Thursday 29 October 2015

The Taranis Enters the Field

IAF100 Taranis Tracked Main Battle Tanks 5 Variants now released!

Gavin and his team have had a lot of news coming out for the Ion Age lately. The excitement over the Taranis and the door it opens for The Ion Age has not died down and today marks the release of this amazing tank system and its associated robots. 

There is a lot to tell and so I decided to post Gavin's own words on he subject...

"With the completion of one of the most titanic in scale armourers works ever seen in the Prydian Precinct the complex plans for the lethal weapon of war that would become the Taranis Main Battle Tank were set into motion. The Targa Works would go on to produce such vehicles as the Adder Combat Car and Lifter series and the medium weight Mullo Armoured Fighting Vehicle but these were side and later projects compared to Taranis. Named after an ancient old earth deity a god of war from the isles of mist and rain the Taranis was created to be the mailed fist that would allow the regiments of the Barons and the Throne to continue to expand into space and systems lost during the thousand year old Aldan Crucible detonation. In 4294IC documents retrieved by Starvaulters during an investigation of the ruins of Newbury IV were decoded and artificed. It had taken a decade since their retrieval to decode the records which dated from the time of the great Resource Wars of twenty first century earth. The designs they contained were for a war machine that was the ultimate evolution of a century of tank warfare. Dutifully recorded they were sent out with the Ark Ships into the void. A monster of death this tank was doom incarnate and once updated with the technology Prydia now possessed they were further modified to be able to function in environments far more varied than one planet could have offered. Taranis would be a weapon capable of winning any war against men or the feared Khanate."
Academy Auto-Trainer Series 52, New Glastonbury, 4335IC 

The five different tracked variants of our mighty Taranis Type 40 Tracked Main Battle Tank are now released! Designed by industry legend Bob Naismith this tank is a large resin and white metal kit in 15mm scale suitable not only for space opera settings but also near future or many other wargaming genres. There are five different variants (A,B,C,D and E) of IAF100 Taranis Tracked Main Battle Tank so please read on for each of them: 

IAF100A Taranis Tracked MBT Cannon Turret 
This is the core type of tracked Taranis the main battle tank with projectile turret. It is composed of seven resin and white metal pieces which are the upper hull, the lower hull, right and left tracks sections, projectile cannon turret as well as the main gun and the sponson gun. It is easy to assemble and is designed to be used for wargaming and thus it is durable. Assembled this vehicle is just over 90mm long and 60mm wide. We offer the choice of purchasing one kit or on the drop down menu the purchase of three with a saving of 10% on screen. Price 20.00GBP. Go HERE

IAF100B Taranis Tracked MBT Command Turret 
This is the platoon command type of tracked Taranis with projectile turret with additional rotary weapon and comms suite. It is composed of seven resin and white metal pieces which are the upper hull, the lower hull, right and left tracks sections, projectile cannon command turret as well as the main gun and the sponson gun. It is easy to assemble and is designed to be used for wargaming and thus it is durable. Assembled this vehicle is just over 90mm long and 60mm wide. We offer the choice of purchasing one kit or on the drop down menu the purchase of three with a saving of 10% on screen. Price 20.00GBP. Go HERE

IAF100C Taranis Tracked MBT SPB Energy Turret 
This is a Taranis main battle tank with an energy weapon turret featuring a small cabin for a crewman. It is composed of six resin and white metal pieces which are the upper hull, the lower hull, right and left tracks sections and SPB energy weapon turret. It is easy to assemble and is designed to be used for wargaming and thus it is durable. Assembled this vehicle is just over 90mm long and 60mm wide. We offer the choice of purchasing one kit or on the drop down menu the purchase of three with a saving of 10% on screen. Price 20.00GBP. GoHERE

IAF100D Taranis Tracked MBT Siege Turret 
This is a Taranis main battle tank with a double weapon turret for close in destruction. It is composed of six resin and white metal pieces which are the upper hull, the lower hull, right and left tracks sections, siege double turret as well as the sponson gun. It is easy to assemble and is designed to be used for wargaming and thus it is durable. Assembled this vehicle is just over 90mm long and 60mm wide. We offer the choice of purchasing one kit or on the drop down menu the purchase of three with a saving of 10% on screen. Price 20.00GBP. GoHERE

IAF100E Taranis Tracked APC 
This is a Taranis tank with a re-purposed function as a super heavy Armoured Personnel Carrier capable of carrying two squads or more into battle. It is composed of five resin and white metal pieces which are the lower hull, the APC upper hull, left and right track sections and the sponson gun. It is easy to assemble and is designed to be used for wargaming and thus it is durable. Assembled this vehicle is just over 90mm long and 60mm wide. We offer the choice of purchasing one kit or on the drop down menu the purchase of three with a saving of 10% on screen. Price 20.00GBP Go HERE

Here are pictures of all the IAF100 variants as their parts with under laying scale in 1cm squares for you to look at. All of these images and more are on the web pages for the tanks.

The Tracked Taranis Tank is a big, big model. Sometimes its hard to tell this from photographs so here is a special image showing IAF100D next to four, yes FOUR Adder Combat Cars which combined have the same table 'footprint' as the Taranis. 

Taranis Tanks make use of a screen of Drones acting as a defensive, offensive, repair group controlled by the tank itself. These are shown on table as IAF081 Taranis Running Drones and these can be seen HERE on our website as a pack and as singles. If you would like to read more about the Taranis in the fictional setting of The Ion Age please visit our blog and this INFORMATION BURST article. Its a great read and hints at what will be coming as miniatures in the months ahead. 

This is our last release of the month so if you missed out on the offers now is your chance and you get your Reward Points on your account with us and of course the monthly free miniature in your package currently IMP26 Female Nox Trooper

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Wednesday 28 October 2015

The Big Game XV - Clearing the Vipers Nest - A Fireteam Andromeda after action report by Podsy Mc Pod.

The Big Game XV - Clearing the Vipers Nest
A Fireteam Andromeda after action report by Podsy Mc Pod.

Fireteam Andromeda is available at: Two Knights Publishing

I must be doing something right.  I was invited to host a second participation wargame this year, at my local gaming club TableTopNorth in Belfast.  A simplified version of Fireteam Andromeda revised edition would again be the rule set of choice having worked extremely well on previous occasions.  You can see five types of marker on table.  The hexagonal ones indicate a unit has activated in the turn, the orange ones that a unit is shaken, the triangular ones that a vehicle is disabled, the irregularly shaped red ones that an assault needs resolved at turn end and the skull tokens indicate damage points.

The scenario was a continuation of an ongoing campaign between the rebelling human forces of the RPK republic (near future Arabs) and their evil galactic overlords the Naga (snake like aliens).  The RPK regular army forces had support from their air cavalry wing the muster troops and Ikwen militia who had been brought to earth by the Naga as agricultural slaves.  The Naga had support from Malig space goblins, a conquered race and various droids.  Basically the Naga have higher tech weapons with better range and damage (power) the saving grace of the human weaponry is that most weapons have the rapid fire ability meaning rate of fire increases by one die per weapon if the firing model is stationary.

We thought long and hard about the scenario for the game and I give a big thanks to all the wonderful guys in the 15mm sci fi facebook page for their input.  We wanted to avoid a clash of two lines of troops like an ancient battle and to incorporate the superb fortress I had purchased from multiverse gaming.  Most of the people who participate in the game do not regularly play wargames so the aim was to complete five turns in the day.  This ruled out anything which needed a lot of movement like a relief scenario.  What we decided was a siege game with prepared siege positions available to the rebels.  To spice things up a bit the rebels would have two forces which they could drop anywhere on table by drop pod.  The aliens would have two advance defensive positions which they could place anywhere on their side of the table.  Victory would be decided by who had control of six victory locations, the three rebel trench lines, the two buildings on the Naga flanks and the ramparts over the gate of the fort.  Control is determined by deciding which side has the highest value, in strength points, of units within six inches of the objective.  Command units are worth three strength points, infantry units two and vehicles one.  These values are reduced by one if the unit is shaken and or half strength or less.

The fluff was that the Naga fort known to the rebels as "the vipers nest" blocked the rebel advance on the main road to the capital.  The rebels would decide on the location of their drop pod landings when terrain was set up but before any troops were placed.  The alien advance defensive positions would be placed without them knowing the location of the drop pod landings.  This is how things looked before the drop pod landings.

So you can see the Aliens have set up one advance defensive position on the far left.  It is occupied by Malig space goblins.  They are armed with laser assault carbines so have limited range but have double dice in assault.   Just to the right of the fort the second position is occupied by rattler droids (light infantry with heavy laser anti tank weapons) and spider droid heavy infantry.  The rebels opted to make both their landing zones on the alien left flank.  We only used one drop pod model to represent all the drop pods in each landing zone.  By a series of amazing die rolls against the odds nearly all the troops in both drop zones landed on target.  Only one unit of Republican guard strayed off target landing in the middle of the fort right beside the Naga commander in chief!  As the rebels had initiative they would have a chance to kill the commander before the forts defenders could react.
One of the drop forces consisted of Ikwen militia.  They are graded as light infantry lacking armour but have improved rapid fire ballistic riles giving three shots per model if stationary and two if they move.  They also have a solar powered RPG support weapon in each unit.   The other drop force is the elite of the RPK army the Republican Guard.  They have improved armour incorporating anti laser defences giving a reroll on saves versus laser fire of 5+ and a grenade launcher in each team.

After the landings the situation looked like this.

I thought the rebels had made a right choice concentrating their forces and with a spectacularly accurate landing things looked good for them.  It is too difficult to give a narrative of the whole battle so I am going to split in into three sections.

Northern Section

Here RPK army regulars supported by Polecat recon vehicles and Guardian Battlesuits faced off against droids and spiderbots along with two recon mechs.  The RPK infantry are support infantry with an RPG and LMG in each unit.  The Polecats have auto cannons very good against infantry and reasonable against vehicles.  The Guardian Battlesuits were fitted with dual improved light machine guns.  Each rattler unit between the spider droids had two heavy lasers but we forgot to put out the right figures.  The Naga mechs have had high powered lasers which could explode the Polecat recon vehicles if they hit.  The standard droids only had average long range laser small arms.
The Polecats and mechs began to duel with the Polecats eventually getting the upper hand taking out both mechs for no loss.  Then the commander on this flank was struck with temporary insanity (or as he claims he obeyed orders from higher command) deciding to leave his prepared positions with all his infantry before any serious losses had been inflicted on the opposition infantry.  Out in the open they took withering fire and were all lost except for one battered unit which retreated to the trench line.  The Polecats realised they could not gain control of the objective facing them but fired for effect anyway.  The Guardian Battlesuits had to turn to face a threat in the centre from Vampirra infantry who had advanced across the table from the fort.  The remaining infantry was lost and the rebels held their own objective by the skin of their teeth with a single strength point of troops.  The Naga objective was firmly in the hands of the droids.


Here RPK infantry were supported by Guardian Battlesuits with rocket pod weapon load outs and three light weapons teams with high powered long range anti vehicle lasers.  The Naga had regular heavy infantry with heavy laser support weapons in the fort. In support they had SKA light weapon teams with long range anti infantry lasers and Vampirra assault troops with counter armour against ballistic weapons.

With a stray unit of Republican Guard landing in the fort the first shot of the game was an attempt to assassinate the Naga commander in chief!  It came tantalisingly close to succeeding causing two of the three wounds required.  Good but not good enough.  Then the Vampirra body guards quickly assaulted the hapless Republican guard unit eliminating it.

Seeing the early demise of the RPK infantry in the north their comrades in the centre wisely stayed behind their trench line.  Fire traded with the fort was largely ineffectual.  The Guardian Battlesuits advanced using their rocket pods to good effect against the rattlers in the advance defensive position.  One of the units of spiderbots also attempted to advance but was cut down in the open ground.  The Guardian Battlesuits attempted to take cover behind the rocks but heavy laser fire from the rattlers still found its mark and they were destroyed by game end.  The rebel light weapon teams wisely directed their fire against the swarm of vehicle targets on the Naga left flank.  They had some bad luck in their die rolls but still took down several enemy Battlesuits and I think all the Cobra recon vehicles.  The Vampirra in the fort climbed down the wall to assault units on the Naga left flank and fought their way across table eventually ending up in assault with the troops defending the trench line.  They did not make it close enough to challenge for control of this objective.  The RPK had a single depleted but unshaken infantry unit left.  So again they clung onto an objective with  a single strength point of troops!

Southern Sector

The air cavalry of the RPK army, the Muster troops, held this sector for the rebels.  They had one unit of superior infantry with two RPG's, a unit of light infantry with assault carbines, kamel motorbikes, a flight of Skylark recon vehicles with rocket pods and a unit of Guardian Battlesuits with dual light machine guns.  The Naga had droids, two units of battlesuits, a flight of Cobra recon vehicles and five units of Maligs in the advance defensive position.

This sector descended into absolute chaos right from turn one with assaults breaking out everywhere around the troops that had landed by drop pod.  Initial fire although heavy from the Ikwen and Republican Guard was largely ineffectual.  Perhaps because of this they decided to assault the Cobra recon vehicles and a unit of Battlesuits.  Both these moves were suicidal as they lacked specialised close assault weapons.  On the other hand Battlesuits are very good in assault under Fireteam Andromeda rules being hard to damage and automatically killing infantry if they can hit.  So the drop pod forces both suffered major casualties early on.

The Muster troops on the other hand advanced steadily.  The Skylarks used their rocket pods to take out two of the three Malig light weapon teams.  The Kamel motorbikes successfully assaulted a unit of Maligs.  The Muster superior infantry steadily picked off targets including enemy Battlesuits.  The enemy Cobra recon vehicles advanced only to be shot down by laser fire from the rebel centre. The Muster light infantry took up a strong position in a rock formation.  Things were looking good for the rebels as the Muster troops looked capable of rolling up the flank on their own. Then the tide turned.
Skylarks got shot down by enemy Battlesuits.  The Muster light infantry failed a morale test and got charged by a unit of Maligs without being able to shoot at them as they came in.  The assault carbines giving an extra dice in assault began to tell for the Maligs as they overwhelmed the Kamel bikes.  Naga battlesuits assaulted the rebel Guardian Battlesuits and chased them across the table.  Before long the rebel flank had collapsed and Naga forces were able to move on towards the centre as described earlier.

Conclusion and thoughts on the day.

With the central victory point locations being worth three victory points and the ones on the flanks two victory points the Naga had won yet again scoring a full seven victory points for not losing any of their own victory point locations and gaining another two for capturing the location on the rebel right flank.  So the final score was 9/5 to the Naga.

The rebels began on the back foot having inadvertently chosen the best defended flank to land both their drop pod forces. Being right beside the assault focused Malig and vehicles which they would struggle to damage did them no favours at all.  As they landed so tightly right on target I thought they still had a good chance.  However the game was really lost by two tactical errors.  The advance by rebel infantry in the north was a turn or two premature.  They needed to wear down the defending Naga infantry more before attempting this advance.  The rebel commander and I had a difference of opinion on how to deal with likely unfavourable assaults.  My preference would have been to try and avoid these assaults at all costs.  He felt it was better to try and throw in as many troops as possible to even up the odds.  This tactic did not pay off.  Far too many of the drop pod forces were committed to assaults on vehicles which they had practically no chance of winning.  It really should have been a moment to pause, check the rules and determine the chances of success before carrying out these assaults.   If only the rebels had known their drop pod forces would land so accurately.  If they had landed in the centre or north of the table it could easily have been a win for the rebel side.

Once again Fireteam Andromeda rules proved absolutely sound and allowed play at lightning speed. We actually finished an hour ahead of schedule.  I have been able to hone the choice of units used over the years.  I deliberately did not use any APC's so inexperienced players did not lose entire infantry units if the transport vehicle was destroyed.  Similarly I did not use any heavy vehicles dependant on specific anti vehicle weapons being used to stop them running amok.   The only problem encountered was that some players misinterpreted the capabilities of their units reading the unit cards incorrectly.  I thought I had made the unit cards self explanatory but obviously they were not clear enough for people who do not regularly play the game.  Before we start play next time the team captains and I will take the time to explain the capabilities of each unit to the player commanding it before the game begins, we have the spare time!

I thoroughly enjoyed the day and got the feeling the players did too and after all that is what it is all about.

Tuesday 27 October 2015

The Prang move to The Ion Age and The Ion Age have announced that The Prang, sculpted by Dropship Horizon's own Eli Arndt, will be moving from their place in the SHM Range to The Ion Age next month. 

The Prang will be a full race in the setting of The Ion Age and new sculpts are on the way too.

Click below for full details.

Congratulations Eli!

Monday 26 October 2015

ClearHorizon Miniatures release the Hell Diver Recon Squad

Available now at, the Hell Diver Recon Squad!

Tasked with scouting enemy positions and hit-and-run missions the Hell Diver Recon Squad is equipped with Cyclone-Class Deep Infil motorcycles. The Cyclone-Class is capable of extended operations and has a range of over 1000 km. Its high-capacity batteries can be charged by burning any local fuel and by solar exposure.  They also contain compartments for foodstuffs, supplies, and ammunition.  The tire on the Cyclone are state-of-the-art nano-materials able to adapt to any surface almost instantly and allows for high-performance on and off-road travel.

The entire squad are drop-capable as the Cyclone has been designed to fold while in transit and to be quickly deployed out of the standard HEL/DIV Drop Pod.

The Hell Diver Recon Squad comes with four Cyclone-class motorcycles (three with lower torsos and legs attached and one rider-free motorcycle), three Hell Diver upper bodies and a sprue of Hell Diver rifles.

The Hell Diver Recon Squad is a 15mm multi-part metal model.

New Fun From Brigade Models

Street Scenery, New Shelters and New South African Vehicles

Brigade Models releases a bunch of new stuff this month. The South African forces get some heavy firepower in the form of the Ratel and Olifant. And along with these we get to see some new shelters and street furnishings, all perfect for providing cover and obstacles in cities and colonies.






B15-133 – Desert Street Furniture – £8.00
BP300-401 – Desert Domes pack #1 – £10.50
BP300-402 – Desert Domes pack #2 – £12.00
B300-411 – Small Dome Dwelling – £1.00



SF15-601 – Ratel Medium Tank – £8.50
SF15-602a – Olifant SP Gun – £9.50

Thursday 22 October 2015

New Releases Out From Ground Zero Games


All is nicely back up to date after all the sorting out post-SELWG, order turnround is back to normal fast service, and I've just uploaded the SELWG new releases (and more!) to the store, so you can now mail-order them!

The new-sculpt JAPANESE POWER ARMOUR (SG15-J31), FSE POWER ARMOUR (SG15-F31) and HELMETED KRA'VAK (SG15-K11) are now fully available, just scroll to the foot of the news page and click on them (or check the relevant 15mm infantry pages of course). Each of the new F31 and J31 Power Armour sets contain bodies, jetpacks and arms/weapons for SIX figures, with two extra right arms carrying automatic support weapons - so you can build all six figures with the standard hand-weapons, or make four with hand weapons and two with the big SAWs!

Don't forget that for a LIMITED TIME ONLY, the SG15-K11 pack of Kra'Vak (like the earlier K10 pack) contains TWO EXTRA FREE FIGURES of SAW gunners - these will only be included for another couple of weeks!

Also AVAILABLE NOW are three more V15-ACC range turrets and accessory packs - some twin-barrel autocannon turrets (V15-ACC32, 4 to a pack), tribarrel mini-turrets (V15-ACC31, 6 to a pack) and Multi-Sensor package mounts (V15-ACC30, 4 to a pack) - these are also in the new items section at the foot of the front (news) page, or under "15mm Buildings and Scenics - Accessories".

Thanks for reading!

Jon, GZG.

SG15-J31 side view

SG15-J31 front view

SG15-F31 rear view


SG15-J31 Japanese PA

SG15-J31 rear view

SG15-F31 side view

SG15-K11 Kra'Vak helmeted:

Wednesday 21 October 2015

New Chuhuac Tank in November 2015

Hey all,

Here is a sneak peak at an upcoming release. Due out in November, the Chuhuac will get some heavy firepower - RAP27 Vasseth Strike Tank.

The model will be sold for 6.00 GBP and will come with all the weapon options shown, allowing you to make any of the other variants.

I've included a picture of the cast model (resin body with metal bits) along with pics of the original print next to the Sirrus APC and the original render.

Friday 16 October 2015

New Sculptor joins The Ion Age in November 2015!

There will be a new talent coming into the space opera universe of The Ion Age next month. Dave Foley is a new designer from the United States of America who was so impressed with the idea of a new science fiction setting that offers something different as well as a soul and rewards its supporters that he pitched us an idea. An idea for a whole new range within the 15mm ranks of The Ion Age. Once he had explained it and shown us some concept sketches we were very happy and I am sure that once you hear what Mr Foley will be sculpting that you will be too. 

Our lead designer Sam Croes has given Dave Foley a free hand to create those miniatures which are not of the Prydian Army, not of the Marcher Barons and not of any Condot mercenary force. In short the non-military. The civilians, adventurers, law enforcement and more of the Prydian Precinct. Humans and perhaps more including robots that will be releasing as themed small packs with single miniature option for purchase. 

The non-military range will be on its own page of the website beginning in November 2015. We aim to release a new pack into the range every month and we will be beginning with two packs to mark the start of the range and these will be 'Adventurers and Rogues I' and 'Starport Staff'. All complete original sculpts by Dave Foley in 15mm scale and suitable for all science fiction settings. Questions and comments are welcome to Images in this article are all from the first pack of Adventurers with the header image painted by Sam Croes and the single images painted by Dave Foley himself.

Welcome aboard Dave!

Thanks for Reading,


Friday 9 October 2015

Mythical Beasts

New Kirin Combat Walker Releases by Brigade Models

Our latest new 15mm release is the Kirin Combat Walker, designed by Kirk Alderfer with input from Zac Braham, the same pairing that created our range of Mercenary vehicles. It’s a one-man bipedal walker with a fearsome array of weaponry - the two arm mounts carry either a 25-cm laser, 2-cm Gatling or 15mm twin powergun, the same weapons as fitted to the Sohei heavy tank. A twin heavy support weapon turret is mounted under the chin, while the shoulders both carry 9-round Manta missile pods (one of these can optionally be exchanged for a long-range sensor pod, most often seen in command suits).

They're available individually or a platoon pack is available with three Kirins – you can choose all of one weapon type, or one of each weapon – which also includes three helmeted crewmen.

SF15-1509a – Kirin with gatlings – £15.00
SF15-1509b – Kirin with heavy lasers – £15.00
SF15-1509c – Kirin with twin powerguns – £15.00

PP15-1509 – Kirin Platoon Pack – £42.50

Wednesday 7 October 2015

The Taranis Approaches

IAF100 Taranis Tracked Tanks 15mm Early Supporter Offers now live!

The day is here! From now until Thursday 22nd October 2015 we will have the IAF100 Taranis Tracked Tanks (Five Variants) 15mm scale as Early Supporter Offers. Every order gets the monthly miniature free included and all orders including IAF100 are shipped from 23rd October onwards worldwide! 

Three different levels of ESO to choose from. A single tank saving 5% off release price with a free pack of five IAF081 Taranis Runner Drones worth 5.00GBP. Three of the same tank saving 10% off each and each with the free pack of five drones. Lastly the battalion offer with five different tanks saving 15% off each and with five packs of five drones free! Click on each of the offers for full details and links to our blog articles with a lot more information and images of this mighty beast of a 15mm tank designed by industry legend Bob Naismith! Click Through!

Early Supporter Offer Number One - HERE
Get 5% off the 20.00GBP release price of a single Taranis Tracked Tank. Choose from the five different variants. You get a free pack of five drones with every tank. Retail Price: 25.00GBP Offer Price 19.00GBP.

Early Supporter Offer Number Two - HERE
Get 10% off the 60.00GBP release price of a three of the same Taranis Tracked Tank. Choose from the five different variants. You get a three free packs of five drones with your three tanks. Retail Price: 75.00GBP Offer Price 54.00GBP.

Early Supporter Offer Number Three – Battalion - HERE
Get 15% off the 100.00GBP release price of all five different Taranis Tracked Tanks. You get five free packs of five drones with your tanks. Retail Price: 125.00GBP Offer Price 85.00GBP.

There are several articles on our blog that tell you and show you much more about IAF100 and IAF081 that we could possibly fit here or on our website. Click on the links that interest you and see every tank painted, in action, scale shots, unassembled kits and dimensions, concept art, fiction in The Ion Age and more!

IAF100 Taranis Kit Photos
IAF100 Taranis Assembled Tanks
IAF081 Taranis Running Drones
IAF100 Taranis Painted and Scale Comparisons
IAF100 Information Burst - The Ion Age

To see all the posts click on this link which takes you to the Taranis 'tab' on the blog HERE.

Thank you for your time, for your custom, for your support and most of all for choosing The Ion Age.


Tuesday 6 October 2015

Ground Zero Games preview...

Ground Zero Games recently released, among other things, some excellent resculpted Kra'Vak miniatures, revealing facial features that weren't previously obvious:

The next release for this range perhaps indicates that they're a little shy. 

Featuring the same 5 poses, the Kra'Vak will now be sporting some rather wonderful helmets! 

The current pack includes 2 each of the 4 rifle poses and for a limited time, 2 of the support weapon poses as a free bonus. This will also apply with the new helmeted figures and will continue until such time as there are enough support weapon poses for a pack of their own.

Available for the first time at the SELWG show in London this Sunday (11 October) and shortly thereafter on their website, here are a few preview shots: