Thursday 9 December 2010

INCOMING....... GZG 15mm Crusties Heavy Weapons

Jon at GZG brings tidings of good cheer with some new releases with just enough time to get them before Christmas and add to your order to take advantage of GZG's pre-Christmas special offer.

GZG 15mm Sci Fi: SG15-X13 
"Crusty" Support Heavy Arc Gun (HAG) teams 
(2 teams - 2 weapons, 4 crew) "2.50

GZG 15mm Sci Fi: SG15-X12 
"Crusty" support launcher/mortar teams
(2 teams - 2 weapons, 4 crew) £2.50

GZG 15mm Sci Fi: SG15-Z13
NI (New Israeli) Heavy Plasma Gun teams
(2 teams - 2 guns and powerpacks, 4 prone crew) £2.50
GZG 15mm Sci Fi: SG15-Z14 NI (New Israeli)
RAFRAM mortar teams
(2 teams - 2 mortars and bases, 4 kneeling crew) £2.50

All packs should be available on the GZG webstore now, or shortly after.



  1. Wonderful `the boys' needed some support.

  2. The one thing I'm REALLY looking for are additional minis for the UNSC high-tech armour units. They are the coolest GZG range IMHO!

  3. Gonna have to grab a pack or two of the Crusty Arc Guns with my Christmas order. I've settled on using the GZG Guncrab walkers as vehicles for my Crusties army, so these will be nice additions.

    Jon has mentioned more UNSC is in the pipe, as well as some resculpted NAC Power Armor. Hopefully we'll see those in time to use our February vouchers. :)


  4. Awwwww... I was hoping for a NOT Prawn battlesuit.

  5. Crusty Battlesuit (actually more of a Crusty 'Mech, it's BIG) is coming - but after the initial master moulding it needs a little more work before it goes into production, so it has missed the pre-Xmas releases. I'll see if I can mock-up a sample from the pre-prod parts to take a pic, as a little teaser....

    Jon (GZG)

  6. The heavy arc gun is a delight to behold!