Thursday 2 February 2017

IMP42 Commander Gongji of the Xin Hegemony free for all February 2017

Hello Ionfans! Before we begin the shortest month of the year I want to relate some news from our much bigger sister Alternative Armies. There is a new Alternative Armies Facebook group for tabletop gamers who among other things play Patrol Angis or just like us at The Ion Age click HERE to join up and I will welcome you as I run it. Plus Alternative Armies has a new look and more news to come. Now...onto our news! Welcome to February and the Chinese year of the Rooster. This month we have a new Xin personality for you free in every order.

The Xin Precinct is made up of the eight central star systems along with a number of smaller outposts all contained with a constricted pocket of stellar space that has only now become accessible once more after a thousand years of isolation caused by the detonation of the Aldan Crucible during the first Khanate War. Contained by Dolorous Clouds that resulted from the detonation which also decimated the Prydian Precinct there is now a slim open passage for navigation by Ancep Drive. Our knowledge of the Xin comes from archives that are from ancient times and also a more recent partially successful expedition mounted in 4303IC by the Starvaulters and of course from the Great Trade Fleet dispatched to Prydia in 4327IC. Commanded by Grand Admiral Hong Tu Quin the hundreds of vessels that make up the fleet have visited a third of the systems in the Precinct thus far. Trading in exotic goods, rarities as well as information and technology they have made allies and some enemies.

While the hegemony maintains its own imperial army and fleet officially under the command of Princess Xin Meiying the grand admiral has his own military that is embarked upon his starships. Collectively known as the 'Sanbao' the gifts or protectors we refer to them as Trade Fleet Soldiers for the most part. Refer to other entries in AAT Series 77 for the Sanbao in detail. These troops are very effective and have aided our regiments in actions against the Khanate Empire. The Xin hegemony is centred on the three core planets in the central Xin Precinct system of Jinhong. From the lotus throne on the planet of Wei the princess rules in troubled seclusion while the planets of Zhao and Yan are in an uneasy alliance. We know of the rebel Prince Tang and his efforts to marry the princess though these actions seem to be taking place in the holdings of all three planets of the Jinhong system outside of the core system. All three core planets have the other systems in the Xin Precinct split between them. Refer to other entries in AAT Series 77 for details.

The Council of Addans has deemed the Xin Trade Fleet has a nominal ally though it is up to each Knight General and Marcher Baron to establish their own relations with the vast fleet as it passes through. As yet Grand Admiral Hong Tu Quin has not responded to the ongoing campaign in the Carmarthen cluster.
Academy Auto-Trainer Series 77, New Glastonbury, 4335IC 

The Xin have their month on our calendar and so we welcome the 42nd free monthly 15mm miniature and month of our little space opera setting. Commander Gongji is free in every order every time all month before being retired. This miniature is automatically put into every order at the rate of one per order regardless of order value. It can also be bought in any amount on the monthly IMP page of the website for this month only too before being withdrawn on the first of next month. We are into Year Four now and if you missed it you can see the Year Three Collection on the website. 

IMP42 with Xin Trooper and Jade Ape Battlesuit

This month's miniature is a superb character by Sam Croes. Standing 17mm to the eye line it is a heroic officer for your Xin forces at the platoon or squad level. Armed with a powered sword. There is a growing page on the Ion Age website where the current and all former IMP series free miniatures are shown so that you can see what came before. Enjoy looking at what came before. This miniature is worth 0.50GBP.

We ask you to sign up for a website account with us on your first order. Why? For one reason only. Not to send you emails (we never will. If you want our emails sign up for our Mailchimp list on the right top of the blog home page) or to pester you; but only to keep track of the Reward Points that all orders with us earn. Reward Points through our online partner Sloyalty which can be used once accumulated to get discounts or free stuff at any point in the future. Learn more about this HERE. Every order earns Reward Points! Yes free extra value. Part of our promise to keep the fun in wargaming. 

Lastly we have a new month long special offer...this time it is on the exotic warriors of the Hegemony namely IAF119 Xin Youxia. A pack of three miniatures at 50% off list price allowing you to get some really special sculpts by Sam Croes. If you like the Xin and wish to get a full force in 15mm scale then we recommend IAFP06 Xin Trade Fleet Platoon which gives you twenty infantry plus an extra miniature only found in that pack for free. Oh and check out the metal monster that is IAF118 Jade Ape a battlesuit which is among the most popular of our codes. Click on the links to learn more. 

As always if you are reading this bulletin later in the month or further into the future please do have a look at our blog and use it as a time machine to read all the excellent content that is there going right back to our start. Try February 2016 for instance where you can find a free PDF for using the Xin in Patrol Angis to download. 

Thanks for your support and for enjoying The Ion Age!


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