Saturday, 21 November 2009

GZG 15mm Cockroach VTOL

GZG's new AV-12T Cockroach VTOL arrived through the post this week and was a pleasant distraction from "task orientated reengineering".

GZG 15mm Sci Fi
V15-49A AV-12T Troop Transport VTOL

Jon kindly sent me a spare UAV cockpit to try out as I'd expressed a preference for a UAV dropship, maybe for penal troops, which it was pre-programmed to accomplish a mission regardless of ground or orbital Flak!

I have three Mantis', one manned and two UAV, but couldn't resist the 'Roach'. Whilst playing around with the pieces of the 16 part kit, I wondered if there was any mileage for separate 'troop' and 'command' pods'on legs. The troop pod with the stairs on the back door ramp reminded me of various command and comms centres I'd worked in during my tour with ACE Mobile Force-Land.

I thought with a little more detail on the top surfaces in particular, sturdy legs, and some accessories, this pod could pass as a tactical command and communication module for a mobile base.

They'd make a great force HQ or objective on the tabletop, perhaps in combination with V15-42B Bulldog 4-wheel HMTV closed-back Command Post and/or V15-63 SURVEYOR II tracked ATV explorer vehicle.

I can visualse a base made up of two C&C pods, a Bulldog Command Post. one or two Mini-Mules w.cargo trailers and the point defence/AA assets of your choice. Scenarios could include defending it against slavering hordes, a commando strike, buying time whilst the command post bugs out, and more.....


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