Sunday 12 November 2017

The Scene releases new vehicles and acquires Armies Army range

The Scene UK have started releasing models from their new range of sci-fi and post-apocalyptic vehicles.

The new boats and hovercraft are the first of what is promised to be a massive month of releases. Along with the boats, some rather nice rocky outcrops have been added to their website, and around 30 more releases are anticipated for this month!

As if that's not enough, Mike from The Scene has also recently anounced the purchase of the Armies Army sci-fi range. Keith will still have an input in the AA range, and the two will continue to develop the range.

The Scene can be found here and you can get updates by signing up to their website and by following them on facebook.

I'll leave you with a few pictures of their new vehicles.

Hovercraft command vehicle:

Cargo carrier/weapons platform:

Patrol vehicle:

Near future command boat:

Patrol boat:

How could I not mention the Armies Army sci-fi range without including a picture of the Pegasus VTOL?


  1. Very nice they are too! I may have to get some.... I really may.

  2. The hovercraft are not as full of eels as the Adders from Ion Age, but still petty nice. That "patrol vehicle" is too cool though, kind of a hover version of the boat in "Apocalypse Now" or something :O