Monday 20 July 2009

Earth Force Marines - Painted HOTT Army

I'm currently prepping a couple of platoons of Rebel Minis Earth Force Marines in anticipation of painting them in the evenings this week, ready for an asteroid assault game next weekend.

Mike at Rebel Minis must be reading my mind, as he coincidentally sent me photos of a painted and based Earth Force Marine force, created to meet customer requests for an army that's suitable for Hordes of the Things.

I'm sure you'll agree with me that both the individual miniatures and the army as a whole looks superb! I believe they are "dipped" with minwax polyshades and I for one like the finished effect.

Rebel Minis 15mm Sci Fi: 6 bases MAEF1, 2 bases MAEF3

Rebel Minis 15mm Sci Fi: MAEFV1 APC and MAEF5 Cannon

Rebel Minis 15mm Sci Fi: Sniper team from MAEF2

Rebel Minis 15mm Sci Fi Gratuitous Close-Up of MAEF1

Go to WWW.REBELMINIS.COM for more details

That camo scheme is very tempting. Something very Traveller about it. In fact, even unpainted, these minis just say Traveller to me. Now the pressure is on to ensure mine look this good! Thanks Mike! LOL!



  1. Damn nice batch there. They look straight out of the catalog..:)

    That is definitely a color scheme to be used and repeated.


  2. Yes. I must resist! I must resist!