi-based infantry forces. And the 50mm and 75mm rounds might be just what I need for larger mecha bases.

15mm.Co.Uk has also announced their Salute sale: 15% off all orders through April 26th. I'll post more details about this offer tomorrow.

*     *     *     *     *

Khurasan Miniatures has released the Mako Gun Tractor and cruciform ground carriage.  This is one of Jon's more ambitious releases yet - a weapon system supporting no less than five different factions within his Federation Forward universe. It's an extremely clever way to release these models - you buy the gun tractor separately, with no weapons or crew. Or, if you want static weapons instead, you simply buy the cruciform base separately - again, with no weapons or crew.

Then you buy a twin pack of weapons, which are available with your choice of Felid, Jasmine Throne Foreign Battalion, Satrapal Levy, Sepulvedan Resistance, or Sepulvedan Control Battalion crew. The weapons packs include two crew members, a heavy mortar, and a twin autocannon seems to have something of a semicircular attachment point; it can be mounted in both direct-fire or anti-aircraft positions. Another option that was pointed out on TMP - the crewed turrets would be great additions to other APCs or IFVs. I look forward to seeing how these will be used on the tabletop.

*     *     *     *     *

Highlander Studios has added the Grizzought to the Tomorrow Black range (formerly available from Battle Miniatures Emporium). These fast, stealthy hunters are a threat to many travelers on the wasteland. Its hide is thick enough to shake off the impact of most ballistic weapons. The Grizzought is a nasty beast for any sci-fi or horror setting - I could see these raiding livestock on colony worlds, hidden in the dark recesses of a mad scientist's laboratory or a nuclear waste facility, or even springing from some dark sorceror's cave in a 15mm fantasy game.

On the Victorian Sci-Fi side, Highlander has added three more packs to the Space: 1889 range. The most noteworth are the British Firing Line with high-tech guns:

These are great in any VSF setting, but have some other obvious uses. Anyone who has ever considered playing Warhammer 40,000 in 15mm now has an excellent stand-in for Praetorian Imperial Guard. Either way, I hope we'll see a few additional packs for the British. 

Next, we have Gashant with Tack and Harness. These are perfect riderless beasts for any sci-fi or fantasy setting - I suspect we'll see quite a few different riders used on these mounts. And for a more conventional pack animal, Highlander added a pack of unsaddled horses:

There haven't been many options for "plain" horses until now - most had some kind of recognizable saddle or other gear. I might have to throw a pack of these into a space western corral. Rodrick Campbell said there are more horses coming in the future - stay tuned.

Wednesday 20 March 2013

QUICK LOOK: Gamecraft Miniatures Spaceship Consoles

By Harold

Well, on this installment of "Quick Look" I'm going to be a little biased, since I actually designed these  Gamecraft Miniatures spaceship consoles.

I've had these designs for a while, but never had a chance to learn the mold making and resin casting skills to sell them myself.  I teamed up with GameCraft miniatures, through their "Sell your stuff" program and they are now able to offer these for sale.

With that disclosure out of the way, on to the good stuff!

Gamecraft Miniatures, Spacecraft Consoles,
available from: for $12 USD

The resin casts were very clean, and really reproduced all the little detail in the buttons and such.  I took a light file to the bottom edges, just to clean them a bit, but other than that I didn't have any cleaning to do.

I then rinsed them in warm water and dish soap, just to make sure all the release agent was off.  I was lazy with these and didn't even prime them, I just painted Citadel foundation paints straight on.  I then washed them with Army Painter Strong Tone, and then, using a brush that was kinda squished flat, I drew the paint over the buttons with yellows, reds, blues and other colors. I then went back with the foundation paint and painted in between the buttons to clean up.

Anyways, here are my painted samples:

Besides spaceships, these would be useful in supervillain lairs, nuclear power plants, and government research stations.  And other things too!   I hope you guys like them, it's cool to see something come to market that I designed myself.

Tuesday 19 March 2013

New Watercraft, Street Furniture and Steampunk Adventurers

By Chris

Some new releases for the week. First, The Scene added  seven new items to the Water Craft range. It's a nice little variety - a landing craft, an empty barge, a junker, some fan-driven swamp boats, and a few enclosed river boats that are just screaming "post apocalyptic pirates."

Mike promises even more additions to that range in the coming future - including hover and grav versions of several existing watercraft. It's definitely time to consider making a river or swamp table.. something for those GZG Crusties, Blue Moon Aquans, Khurasan Myzontids, or 15mm.Co.Uk Octopods to fight over. 

*     *     *     *     *
Khurasan Minis has expanded the modern/future terrain range.

For street furniture, there are two vending machines (which are just begging to be painted as Slurm dispensers), some modern barrels (great for biohazardous waste), a street lamp, some really cool looking crates, a bench, and a street-sweeping robot.

On the starship/building interiors side, there is a control chair/station and bank of cryo pods:

These would be great additions to your chosen set of starship corridors and rooms, or inside laser-cut buildings from Mad Mecha Guy, CorSec Engineering, or GameCraft Minis

*     *     *     *     * 

For all you VSF and Pulp gamers out there - Rebel Minis' first pack of Steampunk Adventurers is now available.

15mm will be a great scale for these types of games - these figures would work in the Wild West, crawling through Egyptian pyramids, or exploring islands filled with rogue dinosaurs. I could even see these figures finding a place in narrative Space Western campaign settings.

Sunday 17 March 2013

QUICK LOOK: ACP Games Spartan Hover/Tracked Tank

By Harold

Available from:
3 for $48 for either the Tracked or Grav Version.

Hi everyone, Jimbo over at ACP Games sent over one of his new Spartan Hover/Tracked tanks (along with some other surprises that i'll be looking at soon!) for me to take a look at.

First off, I think this is one of my favorite grav tanks. I love the style, and the way the grav plates are modeled.  Also, the castings were very clean with no print lines that I could see and only slight cleaning needed.

Here is the tank before painting...

All the pieces laid out.  The round dish in the bottom corner, above the base, is the "Mother Bear" command antenna.  There are two gun options (shown on the left).

The Tracks.  These are really nice, and If I was more patient I probably could have used magnets to switch them out.  But I ended up just gluing them on.

These are the grav plates, which I really like.

I converted the hatch by removing the rider that was in there.  I see this tank as something that could be orbital dropped, so they need to be buttoned up.

The nice metal base.

Here are some pictures of the completed tank:

And here is the painted version.  I primed it with a satin metal, then I used masking to cover the primer after I put a layer of matte varnish.  Then I sprayed with black primer.  After that I used Dark Tone from Army Painter.  I followed that with some highlighting, painting the windows and decals.  I forced my buddy to paint the grav engines, since I like how he does them.

I really like this tank, I'll be ordering a couple so I can have an orbital drop platoon, really get the "drop" on the enemy!