Thursday 30 April 2015

New Cultists and Female SFA from

The folks at continue to expand their scifi universe with more Hordes of the Future figures suitable for any science fiction universe imaginable. This time around it with their HOF106  SFA Female Troopers and HOF107 Cultists Sinners Retribution.

Each pack contains ten miniatures with one of each pose pictured and then the rest of the pack filed out by random inclusions of the other poses from the pack. You can also order single minis by utilizing the drop down menu on the ordering page.

Both packs are excellent and allow you some nice expansions to existing SFA and Cultist units or a good place to start. The SFA are perfect for just about any mid to hi-tech human or human-like scifi force. The Cultists work perfectly as cultists but would also make good miniatures for fantasy armies as well as clerics or wizards.

For full info read - HERE

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