Thursday 22 October 2015

New Releases Out From Ground Zero Games


All is nicely back up to date after all the sorting out post-SELWG, order turnround is back to normal fast service, and I've just uploaded the SELWG new releases (and more!) to the store, so you can now mail-order them!

The new-sculpt JAPANESE POWER ARMOUR (SG15-J31), FSE POWER ARMOUR (SG15-F31) and HELMETED KRA'VAK (SG15-K11) are now fully available, just scroll to the foot of the news page and click on them (or check the relevant 15mm infantry pages of course). Each of the new F31 and J31 Power Armour sets contain bodies, jetpacks and arms/weapons for SIX figures, with two extra right arms carrying automatic support weapons - so you can build all six figures with the standard hand-weapons, or make four with hand weapons and two with the big SAWs!

Don't forget that for a LIMITED TIME ONLY, the SG15-K11 pack of Kra'Vak (like the earlier K10 pack) contains TWO EXTRA FREE FIGURES of SAW gunners - these will only be included for another couple of weeks!

Also AVAILABLE NOW are three more V15-ACC range turrets and accessory packs - some twin-barrel autocannon turrets (V15-ACC32, 4 to a pack), tribarrel mini-turrets (V15-ACC31, 6 to a pack) and Multi-Sensor package mounts (V15-ACC30, 4 to a pack) - these are also in the new items section at the foot of the front (news) page, or under "15mm Buildings and Scenics - Accessories".

Thanks for reading!

Jon, GZG.

SG15-J31 side view

SG15-J31 front view

SG15-F31 rear view


SG15-J31 Japanese PA

SG15-J31 rear view

SG15-F31 side view

SG15-K11 Kra'Vak helmeted:


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  2. I will get that sorted out. They were showing on test views after the initial post.

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