Friday 16 August 2013

ClearHorizon Miniatures Kicks Off With Drop Pods

Our very own Mr. Harold has kicked off sales of the first line of his new miniatures company. Named for his brilliant hobby blog, ClearHorizon Miniatures begins life with a range of drop troops and support equipment. 

The first offering for this range is a drop pod. While designed with his Hel/Div Drop Troops in mind, it can easily be used with any 15mm miniatures out there. I want to grab a few to use as life pods as well as combat drop pods. 

Shown with GZG UNSC Troopers for scale.

These excellent, multi-part resin kits come with a construction guide sheet as well as a force card for use with the Gruntz miniatures system but they can, of course, be used with any system you choose. Available - 

Single - $11:99
3-Pack - $34.99
5-Pack - $54.99

So, check them out and get your forces on the ground the fastest way around!



  1. I love these drop pods! I need to pick up half-dozen or so!


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  3. I need some of those. Put a parachute on it, make it more Victorian Science Fiction, and paint it with lots of brass. Maybe add some rivets...

  4. They look even better painted.

  5. corten plate
    Thanks for sharing informative blog.

  6. Those are really nice little kits :).

  7. they have tons of detail , and work great in almost any sci fi game. very cool .

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  9. They are even better in person. I'm assembling one now and can't wait to put paint brush to model.