Saturday, 1 October 2011

Jump Troops Inbound

Mad Robot Miniatures is happy to announce the release of our first 15mm offering...TMC Jump Troops.

Tachyon Mercenary Corps
Based on the planet Tachyon-12 in the Selous system, the TMC wages war for the highest bidder. By investing their huge war-time profits into the latest technology, they storm the battlefield with a precision that has earned them their reputation as one of the galaxy's elite fighting units. TMC Recruiting Officers are free to choose their units from the thousands of worlds surrounding the Selous system, giving them the ultimate in flexibility, based upon their combat mission.

Jump Troops are used by aggressive TMC commanders as a fast-attack element. Their ability to move quickly and hit hard makes them a feared weapon in the TMC arsenal. The scream of their jump jets is the last thing their adversaries hear as they descend from the skies, delivering white-hot death.
These figures are currently in production and we will have another announcement about the release date and pricing in the next few weeks.

Steve Stodden
Mad Robot Miniatures, LLC


  1. Any pictures from the rear?

    With them being jump troops I wonder if they have big packs on as I cannot quite tell from these?


  2. Actually you can make out the rockets and they look way too small to do the job they are supposed to do.

    So this article was just written by the manufacturer and slapped up on the blog? DH has really gone to the dogs.

  3. Andrew,

    This is just a sneak peak. A future release anouncement should offer more angles and pictures. I'm sure DH get a chance to review them as well.


  4. The jumping positions look great!

  5. These guys are perfect for the 'Revolt on Antares' stuff I've working on for the past two or three years, where 'jump troops' have been the one iconic unit I've had real trouble finding in 15mm; glad you folks linked to them. I'll be buying several units worth when they become available!

  6. Beautiful minis. Absolutely beautiful.


  7. Very nice miniatures, I really like those sculpts.

  8. Very nice sculpts! I hate to say it, but I'd almost like to see a set for mid-tech type infantry minus the jump packs.


  9. @Apone: That could certainly happen ;)

  10. Great looking stuff... have you guys thought about disabling anonymous posting?