Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Life Work The Universe...... "Whoever wins, it'll change their life"

The bit I loved to hate at the beginning of every episode of MASTERCHEF was when John Terode empathically says "Whoever wins, it'll change their life!". Grrrrrr!

Well, this week I'm out of the office on an intensive "life changing" course run by Momentum. My boss put me forward for it in order I would get something worthwhile from the organisation with transferable skills before my redundancy takes effect.

It's the end of Day One and I've already had to challenge my myself, examine my perceptions, my beliefs, approach to work, life, other human beings.

And that pretty much is the course in a nutshell. The next three days are to give us an opportunity to let it all sink in and embed, then allow us to explore and develop different NLP strategies for achieving our life and work goals.

Powerful stuff!

I get home completely WIRED! Only to find my in-box full of new photos of upcoming products, new greens, plus WIPs and a new set of Sci Fi rules to give feedback on...... you can imagine, my head is really not in the right place to give it my best ....just have to laugh off the timing of it all.

If you've read this's the good stuff - new US Cops from Mike at Rebel Minis, new British Bobbies from Geoff at QRF, two new packs of separate character heads coming from Jon at GZG, two new packs of assorted alien mercs/characters from....well, you'll find out later in the week in a special exclusive full colour mega-posting - plus an announcement of some new company level Sci Fi rules available in December, more alien troopers available in the new year..... together with pics of my painted Khurasan Miniatures Felids and Critical Mass Games Protolenes (in two different colour schemes.....).

Bugger! I've got to be up in four hours!



  1. Don't make me come live on your couch......

  2. Company level sci-fi rules, colour me interested :-)
    Any hints, or will you make us wait and see.