Thursday 31 July 2014

The Ion Age Year One And Beyond!

The Ion Age just finished up it's first year in it's big new/re-release push. I do not know where the time went but it has brought us some absolutely outstanding models in the category of Space Opera. From space knights, to battlesuits and all the way through to villainous denizens, this range has grown into something of a signature line of miniatures. All along there have been special offers and free miniatures giveaways which have only spiced up the already flavorful mix of figures, vehicles and terrain. July and August carry on this trend.

IMP12 is technically the August free miniature offer ,but is being released early because somebody had to go travelling (safe journey Gavin). This miniatures is called a Starvaulter Advisor which sounds cool in itself but has me wondering if we will see more of them. According to the flavor text, Starvaulters are an elite group of warriors which is saying something in a universe full of tough as nails combatants. 

As usual this miniature will come free with any order and may be purchased on its own for those who want just this fig or multiples. The fig goes away after August, though, so move quick.

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A bit of a late news item but no less cool. There is the Year One Collection which is comprised of all of Ion Age's special free monthly minis (including the sniper/scout I worked on) in one go. You will notice that August 2014's monthly mini is in there, but that is just icing on this cake. This set alone grants you an entire host of fun characters from the Ion Age universe.

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