Monday 30 November 2009

Ex-MJ Space Troopers Back On Sale!


They're Back!!!

Mike's 15mm Sci Fi range is back on sale
and available via the webstore NOW!

These are FUN Sci Fi miniatures! Especially brilliant for Alien Squad Leader or similar genre fun Sci Fi games. These are well sculpted minis which come in a good selection of combat poses with a mix of small arms, melee and heavy weapons. Get them from:


Dropship Xmas Pressie: Winners!

Our thanks to everyone for taking part in the Dropship Xmas Pressie and entering the spirit of the competition!

Over to Heather........

"I was particularly impressed by the economy of the suggestions. This is especially pleasing as I spent an obscene amount of money on a Mulberry handbag last week. It took me 24 hours to pluck up the courage to confess to it's purchase. But what can I say, it is iconic and I would have my ashes put in it. That may, of course, be sooner rather than later if Mr H has his way! So, on with the competition.......and the winner is......Phil Curran.

Congratulations Phil, you came out on top by mystically knowing that my most favourite sci-fi genre is the Alien movies and that's in my own right, not as the patient Gaming Widow of 20 years! The vehicles can also be painted individually and used separately. This means Mark won't be squirrelling himself away creating a business case and outline project plan before he even lifts a brush!

A close second is Jeff Racel. I've asked Mark to arrange a little something for you as runner up ;-)

I've threatened a Christmas address on this blog but should you miss it, or I end up in that handbag after all, let me wish you all the very best for the season, however you may chose to celebrate!"

Heather x

Sunday 29 November 2009

Pole Bitwy: 15mm Sci Fi Simian Troopers

Pole Bitwy 15mm Sci Fi Simians

Beware the beast Man, for he is the Devil's pawn.
Alone among God's primates, he kills for sport or lust or greed.
Yea, he will murder his brother to possess his brother's land.
Let him not breed in great numbers, for he will make a desert
of his home and yours. Shun him; drive him back
into his jungle lair,
for he is the harbinger of death.

Cornelius reading from the Sacred Scrolls
Planet of the Apes (1968)

Pole Bitwy 15mm Sci Fi Simians Pack No.1

When Piotr of Pole Bitwy originally told me that he was having Sci Fi Simians sculpted in 15mm, I really wasn't expecting to want to include them in my Sci Fi armies. I admit, my mind's eye saw something along the lines of the classic Planet of the Apes style big chimps in space suits.

Well, how wrong I was! Piotr has given us some magnificent creatures! I will be delighted to use these to create a new Sci Fi force for Alien Squad Leader and Tom.War!

Pole Bitwy 15mm Sci Fi Simians Pack No.1

I WANT these guys! The Simians will not only make an excellent alien OpFor but also Ogryn style auxiliaries within my main planetary human armies. Skirmish wise, they are simply perfect for Mutants and Death Ray Guns and will be imposing on any tabletop!

Height varies from 24 to 26mm to the top of the head and 22 to 24mm to the eyes. The crouching Simian's height is 22mm to the top of the head and 20mm to the eyes. They were deliberately designed to tower above modern 15mm [18mm] humans. The final packet content might change before being released but will include two copies each of four different sculpts. This is not a one pack wonder! Additional Simian command, heavy weapons and specialist miniatures are being sculpted right now!

Piotr hopes the first pack of 15mm Sci Fi Simians will be available in January 2010 or with a bit of luck sooner. Fingers crossed then!


Rebel Minis - 15mm Titan Marines

In the past elite Marines were chosen
from Earth Force ranks and sent to
Firebase Kraken, a training facility
built within the ice-core of Titan.

Mike at Rebel Minis has released RMTM1 Titan Marines. These represent elite Earth Force troopers trained on Saturn's Moon, Titan. Each pack contains 22 figures in 5 unique sculpts for $10.95.

Rebel Minis 15mm Sci Fi
RMTM1 Titan Marines

Now these Titan Marines are something different! I see some kind of Dune'esque desert trooper, post-apocalyptic or even ice warrior applications for them

For more detail, take a look at my previous preview of them in August:
(click here)

Available now from:


Saturday 28 November 2009

Critical Mass Games - Another Merc for 2010

Well, 2010 is already shaping up to be a year to look forward to. Here's another Merc from Critical Mass Games! This Merc will appear in a dedicated pack of 6-8 miniatures with 3-4 variants in the new year.

I really like this miniature. Something very gritty Sci Fi about him.

If you're signed up as a Follower of this blog - or even just if you frequently post comments, and you want a chance to win this miniature plus everything else in the Merc range, don't forget the The Dropship Xmas Pressie Competition! But hurry!


Friday 27 November 2009

Free 15mm Laserburn Vehicle Pack!

Laserburn 15mm Science Fiction


Until Monday 30th November 2009 place an order for £10.00 or more of any of the following products (Laserburn single miniatures, packs, vehicles, aliens, Asgard figures or books) and we will automatically include a pack of mixed Laserburn vehicles worth at least £8.50 retail value totally FREE in your package.

(The Laserburn Vehicle Bundle will include codes such as V101(2 in pack),V103, V005,V010,V104 and no doubles!)

This is an outstanding offer, only open for three days, so if you want Laserburn minis - get them this weekend!


IN THE PIPE... 15mm Planet 15 Alien Hunter

If there is just ONE 15mm figure
you must buy in 2010.........

This Alien Hunter is an example of many one-offs that will be made for Khurasan Miniatures 'Planet 15' range next year.

One Alien Hunter vs a whole platoon?
They're gonna need more grunts!


Thursday 26 November 2009


To celebrate my 300th post on Dropship Horizon earlier this week, I've planned a little thank you for Dropship Followers. An exclusive Christmas give away of pre-production miniatures from Critical Mass Games!

One lucky Follower will receive the following:

1 pack of Merc1 Captain Bytt & Crew

1 pack of Merc2 Hired Guns

1 pack of Merc3 Recon Drones

1 set containing one each of the
additional Mercs that will be available in 2010

1 set of assorted pre-production Praesentia!
Not otherwise available till the Spring of 2010.

To take part and have a chance of winning, all you have to do is help Heather choose a Christmas present for me!

Heather has £30 ($40) to spend on a Christmas present.
So, what 15mm Sci Fi would you suggest
she buys as a gift for me within the £30 budget?

Leave your pressie suggestions below!



To be eligible for this exclusive prize , you must have signed up to FOLLOW this blog as of 18:00hrs GMT today, Thursday 26th November.

If you are already signed up as an Anonymous Follower, please let us know who you are when you post your answer!

Manufacturers are invited to submit their own pressie suggestions within the budget but, sorry guys, you're excluded from the prize!

Take part, have fun, hope you win!


Wednesday 25 November 2009

Life Work The Universe......

Rebel Minis' 15mm Nazi Zombies arrived today. 2 packs. Not bad at all, though I do prefer the bareheaded sculpts. That's now a mini project for December. Short! Sharp! Fun!

Rules? You'll like this.... CROSSFIRE!

It means that my Valley of the Fire Dragon fantasy project has had to be put back to around Easter. But Master Chef and I are going full steam ahead with a semi-serious War of the Roses project set in and around Pigchester, a fictional shire where medieval madness and mayhem ensue.

I've had fun drawing up scenarios such as Lord Percy's Pig and The Bride of Baldrick. Been on a bit of a 'mission' over the last couple of nights adding several extra stands of converted drunken, disorderly and licentious soldiery to my 15mm WoR array. All inspired by IRREGULAR WARS a free, fun set of rules aimed at recreating small-scale actions in the Tudor and Jacobbean periods. We just turned the clock back a little bit that's all.

Figs, as you will see when I can be arsed downloading the pics from the camera, and that's not tonight as Zol' is sleeping on my lap, are 15mm Peter Pig and Foundry OOP, whilst Master Chef's burgeoning retinues come from Essex Miniatures.

Incidentally both Master Chef and I independently bought a copy of the latest Wargames Illustrated 266 on the way home. Now THAT is how to do a themed wargame special! You hear me! Background, scenarios, orbats, painting and gaming. All I need are the figs, and they sell them too! Treat yourself - it's almost as good as a Lardy Xmas Special!


Tuesday 24 November 2009

IN THE PIPE... 15mm Protolene Light Battlesuit

A sneak peak of the Protolene Light Battlesuit!

Coming from Critical Mass Games in early 2010


Monday 23 November 2009

Critical Mass Games - New 15mm Mercs for 2010

I mentioned on my 300th Post that Critical Mass Games' MERCS range will be expanded over the next year with dedicated packs containing a specific miniature type with 3-4 variants and 6-8 figures per pack.

Exclusively, I can share TWO of these multiple variant Mercs with you. In the photo above left the serpentine Merc, and 2nd right, a female Merc in Nano suit.

The serpentine Merc is quite cool,
surprisingly detailed,

and just that bit different!

Believe me, the female Nano-suit
is incredibly feminine!

I'm pairing up these miniatures to create an assassination team. Their personal transport will be a Khurasan Miniatures' Sea Wasp which allows them to make stealth insertions planetside and fight their way out again if the extraction is hotter than planned!


Too Fat Lardies - Xmas Special 2009

Twice a year since 2004 something special happens in the world of wargaming - Rich and Rob over at TooFatLardies produce their Summer and Christmas Specials!

Published in June and December each 'Special' is packed to the gunnels with fun articles and scenarios to support the range of Lardy rules. These 'Specials' also generally include at least one complete rule supplement for a specific period covered by Lardy rules, or even complete new rule sets.

Whether you use TFL rules or not, these 'Specials' are the best reads in wargaming! If you've not come across the Lardies before......all I can say is, you are missing out. Rob and Rich describe themselves as a "vibrant wargames development partnership", byt they are more than that. They embue enthusiasm, fun and pure goodblokeiness into everything they do! If ever there was a ghost of wargaming past, present and futuie it would be the Lardies!

Lardy HQ announce that the 2009 Xmas Special is imminent and this year includes a Sci Fi supplement for their innovative and fun IABSM (I Ain't Been Shot Mum) company sized WW2 rules.

For an excellent review of IABSM by Leif Eriksson click here, and to see some inspirational IASBM games in action visit my mate Kev's dedicated webpage

Due to be published on 11th December, the 2009 Xmas Special will be available from:


Critical Mass Games - Mercs Comparisons

Some quick comparisons of Critical Mass Games' Mercs with figures from other leading manufacturers.

Click on pictures for larger images.


Sunday 22 November 2009

Critical Mass Games - Pack MERC2

Coming from Critical Mass Games on 21st December a new range of 15mm Sci Fi Mercenaries. See my 300th Post for more details about the range (click here).

Merc2 contains one of each of the miniatures below for £2.50.

Please note all photos of the painted miniatures
are exclusive to Dropship Horizon


Critical Mass Games - Pack MERC1

Coming from Critical Mass Games on 21st December a new range of 15mm Sci Fi Mercenaries. See my 300th Post for more details about the range (click here).

Merc1 contains one of each of the miniatures below for £2.50.

Please note all photos of the painted miniatures
are exclusive to Dropship Horizon


Saturday 21 November 2009

Critical Mass Games - 15mm MERCENARIES

300th Post, Baby!

Welcome to my 300th post on Dropship Horizon!

Monday will see the release of the much awaited Protolene Khanate range from Critical Mass Games but the goodness from Critical Mass doesn't stop there!

I'm delighted to be given the opportunity to announce that Critical Mass Games will be releasing the first three packs of their new MERCENARIES range on December 21st.

Packs MERC1 & MERC2 will contain one each of the five unique character figures shown in the photos below for £2.50.

Click on the photos for larger images!

Critical Mass Games 15mm Sci Fi
Merc1 £2.50

Critical Mass Games 15mm Sci Fi
Merc2 £2.50

These new minis open up a whole new range of fantastic opportunities on the tabletop - they can be used as Alien Mercs, Bounty Hunters, Agents and the denizens of a thousand starports, a thousand bars and cantinas.

MERC3 will contain 3 19mm tall Recon Drone Walkers and is £3.20.

Critical Mass Games 15mm Sci Fi
Merc3 £3.20

The MERCS range will be expanded over the next year with packs containing some additional figures not shown here. These will be sold in dedicated packs of that type with 3-4 variants and 6-8 figures per pack.

Over the next few days I will be posting more exclusive colour photos of packs 1-3 from the Merc range plus photos of the additional miniatures mentioned above. So make sure you keep an eye on Dropship Horizon for updates!

300th Post
Xmas Present

To celebrate 300 posts on Dropship Horizon I'm going to give three lucky gamers something extra for Christmas!

My thanks to Craig and Dale at Critical Mass Games for making this possible by generously providing pre-production castings from their new Merc range. Thanks fellas!

Two lucky gamers will receive one each of packs Merc1, Merc2, Merc3 as illustrated above.

One further gamer will receive not only one each of packs Merc1, Merc2, Merc3 illustrated above, but also an advance pack of the additional Mercs, not otherwise available until the new year.

Details of how to take part in the Xmas Pressie give away will be provided during the course of this week. So stay tuned.

Finally, my very genuine THANKS to everyone who has supported, contributed to, or followed Dropship Horizon over the past 11 months.



GZG 15mm Cockroach VTOL

GZG's new AV-12T Cockroach VTOL arrived through the post this week and was a pleasant distraction from "task orientated reengineering".

GZG 15mm Sci Fi
V15-49A AV-12T Troop Transport VTOL

Jon kindly sent me a spare UAV cockpit to try out as I'd expressed a preference for a UAV dropship, maybe for penal troops, which it was pre-programmed to accomplish a mission regardless of ground or orbital Flak!

I have three Mantis', one manned and two UAV, but couldn't resist the 'Roach'. Whilst playing around with the pieces of the 16 part kit, I wondered if there was any mileage for separate 'troop' and 'command' pods'on legs. The troop pod with the stairs on the back door ramp reminded me of various command and comms centres I'd worked in during my tour with ACE Mobile Force-Land.

I thought with a little more detail on the top surfaces in particular, sturdy legs, and some accessories, this pod could pass as a tactical command and communication module for a mobile base.

They'd make a great force HQ or objective on the tabletop, perhaps in combination with V15-42B Bulldog 4-wheel HMTV closed-back Command Post and/or V15-63 SURVEYOR II tracked ATV explorer vehicle.

I can visualse a base made up of two C&C pods, a Bulldog Command Post. one or two Mini-Mules w.cargo trailers and the point defence/AA assets of your choice. Scenarios could include defending it against slavering hordes, a commando strike, buying time whilst the command post bugs out, and more.....


Friday 20 November 2009

Life, Work, The Universe.......You are a people person! And It's got to STOP!

It's official! I AM a people person.
......And I have to stop it!


In front of the other trainees the principal trainer tells me with a pointed finger:

"You are a people person! Stop it!"

It's the task that's important, not the people. The task, the task, the TASK!!!!!

I recognise this as Robert Fisher territory. But I'm also an Analyst (silent sneer from Trainer when he uses the word Analyst) and I can see that this highly regarded course is little more than an anglicised version of Fisher's Getting To Yes plus some useful tools pulled from wrapped up in a framework to strip out the humanity and replace it with task orientated thinking.

You can imagine that being involved heavily in business redesign and change management, I would argue differently. Without the people element being taken into account no task, certainly none involving culture change will ever succeed.

But food for thought. I'm recognised as a people person - GOOD! On closer self inspection, maybe I DO go too far? My mind is full of a thousand questions and avenues of thought.

One blindingly obvious realisation is that I'm not just in the wrong job! In the wrong career and I should consider seriously my desire to become an MBTI Practitioner.


Even before the end of today I want to punch the principal trainer. Seriously, I want to take him outside and punch his lights out. I have never felt such a strong negative response in a training environment before.

By the end of the day I am disengaged from the training and the trainers, and don't see any benefit in returning to the course tomorrow.

The course runs on and finishes about the time I normally get my train. So, I return to a darkened office to work and wait out the two hours until the next train home.

I'm emotionally and physically wrecked by the time I get home.


Friday. AM. Very AM. Heavy rains have caused extensive flooding in NE England and southern Scotland. Trains are cancelled due to flooding. The Dark Side of The Force, intervened has!

I return to bed for an hour and plan to work from home. But, I don't want to give in. Don't want to give anyone the satisfaction. I email the training department as it's still too early for anyone to be around and let them know that I am delayed but coming, in albeit late.

The drive into Aberdeen is cathartic. That extra time to stop, think and reflect this morning gave me the opportunity to realise that my aggressively negative reaction is actually internal confusion created by a very emotional environment.

By the time I walk into the course there has been a paradigm shift in my thinking. The entire experience has changed for me. My anger has gone, I can have taken control of my emotions, am confident and now thinking on a completely different plane.

Today everything clicked into place - there was no eureka moment! Yet my attitude and way of thinking had taken a 180 degree change in direction. I had no conscious thought of the change taking place. No dawn of realisation. It was no more dramatic than slipping into your shoes in the morning, but something quite profound had changed in me.


Was it worth putting myself through the emotional wringer this week? 100% yes! Definitely I now have a clearer picture of where my strengths lay and where I should be heading careerwise, plus a professional task orientated approach, based on clarity, focus and confidence. Most of all, I came away with a new respect for myself.


Finished the week zoning out, glugging down a bottle of Big Chill and watching 3000 Miles to Graceland (Kevin Costner & Kurt Russell, 2001).

Great movie! Don't take too seriously just sit back and enjoy the ride. It's a heist story featuring one of the best shootout sequences in cinematic history. The shootout takes place during an Elvis convention at a Las Vegas casino and has fast, stylish inter-cutting between the violence and scenes from the dance floor where Elvis clones sing whilst gorgeous showgirls dance around them. It's visually balletic and real fun to watch! Perfect way to end this week!

Viva Las Vegas Baby!


Thursday 19 November 2009 Festive Special Offers

Special Festive Offers Month!

This year in the run up to the fantastic festive season and the new year we have a month of special offers for you. A very special month of manic, many and changing great offers! Every few days we will change the offer we are making, updating every Friday, Monday and Wednesday from the 18th of November 2009 to the 18th of December 2009. These offers will cut across all of our primary ranges and game systems, Science Fiction, Fantasy and Historical along with many more. Each Offer runs from its Start Date below until it is replaced by the next offer on its Start Date or until the promotion month ends. These offers apply to all orders made online, by phone and by post to us. There is no limit to the number of orders you can place during the month.

But that's not all!

All orders placed during this Special Festive Offers Month will also be supplied with a free Voucher for £3.50 off any order placed with us from the 4th to the 31st of January 2010.

Use this to chase away those New Year winter blues!

Below is the full listing of all the offers we are making for the month, so take note of them and be sure to come along to our site when your favourite offer comes up!

- The Festive Season Offers Month
Schedule of Offers -

Monday 23rd November - The HOT 15mm Fantasy range. All orders place for any HOT codes automatically gets a free HOT55 Cadaver Giant pack in the package.

Friday 27th November – Laserburn range. Place an order for more than £10.00 worth of any Laserburn product get a Laserburn vehicle bundle worth at least £8.50 free.

Wednesday 2nd December – Tabletop 15mm Fantasy range – Character Skirmish Packs FST01,FST02 and FST03 get £1.00 off list price per pack.

Friday 4th December - The Age of Might and Steel (AoMaS) 15mm Fantasy rules book get 20% off list price!

Wednesday 9th December – Alien Squad Leader (ASQL 2.0) 15mm sci-fi rulebook - £2.00 off list price!

Friday 11th December - 6mm Science Fiction Range. Double Up Order Offer. For each sprue or base code you order we will supply the same number of that code again for free in your order.

Wednesday 16th December – HOF15mm sci-fi range all orders placed for any HOF codes automatically get a free pack HOF50 Flying Saucer in the package.

Month of Offers Ends Friday 18th December

Full details can be found at:


Rebel Minis - 15mm US Beat Cops WIP

WIP of a 'green' from Rebel Minis new Cops pack, which will be available any day now!


Wednesday 18 November 2009

Rebel Minis - 15mm Nazi Zombies Closeup

As promised, more close up WIP pics this evening of Rebel Minis new RMNZ1 Zombie Nazis! I have two packs of these on the way from Mike to take on my Götterdämmerung Soviets.

We are having a bit of a renaissance with Arty Conliffe's superb Crossfire WW2 rules, so I'm hoping to use them with a few suitable house rules for Götterdämmerung.


Life Work The Universe...... "Whoever wins, it'll change their life"

The bit I loved to hate at the beginning of every episode of MASTERCHEF was when John Terode empathically says "Whoever wins, it'll change their life!". Grrrrrr!

Well, this week I'm out of the office on an intensive "life changing" course run by Momentum. My boss put me forward for it in order I would get something worthwhile from the organisation with transferable skills before my redundancy takes effect.

It's the end of Day One and I've already had to challenge my myself, examine my perceptions, my beliefs, approach to work, life, other human beings.

And that pretty much is the course in a nutshell. The next three days are to give us an opportunity to let it all sink in and embed, then allow us to explore and develop different NLP strategies for achieving our life and work goals.

Powerful stuff!

I get home completely WIRED! Only to find my in-box full of new photos of upcoming products, new greens, plus WIPs and a new set of Sci Fi rules to give feedback on...... you can imagine, my head is really not in the right place to give it my best ....just have to laugh off the timing of it all.

If you've read this's the good stuff - new US Cops from Mike at Rebel Minis, new British Bobbies from Geoff at QRF, two new packs of separate character heads coming from Jon at GZG, two new packs of assorted alien mercs/characters from....well, you'll find out later in the week in a special exclusive full colour mega-posting - plus an announcement of some new company level Sci Fi rules available in December, more alien troopers available in the new year..... together with pics of my painted Khurasan Miniatures Felids and Critical Mass Games Protolenes (in two different colour schemes.....).

Bugger! I've got to be up in four hours!


Monday 16 November 2009

Roundup of GZG New Releases in 15mm

A quick round up of this week's goodies from Jon at GZG.


GZG 15mm Sci Fi SG15-X10 Crusties (rifles) pack 2
8 figs, 2 each of 4 poses; £2.50

GZG 15mm Sci Fi SG15-X11 Crusties (specialists)
8 figs, 2 each of Leader, sniper, 2 plasma gunner poses; £2.50

New V15 range vehicles:

GZG 15mm Sci Fi V15-49A AV-12T
COCKROACH Troop Transport VTOL

16 part all-metal kit
; £11.00
(Flight stand not included)

V15-PB49 Flight of 3 x AV12T COCKROACH Transport VTOLs

GZG 15mm Sci Fi V15-75A All-terrain Trikes
2 Trikes with NAC riders; £3.00

GZG 15mm Sci Fi V15-76 Grav Mini Drones (pack of 9)
stands and wire not included; £2.50

GZG 15mm Sci Fi V15-77 Flight bases
(pack of 9),
wire not included; £2.50

All available this week from:

Don't forget to check out this weekend's posts on Dropship Horizon to see these products in more detail.