Wednesday 28 January 2015

Loud Ninja Games - Upcoming Releases and New Ranges

Hey all,

Guess what time it is?

It's time for Loud Ninja Games to get rolling.

Due to release Monday, February 2, 2015, are RAP13, 14, and 15 will see the start of two new ranges Alien Encounters #1 (RAP13) and my wild and crazy Wasteland (RAP14 & 15).

RAP13 Alien Encounters #1

RAP14 Wasteland Mutants

RAP15 Super Mutants

Alien Encounters will be a sort of grab bag of science fiction one-offs and small encounter groups geared toward collecting and role-playing but certainly not outside the realm of use for more traditional wargaming.

The Wasteland range will be just about everything I can imagine to fill a blasted, mutated, violent future. Mutants, savages, renegade, monsters, even some heroes.

Look for these in the Loud Ninja Games store at come Monday, February 2, 2015.

Friday 23 January 2015

Get Your Comms On

New Offers and Variants for Ion Age Vehicles

The lovely and successful Adder Cars and Lifters are receiving a new variant design with the addition of a Command and Control variant. This variation builds on the already long pedigree of the Adder in both configurations and allows you to add a dedicated command vehicle to your forces utilizing the same lovely designs as your other Adders. This will allow you to create a streamlined, cohesive looking force.

IAF035E Green Adder Control Car

IAF036E Green Adder Control Lifter

The Adder Offer!

There are now twelve different Adders in our series of light wheeled and hover variant vehicles in 15mm scale. Great for use in any present day, near future or space opera setting for low intensity warfare. We have taken 10% off the already great price of 4.00GBP each of these vehicles on our website. Go to the Prydian Army Vehicles page and look for the 'offer' sticker. No other codes or such is needed just add the chosen Adders to your cart and remember you earn Reward Points on all orders! Go HERE. Below is a list of all of the Adders.

IAF035A Red Adder Combat Car (Mini-Gun Turret)
IAF035B Yellow Adder Fire Support Car (Missile Pod Turret)
IAF035C Black Adder Punch Car (Rail Gun Turret)
IAF035D Orange Adder Combat Car (Grenade Turret)
IAF035E Green Adder Control Car (Comms Gear)
IAF037 Smashed Adder Car (Wheeled Destroyed Vehicle)

IAF036A Red Adder Combat Lifter (Mini-Gun Turret)
IAF036B Yellow Adder Fire Support Lifter (Missile Pod Turret)
IAF036C Black Adder Punch Lifter (Rail Gun Turret)
IAF036D Orange Adder Combat Lifter (Hermit Grenade Turret)
IAF036E Green Adder Control Lifter (Comms Gear)
IAF038 Smashed Adder Lifter (Hover Destroyed Vehicle)

This offer lasts until the 31st of January 2015 so place your orders now!

Saturday 17 January 2015

Khurasan's Itu'a aliens preview...

From TMP:

Some great looking new, beautifully painted, aliens previewed by Khurasan Miniatures:

You already know the Itu'a Immortals -- aka the Stikk Assault Crabs. Now meet the Itu'a Myriads, endless swarms of smaller Itu'a with long rifles, supported by heavy weaponsworms:

And the high command encased in a huge Satrap biomecha (provided with the suit and out of it too):

Group shot:

Still to be revealed -- the enormous Rukh warbeast -- large enough to carry several squads inside its gullet!

Thursday 15 January 2015

Top This!

New Modular Terrain Top Mounts From The Ion Age

Hello all you dropship passengers out there,

The folks at The Ion Age have been at it again and have released a third set of op mounts for their successful modular terrain system. This new set brings five new turrets that will fit the Hab Dome, Block House, Command Dome and Tower modules. What's more, if you leave off the bottom ring, they will also fit on the landing pad, making them truly universal throughout the rangeo f terrain modules.

In my opinion, one of the really nice things about these and the other top mounts from this range is that the way they are constructed allows them to be used in other terrain setups as well. The standardized mounting sizes and the flat bottom arrangements means you can work them into your own customer terrain or even build simple mounts for them to operate as emplacement weapons.

As usual, the full details can be found at the Ion Age blog - HERE

ACPGames Posts Preview of Upcoming Dropship...

From the 15mm Sci-Fi Gaming Facebook Group:

Coming soon to a Kickstarter by ACP Games

Oh by the way size is 7" long 6" wide and 2.75 high....

ArmiesArmy Whites are coming...

From TMP:

That's right the Russian Empire forces commonly known as the 'Whites' are very near release :)

The return to the Tsarist ways of old, started a bloody Civil War, fought on a galactic scale, never seen before. New boundaries were set and the former USSR split into two new alliances. The ‘Russian United States of the Kirov System (Named after Commander Kirov of the Great Patriotic War) and the Russian Empire to be reigned by Tsar Nicholas VII.

Both forces share a very similar military range of equipment and many items are still used by both; however Imperial Russia has started a new arms race with a range of new and improved equipment to counter the growing numbers of the Rusk forces.

No Peace accord was officially signed and both forces are now massing several armies along the Colony borders, which will no doubt end up with its continuation. There have been several complaints of border incursions, both of whom deny. Peace talks have failed and the Peacekeeping Commonwealth and PLA forces have left the borders.

Strangely rumours abound that the peacekeepers had separate agendas all along……

They will be released this week :) Ill keep you posted

More pics here


Tuesday 13 January 2015

Free Worldwide Shipping Week At

Hey all,

From Monday 12th January 2015 until 9pm GMT Monday 19th January 2015 will remove the postage for standard UK and International Airmail and replace them with FREE SHIPPING on all orders. Place an order as normal and select free postage during checkout and there you go! You need enter no code or anything just select free postage in your world region on the third page of the checkout. This applies to all orders of all values and as many orders as you like worldwide. You may still elect to choose 'signed for shipping' at the normal pricing (10.00GBP per order).

This makes it a great time to grab some goodies for those 2015 projects or to fill out the projects that spilled into the new year.


Sunday 4 January 2015

ClearHorizon Miniatures - HADES Ghost Team Preview...

Hunter/Ambush Discrete Engagement Section (HADES) Ghost Team greens. Each 6-pack comes with a commander with a cast on head, an operative armed with a SAW, a sniper, and four operatives armed with advanced suppressed bullpup rifles.

Each troop comes with a sprue of three head choices and an optional backpack.




Coming soon!


Thursday 1 January 2015

New Year New Special Minis!

Hey folks,

A wonderful Happy New Year to all of our dropship passengers.

As we have a new year and a new month upon us, the folks at The Ion Age have started a new round of monthly special minis. For those of you who are new to this offering, these figures are released, one a month and are available free with any purchase of The Ion Age. They can also be purchased on their own for those who are looking for extras or just want the special figure.


January's special miniature is IMP17 Far Trader and looks to be a most versatile miniature that could stand in for anything from a smuggler, medic, tech or any sort of civilian or specialist you might need. Of course he could also be used as a Far Trader :)

For full info head over - HERE