Tuesday 31 March 2009

Space Demons Make Planetfall!!!

The first images have begun to emerge from the security cameras in the tunnels of Exenogeni Research facility at Mt Liang Shan. Officials speaking on behalf of the............

I am delighted to announce that Khurasan Miniatures Space Demons have finally made planetfall!

The man-size warriors come in three types, Assault Warriors (four different body poses and two different separate heads), Infiltrator Warriors (four different body poses and two different separate heads) different separate heads) and Hammerhead Warriors (four different body poses and one head variation). The huge (28mm) command creatures (King and Queen Space Demons) come with separate heads and back spines, which are interchangable.

More information is available at the Khurasan Miniatures website (Click here).

Click on the Space Demons Label below for more photos and a preview of the Space Demons here on DROPSHIP HORIZON.


Monday 30 March 2009

Breaking News..............

....4 Beaumonde Steelers 12, with a penalty in the last 15 from Dakota Xia. Back to system news and Exenogeni Research GmBh, a division of the Blue Sun Corporation, continue to deny that the experiments in their HotLab facility at Mt Liang Shan have any kind of military application.

Dr Walter Tuffley stated, "its pure speculation, we are develping better poducts for a better Alliance, for a better BUGS! BUGS IN THE TUNNELS! THEY GOT IN THE PERIMETERBADADADADADADA ERK ssssssssssssssssssssssss"

Now here is some light music.......sponsored by Blue Sun Travel.

Saturday 28 March 2009

Life Work The Universe......and The Space Demon of all Hangovers!

I spent yesterday with the Space Demon of all hangovers! It felt these guys were running around inside my head. I could even hear the 'blips'......!!!

But it was worth it! I was out on Friday night with four very attractive young women, most of whom have beem my colleagues over the past seven months. I was Top Dog for the evening and boy did I have fun!

One of the girls introduced both me and Hen. a teetotaller, to an awesome nip - a Slippery Nipple (Aberdeen style), Grenadine, Sambuca and Baileys Irish Cream. Knock back in one - and to quote John Travolta in Broken Arrow: GODDAMN WHAT A RUSH!

The party moved from the 'Still, to the Prince of Wales for a shot (longest bar in Scotland btw) then onto the Vodka Bar. It was a late, late night.

Saturday morning I found myself on the sofa covered in the dog blanket.......

Despite the self inflicted pain, the day was barely lost due to a bitterly cold NE wind which rattled the windows and made the hills disappear in a thick mist of snow. A good day to nurse my head and stay inside. So, I quietly spent the rest of the morning preparing these absolutely lovely Space Demons from Khurasan Miniatures for painting. They were a real joy and it was fun working out different head positions to create as much variation as possible. I took a few more photos which I'll pop up later today or tomorrow.

Jon's next Sci Fi releases from Khurasan will be the Garn (Lizard warriors) and he's talking about supporting the range with Garn armour too. I was given a platoon box of GZG Kra'Vak tanks as a Christmas present. These will be the mainstay of my Garn armour.

Just before mid-day postie arrived with the order I'd placed with GZG earlier in the week. I used the money from a small bonus cheque to enlarge my wheeled Mid-Tech AFV footprint to encompass a platoon of 8 Wheeled APCs plus a V15-52A 8-wheel Fire Support Vehicle/Mobile Gun System (Tank Killer).

This is a great model. I'll get a second one for the tabletop and that will give me a discrete stand alone Mid-Tech force. I think I'm drawn to these GZG 8 wheelers because the first Airfix kit I had as a child was the Sdkfz234/4. My uncle Tony was a kit modeller who made/painted one for me.

Looking at the model - with an eye to a quick 234/2 style kitbash, I feel that if Jon dropped the rear compartment to mirror the slope of the fenders then it could possibly make for quite a sleek armoured car/ ATGW vehicle.

I am left with a problem now of where to fit in my DLD Kamodo HFS model. I only have one but it's beautiful. It just doesn't fit in any of my current ORBATaa - though I suppose it's not a problem as Alien Squad Leader rejoices in encouraging you to field AFV's in ones and two's, allowing you to get your favourite models on the tabletop without having to speand a fortune on a whole platoon of them.

After following some threads on TMP regarding the Eureka 300 club, I've committed to 50 'Non'Aslan' Sci Fi Lion troops and 50 Ventaurans (based on Denizen Miniatures very nice 25mm figures). Just wanted to give the figures and those who want them some additional support.

To be honest, I think I'll still go ahead and have my own small but discrete range of 'Zod Commandos' (Dropship Horizon 2009©) in elipitcal helmets sculpted, cast and sold privately through Dropship.

It's been an outstanding week for news and releases from Khurasan, Rebel Minis, GFI and GZG. I have to say that GZG took me completely by surprise with all it's goodies. Going to have to make a plan......or end up with a lot of models and nothing to show for it!


GZG 15mm All New N.A.C. Marines: PREVIEW

ALL NEW-Sculpt NAC Royal Marines from GZG
All Codes £2.50 per pack

SG15-A7 NAC Rifles pack A - includes Team/Squad Leaders
(8 figs, 2 each of 4 poses)

SG15-A8 NAC Rifles pack B - includes Team/Squad Leaders
(8 figs, 2 each of 4 poses)

SG15-A9 NAC Rifles SAW gunners
(8 figs, 2 each of 4 poses)

SG15-A10 NAC Command/Comms figures
(8 figs, 2 each of 4 poses)

SG15-A11 NAC Support weapons - GMS(P) launchers and Laser Snipers
(8 figs, 2 each of 4 poses)

SG15-A12 NAC Anti-Armour weapons -
GMS(L) teams and Gauss HAMR teams

(8 figs, 2 each of 4 poses)

SG15-A13 NAC Tribarrel Autocannon teams
(2 guns, 2 mounts and 4 crew)

SG15-A14 NAC RAM Mortar teams
(2 mortars, 2 mounts and 4 crew)

Regardless of the nominal NAC crews of these support weapons they will be a welcome addition to many 15mm tabletop forces. That Tri-barrell looks cool.


Note: All new codes are in production and will be available at SALUTE on the 28th March - shortly after that they will be up on the webstore for mail ordering.

Friday 27 March 2009

GZG 15mm Wheeled/Hover MAWP PREVIEW

New 15mm Mobile Autonomous Weapon System variants from GZG.

V15-62A Wheeled MAWP with tribarrel autocannon £2.50
V15-62B Wheeled MAWP with plasma cannon £2.50
V15-62C Wheeled MAWP with missile system £2.50

V15-61A Hover MAWP with tribarrel autocannon £2.50
V15-61B Hover MAWP with plasma cannon £2.50
V15-61C Hover MAWP with missile system £2.50


NOTE: All new codes are in production and will be available at SALUTE on the 28th March - shortly after that they will be up on the webstore for mail ordering.

GZG 15mm UAV Hoverdrone PREVIEW

GZG: V15-60A UAV Hoverdrones
(pack of 2 - one with guns, one with missiles)

Excellent. I had been looking at Tau Gun Drones to use as 15mm UAV's, but even on EBay they were coming out around a fiver each. Jon's UAV Hoverdrone works out at £1.75 per model! 6 of these would provide quite an interesting unit and I already have an idea for dogfights above the tabletop battlefield between gunships and a swarm of the Hoverdrones!


Thursday 26 March 2009

Bugs Mr Rico! Thousands of Them!

Tom at GFI has just released a range of 10-12mm nominal scale BUGS! Or Anthropidal Insetoid Aliens if you want to get technical about it.

GFI: LF-W-01 (Worker)

There are nine types ranging from $2.95 to $4.95. The 'Worker' above being $2.95. Now C'mon, these are brilliant 15mm Bug fodder. Scuttle over to GFI and check them out.


Life Work The Universe......Spreadsheet Fatigue

You'll be glad to know that I managed to get my report for the Scottish Government done and dusted at 12.03pm GMT today. It's a glowing masterpiece of gap analysis, opportunity realisation and spider diagrams.

And that as they say, is it!

Am I left with a sense of pride at a job well done? Nah....simply Spreadsheet Fatigue.

Tomorrow I have a full day in which to make sure my project documentation is up to date, my laptop is scrubbed and desk cleared before moving on........

And it is about moving on. As Heroditus says: "No man crosses the same river twice. For the man has changed and so has the river".

Yesterday I was given a glimpse of my potential - have Michael at Black Autumn Productions to thank for some brilliant positive reinforcement that made yesterday possible - and Jon at GZG too for keeping me sane during an intense period at work. Yesterday changed me as a person. Won't bore you with the details suffice to say, work and possibly my long term career is going to change positively.

Last night was first show of the new series of The Apprentice on the BBC. 15 people chosen more for their inability to get on. It's complete "shadenfroid" TV, but there is a reason to keep me watching....

Katie Walsh, a passion for gym workouts

Each week the contestants assign a nominal fall-guy as "Project Manager", then will give themselves titles such as "Head of Market Research", "Head of Acquitions", "Head of Supply Chain" - when the task is to get some detergent and make as much money as possible in 8 hours doing laundry.

Of course, four will rush off together to make a single 'pitch' to a prospective customer - WHY? 4 brains of commerce = 4 pitches in my book, if of course that's what's needed.

Then they 'big' up what the menial task they have been given talking about "quality", "repeat business" etc. WHY? Tomorrow will be another task. Take the money and run. And hopefully live to fight in the 'boardroom' another day.

Friday night. Pub!


GZG 15mm Alien Mercenaries PREVIEW

Have to squint a bit here but do I see potential Fifth Elliemental beastly Alien Mercs?

"We've Been Ambushed"
SG15-X05 Alien Mercenary Squad
12 figure unit, from 3 sculpts
£5.00 per pack

These Alien Mercs are sculpted by Ben Siens for GZG. Good on you Ben!

NOTE: Allnew codes are in production and will be available at SALUTE on the 28th March - shortly after that they will be up on the webstore for mail ordering.

GZG's New Tracked Explorer ATV : PREVIEW

If you are a fan of the original Classic Traveller, you will remember Across the Bright Face/Mission on Mithril: Double Adventure #2, which featured a tracked ATV at the centre of both it's missions.

Whilst both were essentially RPG map exercises I did actually use the tracked 15mm Laserburn chunky 15mm APC as the ATV and ran the games around the model. Across the Bright Face was my favourite of the two missions. Mostly because I had read an incredibly evocative and detailed short story in an anthology called The Science Fictional Solar System edited by Isaac Asimov, about an expedition to be the first men to cross the bright face of Mercury. Excellent stuff and a great read!

GZG's new V15-63A SURVEYOR II tracked ATV explorer vehicle brings back superb memories of these early Traveller games. But perhaps touches more of a soft spot because it reminds me of the SHADO APC's in the classic TV series UFO.

V15-63A SURVEYOR II tracked ATV explorer vehicle
£8.00 from GZG


NOTE: All new codes are in production and will be available at SALUTE on the 28th March - shortly after that they will be up on the webstore for mail ordering.

GZG's New 15mm Sci-Fi Building fittings PREVIEW

Sci-Fi Building fittings in 15mm scale

A completely NEW range of metal add-on parts for making and detailing your own buildings for your SF battlefields. These parts are designed to "dress-up" structures made from anything you like - foam blocks, packaging materials, card or whatever. The example building (rather over-detailed to show the whole range!) was knocked together in 10 minutes with a scrap of black foamcore board and some UHU, just to show how easily you can make a basic structure.

The following packs are OUT NOW, with more to come:

V15-BLD 1 Armoured Bunker/Blast Doors (6 - 3 each of 2 types) £5.00
V15-BLD 2 Large Doors - loading areas, garage bays (4 - 2 each of 2 types) £6.00
V15-BLD 3 Civilian Building Doors (6 - 4 single (2 types) and 2 double) £2.50
V15-BLD 4 Small Pressure Hatches (10 - 5 each round and square) £2.50
V15-BLD 5 Large Pressure Hatches (8 - 4 each round and rectangular) £2.50
V15-BLD 6 Roof Fittings A (2 large and 3 small Comms dishes, 4 enviro/power units) £5.00
V15-BLD 7 Roof Fittings B (vents, exhausts, aircon units, aerial bases - 8 pieces) £4.00
V15-BLD 8 Vent Grilles, square and round (3 each of 3 types) £2.50

Bloody Marvellous Jon! A great step forward for 15mm Sci Fi gamers. Well Done!


NOTE: All new codes are in production and will be available at SALUTE on the 28th March - shortly after that they will be up on the webstore for mail ordering.

Wednesday 25 March 2009

Rebel Minis 15mm Martian Tripod PREVIEW

Mike at Rebel Minis has shared the first photos of his new Martian Tripod with me. Phenomenal! Simply phenomenal!

You know what it's like. You spend all day
finding somewhere to park......

Then some guy in a uniform wants
to move you on or clamp you.....

ABS, Airbags, Sun Roof, ABS,
0-60 Light Years in 5 seconds,

Available shortly. Check Rebel Minis webstore for availability.


Tuesday 24 March 2009

15mm Space Demon PREVIEW

80 Rebel Minis 15mm Earth Force Marine grunts finally arrived today following a slight detour via HM Customs. They are GOOD! Oh! They are good! STRIKER II ahoy!

So.....a quick teaser pic tonight of the Space Demons which came yesterday.

(It's called a tactical withdrawal)
Khurasan Miniatures 15mm Space Demons
(L-R, Space Demon King, Infiltrator and Assault Warriors)

Full reviews and comparison photos to follow. Stay Tuned!


Monday 23 March 2009

They Come In The Night..........Mostly

It's been a fraught weekend spent recovering my final data analysis after it finally decided to go tits up at five to six on Friday. It was only due for submission to the CEO and Corporate Directors at 8.00am this morning, with a presentation followed by Q&A session this afternoon.

Well, I have to say the gods were looking after me as the mishap had several major positive ramifications. The long and the short being that I AM TOP DOG! And my hard work is recognised by the CEO!

Here's Johnny!

I drove all the way home this evening grinning from ear to ear! Seven months work vindicated. And to cap it all, there's a package waiting for me inside the front door. Rebel Minis or Khurasan? Rebel Minis or Khurasan?

It's my first order of Space Demons from Khurasan Miniatures! Well, I may have come home Top Dog, but these minis ARE the Dogs Bollocks!

I haven't got them all out of their ziplock bags and I already want more! Especially that Space Demon King. Luckily I intend buying some of Khurasans new Vikings in a month or so and will just include these in the order.

There are 5 Space Demon types: Space Demon King, Queen, and then Infiltrator, Hammerhead and Assault Warriors. The 3 warrior types have 4 different bodies and separate heads to allow for plenty of variation.

15mm Space Demon Infiltrator Warrior

You can find out more about the Space Demons in my previous entry here (Click here if you want to know more).

Jon at Khurasan is currently preparing the Space Demon web page for his online shop, which should be ready soon. I'll write a full review in a few days time, with comparison shots against GZG and Rebel Minis figures. Afraid it will have to wait till I've got the final report to the Scottish Government done and dusted and I can regain my sanity and 20 hours a week of my life.


Sunday 22 March 2009

The Master Chef on eC3 in Future War Commander

OK Marines, Listen UP! The Master Chef here with a few words on any true Marine's least popular word: Command. Now any of you who have served with me know that there is only one command - Do What The Master Chef Tells Me To!

As we all know, however, there are also officers and worst still officers who think they know what they are doing. If that is not enough, they think that they give the orders........

So, over to Technical Sgt Name Deleted For Security Reasons to explain the wonders of the INTEGRATED COMMAND NET.......take it away Sgt, a long way away.....

ICN enables HQs and COs to exercise command functions without being on the battlefield; instead they are in orbit, in deep bunkers, anywhere where the battle ain't. Comms are presumed to be via satellite, computer net, microwave signal or similar technologies.

Only forces comprised of Advanced Tech can use it but only if the entire force is of the same tech level, otherwise the buffers wont interface the subwave on the same ghz. ;-)

You still pay for the command elements as normal plus an extra 20pts per unit (infantry base/vehicle) because they are all Independant. No, not Independants, Mr Reynolds.

Usual rules then apply except that all units can act as FO or make a recce roll - but can't do anything else that turn (non recce units do not get recce cover bonuses).

Net Overload - the chances of a command blunder can be increased to a double 5.

OK thats all for now, I'll leave it to CoB Hannam to try to explain how to jam signals on the ICN.

Stand......EASY !

FAD v4.0: Tabletop Review

FAD V4.0
Generic Wargame Rules for Fast And Dirty Modern and Sci Fi Combat

by Ivan Sorensen

From: Fast And Dirty

Price: Free Download


70 pages, A4, B&W illustrations throughout:

- 13 pages of core rules
- 5 pages of game set up
and building forces
- 19 pages of Advanced rules, character traits and vehicles specs.
- 22 pages of Appendices including points system, scenario generation, campaign system
- 3 pages of
Quick Reference Tables

Platoon Level Tactical Future/Science Fiction

2-3 Squads (20-30 figures) to reinforced platoon (40+ figures)

1 Figure/Model = 1 soldier, single vehicle or piece of equipment

Ground scale is not determined and described as 'relative' to the eye.

Miniatures are based individually but must be organised into Squads

4ft x 4ft recommended for 15mm/28mm.

2 hours plus depending upon number of figures and type of scenario

2x Normal 6 sided dice (d6)
A tape measure
Markers/dice for denoting 'suppression' etc

Each Squad unit will have the following basic stats which create it's unique profile: QUALITY/RESOLVE/MOVEMENT/ARMOUR/WEAPONS

Squad Quality determines a number of key factors, including coherency, fire priority, ranged combat and close assaults

Squad Resolve determines how committed the unit is to achieving it's objective.

Movement is the base movement rate for infantry or vehicle type.

Armour defines the protection provided by body armour or vehicle armour.

Weapons are your arms and their offensive capability.


The best way to describe FAST AND DIRTY (FAD) is probably as Stargrunt without the pain. It is a superb set of generic platoon level rules that encourages tactical play and feels more like a platoon level game rather than a individual skirmish with 30 individuals running around who happen to be wearing the same uniform.

The game is based around simple d6 rule elements that click into place very easily. The unit, weapon and personnel traits add character to the game and a lot of fun on the tabletop without.

I have to say that the most glaring ommission from the rules is that whilst there are Modern/Sci Fi weapons aplenty, the electronic command, control and communications that will be a defining aspect of future combat are missing. I think these should be the basic building block upon which all Futuristic and Sci Fi military combat games are built.

Ivan has made this a complete game for the gamer through including simple but effective rules for force generation, scenario creation together with a playable campaign system.

Ivan has broadened the use of the rules with two recent add-ons:

Solo Play/Uncontrolled Forces


Boundless Wars, Infinite Stars Campaign System


Fast And Dirty Website
Fast And Dirty Yahoo Group

Saturday 21 March 2009


We'll I'll be a 猴子的屁股!Those pokes over at GZG have released another gorram fine set of 15mm Sci Fi Miniatures. Space Cowpoke!

GZG SG15-X04: Free Trader Crew and Passengers
9 individual character sculpts £3.50

Sculpted by Martin Baker, due for release at SALUTE.....Free Trader Crew and Passengers!

And for a bit of related Serenity humour check out this blog (Click here)


Thursday 19 March 2009

Do Not Adjust Your Set


Normal Service Will Be Resumed.......

Finished the last of the workshops today!

Drinks all round!

I have to present an outline of the potential outcomes to the Corporate Management Team on Monday and it's heads down next week to finish the high level business cases and draft a report to the Scottish Government by Thursday lunchtime. No pressure then!

On the upside, I thought you'd like an introduction to two new aliens in the pipe and due to land at Dropship Horizon, ETA 01.05.09.....

Moskau & Zollie
6 Weeks ol
d Russian Blues

To celebrate the end of the workshops, I'm flexing the plastic (ouch!) and ordering a platoon of GZG V15-50.

GZG Chunky Mid-Tech Goodness!
I fancy an Afrika Korps look for them.

Keep an eye on the blog for some photos of exciting new miniatures within the next few days



Saturday 14 March 2009

Latest Intel

A roundup of latest releases and news in the 15mm Sci Fi universe......

15mm Earth Force Marines
21 miniatures for $10.95 from Rebel Minis

Click here if you want to know more)

15mm Earth Force Marines Heavy Weapons
2 Sniper teams, 2 Autocannon & 2 medium Missle launchers
for $3.49 from Rebel Minis

Click here if you want to know more)

15mm Octopod Infantry
10 miniatures for £3.50 from 15mm.co.uk
(Click here if you want to know more)

15mm Human Rim Mercenaries
10 miniatures for £3.50 from 15mm.co.uk
(Click here in you want to know more)

15mm Post Apocalyptic Warriors
10 miniatures for £3.50 from 15mm.co.uk

(Click here if you want to now more)

at 15mm.co.uk

This offer gives 15% off all Orders placed with 15mm.co.uk via email,
post or web shop for ALL customers.
Those going to the Salute Convention also pay no shipping!

Click here if you want to know more)

15mm Spacer Ship Crew
A forthcoming release from Splintered Light Miniatures

Click here if you want to know more)

15mm Space Demons
Khurasans new Space Demons have arrived from the casters
First batch on the way to me for preview
(Click here if you want to know more)

FAD 4.0
Fast And Dirty Rules for Fast And Dirty Combat
FAD 4.0 the latest version of these excellent free Sci Fi
miniatures rules
are avilable online in PDF format:
(Click here if you want to know more)

An exciting new kid on the block
(Click here if you want to know more)

if you contact any of these companies