Sunday, 12 December 2010

INCOMING....... Hotz Dirt Planet Game Mat

Following on in quick succession from his inspired Moonscape Felt Game Mat, Eric at Hotz Artworks has brought out an equally visually attractive and versatile Dirt Planet Felt Game Mat.

The rust-brown 'dirt' scheme was chosen by Eric to match NASA photos of Mars, but can equally represent any number of planets, moons and asteroids in your chosen universe.

You can't get instant terrain that's more instant than this. A major plus point all by itself. These mats are easy to store, carry setup and pack away. All you need are the figures! Also, remember that you decide how many and what size of craters come airbrushed onto your game mat. No two need look the same. 

In the opinion of the Dropship crew, these mats are a great leap forward for the Sci Fi gaming community, presenting reasonably priced and affordable Sci Fi terrain that breaks away from the Kent/Surrey kitchen garden we still too often see beautifully painted 15mm Grav Tanks fighting over.

If you don't have dedicated Sci Fi terrain of your own, I can only recommend that you give Eric's products serius consideration.



  1. Omer Golan: Your order will be shipping today (December 16th).

    I also posted photos of the Dirt Planet game mat with hexes (photo shows the game mat with 3 inch hexes) at Hotz Mats website -- check out the News Page.